Demons in Disguise

February 2, 2010 at 11:39 AM 2 comments

On the heels of Death or Rapture? I have begun a new book, which covers a topic I have been studying and researching for a number of years.  It seems as though we are hearing more incidents of aliens visiting, communicating with, and/or abducting human beings.  They seem to do this for a variety of purposes, from channeling messages of hope, to harvesting genetic material from both women and men to obstensibly create a hybrid race.

What is the truth about these space entities?  Are they real aliens from other galaxies or planets, or are they merely demons disguised as aliens?  If the former, we need to find out why they are coming to this planet.  If the latter the Bible gives us information on why they would be involved in such a deception (impersonating aliens).

In this book, I do not necessaraily spend a great amount of time attempting to show what they are, but why they are here and what they hope to accomplish.  The preponderance of evidence suggests that they have created this complex masquerade to mask their real mission.  Certainly part of that is to lead humanity to a one world government, headed by a one world leader.  But exactly how are they getting all groups – New Age, professing Christian, agnostic, adherents of mysticism – to accept their one mission?

If you stop to consider that within Christendom, there exists a plethora of viewpoints related to Eschatology alone, then it becomes clear that somewhere along the way, something has been introduced into the mix to create confusion and havoc.  The focus of these “aliens” has always been on the future and their mission seems to be to change the understanding of certain biblical events that appear to be part of the Eschatalogical picture within the pages of Scripture.

It is interesting as I have read and studied how many coming events foretold by these aliens resemble the same events found in the Bible.  The reality is that while the events are in most ways, virtually the same, the version the “aliens” share with us reverses the meaning.

Stay tuned for mor as this book develops!

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  • 1. ricky  |  December 14, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    i believe that “beings from the sky” created us. you call it god others call it aliens fact is they are one in the same. the bible is just like any other book out there save the fact that everything in there is just a reaccounting from someone’s perspective of stories given by HUMANS back in the day. Nobody knows the truth but i can say that if there is life on this planet then statisticly speaking there has to accidently be life elsewhere in the galaxy, and that just ours. Further more, i find it easier the accept that some advanced life form created us using their genes as well as our ancestors. shoot we do that now, understand WE CAN DO THAT!! than to believe that some godly being made us out of dust, hears all of our thoughts and prayes everyday. come on people are we idiots

    • 2. modres  |  December 14, 2010 at 11:16 AM

      Thanks for your opinion. However, it is obvious that you have never really read the Bible thoroughly. It is far from “any other book out there.” Consider the fact that it was written by roughly 40 human authors and over a period of approximately 1,600 years. In spite of the disparity of author backgrounds and years in the making, the Bible is extremely cohesive. If you could explain to me how that makes the Bible like any other book out there, I would appreciate it. Please do me a favor though, and do not start with over-generalized statements such as the alleged contradictions in the Bible. I have found none that are in fact, contradictions.

      You say no one knows the truth, then you move into an area of guesswork, which you try to present as fact (“statistically speaking…”). You find it EASY to believe in extra-terrestrials that someone how “seeded” this planet, but you have tremendous difficulty believing in one God who created all? Then you close with “come on people are we idiots”? I don’t know, are you?

      You speak of statistics, but know virtually nothing about what lies beyond. You have no clue about other dimensions, yet you assume that aliens exist. You have somehow proven to yourself that aliens exist and gave us life, yet you have a problem believing that life could have come from the Creator.

      What is remarkable to me is this: ALL channeled messages from these alleged alien beings have essentially one message. The message is that we “are gods.” I find that fascinating. IF these aliens are somehow in communication with us, they seem only interested in teaching us about our own deity, the astral planes, and how the Bible is supposedly the most misunderstood book out there. I also find it fascinating that everything they say is what the New Age movement is built upon. Moreover, I am seriously disappointed that these alleged intelligent beings – call them ascended masters, aliens from super-races, or whatever – have YET to tell us how to use our science to eliminate cancer, AIDS, the common cold, etc. They share nothing with us about how to increase food production using less energy to feed the starving throughout the world. They tell us not one thing about ecology or environmentalism (except that “mother earth” or “gaia” is going to expel many of us for not playing her game).

      In other words, these beings spend all their time instructing us on philosophy of religion. There is nothing concrete about anything they have told us so far. Generally, they are concerned about us and that if we are not careful, we will destroy ourselves. Okay, fine. How does telling us we are “gods” help us in any way? They seem not to care at all about the terrible situations that exist on this planet, but that we are “gods.”

      What you and a multitude of others fail to see is that this is the same lie that Satan told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. While you have a problem with that ol’ “fairy tale,” you have no difficulty in believing that beings of a benevolent nature allegedly exist who gave life to us, and want the best for us. Where is the proof? Furthermore, how does telling us we are gods translate into saving the planet, especially if a good portion of people do not believe that we are “gods”?

      When you say that you have no problem believing that some advanced life form created us using their genes and we can do that now, what do you mean? We cannot do that now. The best we can do is to take existing genes and try to clone things without imperfections, something we have NOT been able to do now.

      But here is probably the most important question for you because you mention that you believe these beings created our ancestors. First of all, WHICH ancestors? Are you referring to something within the evolutionary chain? How far back are you going, to the beginning?

      If you are going all the way back to the beginning of when man first came into being on this planet, then my question is this: IF super-advanced aliens created us from THEIR genes, then WHY on earth did we start off so much like neanderthals, according to science? How would that even be possible? Does LIKE beget LIKE? If that is the case, then these aliens who created us could not have been advanced at all. Yet, you say they were and are advanced. If so, then how would it be possible for human beings to start off as some type of lower case monkey?

      Your arguments honestly make no sense at all. I don’t even think you have thought things through well. The reason it appears that you latch onto your belief is because it is simply easier than believing in God (as you have stated). But WHY is it easier? Could it be that to believe in one all-powerful God means that we have a responsibility to be moral people, something that would NOT exist if we were created by aliens? For the aliens, it would simply be an experiment. For God, it would be far greater.

      “i believe that “beings from the sky” created us. you call it god others call it aliens fact is they are one in the same.”
      You make that statement as if it were a statement of fact, yet you offer not one thing as proof. I call HIM God, not IT. You seriously underestimate the power of God, if He does exist. IF God does exist, why is it difficult to believe that He actually communicated with His Creation? You have no problem believing that aliens did or do. Yet you have difficulty believing that God could have simply told Moses (the author of the first five books of the Bible – the JEPD or Wellhausen-Graf theory is crap), what He did during the first days of Creation. That makes no sense to me, except for the fact as I have stated, that believing in aliens relieves people from moral absolutes. That seems to be the preferred method of living these days.

      Thanks again for writing, Ricky. I hope you will continue to ask questions and not settle for what you think you know to be true.

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