Mosque at Ground Zero? Give Me a Break…

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Things are beginning to heat up against the idea of a mosque being built at Ground Zero.  While many Muslims like the idea, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the chief sponsor of the project insists that the $150 million project is meant to heal the wounds of 9/11. He stated, “We’ve approached the community because we want this to be an example of how we are cooperating with the members of the community.” [1]

Most people are not buying the flimsy reasoning.  Pamela Geller, executive director of Stop the Islamization of America, said, “Building a mosque just several blocks away from Ground Zero is an insult and an affront to every single person that was killed on 9/11, to their families, to the first responders and every concerned American who cherishes liberty, democracy and freedom.”[2]

Other people spoke about the mosque and related events in the world.  James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force and who traveled to New York to speak at the rally declared, “3000 pairs of eyes are looking down at us today…These evil, cowardly bastards who took the lives of those proud Americans on 9/11 will be remembered forever and this mosque which represents the triumph of Islamic fanaticism will not be built if we have anything to say. Lafferty received thunderous applause when he said, ‘The good people of the USA must also stand in solid unity with the Israel Defense Forces who are waging a war against Hamas terrorism as was evidenced several days ago when they intercepted a Turkish based flotilla of ships whose aim it was to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. It is the IDF who is on the front lines in the battle against Islamic radicalism and we must support them’.”[3]

Still other speakers garnered enthusiastic applause and shouts of agreement from the audience.  “Dr. Babu Suseelan, a Hindu human rights activist told the crowd, ‘We Hindus and Sikhs have a story to tell. Islamists killed 80 million of us since 700 AD and they continue to kill us. They destroyed 3000 glorious temples and built mosques over them. In the last 60 years, Islamists in Pakistan wiped out infidel Hindu and Sikh populations. At one time we represented 25 percent of the population and now we are less that 1 percent.  (emphasis added)

“Know this: The 9/11 mosque is not a symbol of understanding. It is a symbol of conquest. Imam Rauf is a master of Taqiyya, which is the use of deception to forward the agenda of Islam. What Faisal Shahzad failed to accomplish in Times Square on May 1st with overt jihad, Imam Rauf will succeed with stealth jihad‘.”[4]

While some Muslims are busily involved in terrorist activities throughout the world, others are attempting to overthrow governments from within, and the attempts to build a mosque is a case in point. The idea that building a mosque at Ground Zero would somehow heal the wounds caused by 9/11 is the height of lunacy.  Expecting people to believe it is ridiculous in and of itself.  The mosque would only benefit Islam and the Muslims who would worship there.  It would benefit no other group.

I do not hear or read about calls to build a synagogue or a church at Ground Zero.  The area should be left as a memorial.  If anything related to Islam should be included, it should be information that Islam often incites violent jihad by those Muslims within who believe they are doing Allah a huge favor, by defending his name.

As far as I am aware, Islam is the only religion in which people believe it is perfectly acceptable to kill people if they somehow offend Allah, or their prophet Muhammad.  On these grounds alone, it should be clear that Islam is not a religion of peace.  It is a religion of intolerance and hatred in which those who disagree with Islam are often executed.  All non-Muslims are considered infidels, worthy of death.

In fact, it is not uncommon to hear at least some Muslims describing Christians as “weak” because of how often people take the Lord’s Name in vein.  Yet Christians to do react to that act by killing people.  The Bible says “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord.  I will repay.”  We are content to let God take care of it, in His time and in His way.

The God of Christianity is more than capable of avenging Himself for any and all wrongdoing by people on this planet.  He did not raise up authentic Christians to pick up the sword and lop heads off people who take His Name in vein, using it as an epithet.  We are also not supposed to hijack and fly planes into Islamic buildings or Islamic nations.

The people of Islam will not stop (and have no intention of stopping) until the entire world is Islamic and governed by Sharia Law.  Those who resist Islam will be eliminated, it is absolutely that simple.  Is it any wonder that the book of Revelation speaks of all the martyrs who will lose their lives through beheading during the Tribulation?

There is no room for a mosque at Ground Zero.  Frankly, I do not believe one more mosque should be built in the United States, until Islam allows synagogues and churches to be built in Iran and other countries that are Islamic.  Turn around is fair play.

When Muslims stop throwing rocks at Jews and Christians who are merely trying to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, then we can sit down and discuss building more mosques in America.  Until then, Muslim groups do not need anymore tax dollars to build their mosques, run their organizations, and attempt to brainwash the people of the United States with their printed and spoken propaganda.

It is time that we put a halt to Islam’s reach in this country, and take back what has been lost.


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