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War Powers Act Does Not Apply to Libya, and Eric Holder Needs to Go!

If I see one more car with “Obama 2012,” I may seriously think about giving them the evil eye. Okay, okay, I won’t. After all, I am a Christian; an authentic one at that! I also know that God is in control.

It just really gets my goat sometimes to think about the hijinks and antics of our politicians these days. Our economy is going fully down the tubes, and all Mr. Obama can do is continue to blame Mr. Bush and waltz off to Puerto Rico for a burrito, a handshake, and tequila (I have no idea if that’s what he ate or drank; it’s a figure of speech). All Eric Holder can do is promote “his people,” and tell the rest of the Americans to “lay off” bothering “his people,” while Janet Napolitano has nothing better to do but speak in terms that may sound convincing (to her) but she’s really fooling no one. We all know that she’s just a puppet with no power, no authority, but brings in a really nice paycheck.

Well, hopefully, things will turn around for America soon and hopefully, some conservative person will step up to the plate and really stand heads above the crowd for our next presidential election. It certainly seems to me that Mr. Obama is losing a great deal of steam. I guess that’s why he needed to go to Puerto Rico, to rouse the Hispanic vote. Even though Puerto Ricans do not vote for the president of the United State, they can recommend to their friends and relatives in this country! Yee haw!

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