Leftist Social Justice Warriors and Matthew 25

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The abbreviation “SJW” stands for Social Justice Warrior and it is a term the left liberally and conscientiously applies to itself. They see themselves as standing in the gap for those in need of social justice. Unfortunately, as often is the case, being a SJW on the left means picking and choosing which issues are undertaken.

For instance, demanding that America stops trying to thoroughly vet anyone wanting to enter the United States who might be labeled refugee or immigrant is the current reason Leftwing Fascists are up in arms. At the same time, unborn children are not worthy of SJW concern because these same Leftist Fascists essentially remove humanity from these unborn children. Since they are merely seen as “fetuses” or worse, “blobs of cells” they warrant no protection. Of course, the same “logic” is not exercised across the board and into the animal kingdom where a fine and/or imprisonment can be levied against an individual who destroys an eagle’s egg. Life is life, but the left chooses only to recognize certain lives.

hiter_socialismBy labeling those on the left fascists, it simply and accurately notes what they do and say. Fascism declares that anyone offering a different viewpoint or opinion should be shut down. As much as those on the left like to label those on the right “fascists” and even “Nazis,” the truth of the matter is that Hitler and those who followed him religiously were socialists (leftists), and as such, diametrically opposed to freedom and capitalism. Moreover, conservatives generally do not want to shut people down. People have a right to peacefully protest. The illegal and violent protests we see emanating from the left are hardly peaceful or legal. It needs to stop and hopefully, law-enforcement will get a handle on it soon…if they are allowed to do their jobs and not ordered to “stand down.”

It is equally important to grasp the fact that today’s leftists are not yesterday’s liberals. People continually confuse this fact. Liberals are actually very tolerant and encourage those who have differing opinions to share those opinions under the 1st Amendment. Today’s leftist has no such desire, but instead, wants to shut down all opinions and conversation that opposes their ideas and beliefs. This is the true definition of fascism and it is what we see growing throughout the world today with solid attempts to vilify and shut down all dissenting opinions.

This is especially true of Islam with its desire to dominate. While some Muslims would not agree with that particular program, there are enough Muslims who take the Qur’an’s teachings literally and their soul desire is to mimic Muhammad, living as he lived. Islam can currently work with the left because they both want to dominate and see the destruction of Western Civilization. Once that might happen though, the left and Islam would no longer be able to work together because Islam wants to dominate everything as does the left. Unfortunately, the two ideologies are diametrically opposed though for now, they appear to be somewhat on the same page. It’s only temporary though.

The cracks in the left’s armor are very noticeable to critical-thinking people. Of course, those same cracks are dutifully ignored by the left. When the cracks are pointed out, they resort to name-calling and violence largely because the facts are not on their side.

We are seeing this increasingly today because of the Trump Administration and their shining the light on darkness and shadows. Reaction by many within Congress are to incite civil discord and encourage violence. In fact, what some are doing by these measures including the “Dump Trump” mantra, borders on sedition, since Donald Trump is the duly elected president of this nation.

While the same Leftwing Fascists rail against vetting incoming refugees and immigrants completely, it ignores the homeless situation in America and the unmet expectations of our military vets. Many of these individuals languish in red tape and die before they can get any real help for what ails them. Under President Obama, the government even went so far as to try to label at least some military personnel as having some form of mental disorder so that they could not exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. This is the left’s untoward grasp of what they call being a social justice warrior.

More often than not though, these same lawless leftists, who will not hesitate to pummel into submission anyone who deigns to exercise an opposing opinion, have no qualms looking to the Bible for credibility, when it suits them. It’s really the only time they mention the Bible at all or invoke the Name of Jesus; when they can use it in a way that on the surface might appear to undergird their social justice warrior endeavors.

Take part of Matthew 25 that is used to support the notion that America should not have any sovereign borders at all and anyone who wants to simply walk into this country should be allowed to do so without vetting. Along with the incorrect interpretation of Matthew 25, many people use the go-to argument that Jesus was a “refugee” and then assert that compassion should overrule law to allow all unvetted individuals into the USA. Unfortunately, this is not in keeping with any nation’s sovereign borders as each nation has a right (and responsibility), to secure its own borders from enemies at home and abroad. It also is an impeachable interpretation of Matthew 25. In fact, these same leftists very likely lock their own doors and windows and don’t simply allow anyone into their own home unchecked.

First of all, Jesus was not a refugee. He was born in Nazareth within Israel’s borders. He was also part of the Roman Empire, because Israel was controlled by Rome at that time as part of the “times of the Gentiles” (cf. Daniel 2 & 7). Being born within the Roman Empire allowed Him to travel to any portion of it and not be considered a “refugee.” However, He pretty much stayed in or near Jerusalem His entire life except when His parents had to flee from Herod to Egypt. Yet, His parents did not illegally enter Egypt or any other place since those places were also considered to be part of the Roman Empire, or at least under Rome’s control.

Do you lock the doors and windows of your home when you’re not there or at night? Do businesses do the same? Why is that? It is because people generally do not want criminals to break in and steal (or trash) what does not belong to them. So precautions are taken by homeowners and businesses alike. When you get into or out of your car, do you lock your doors? If not, you certainly should because of carjackings and other criminals endeavors. You have the right to control who has access to what you own. Our country has the very same right.

But considering Matthew 25, if we look at the entire context of that chapter, it becomes clear that several things have taken place and none of them refer to a refugee situation. All of the parables in Matthew 25 refer to the same set of events. All of them deal with the preparation and physical return of Jesus to this earth. The first 13 verses deal with the parable of the ten virgins. Verses 14 through 30 deal with the parable of the talents. These parables set the tone for the remainder of the chapter, which highlights the actual physical return of Jesus and what He does as soon as He returns.

The seven-year Tribulation will have just occurred and Jesus’ return brings that heavily destructive period – the final seven years of man’s rule over the earth and the last “week” of Daniels 70 weeks – to an end. In preparation of setting up His Millennial Kingdom (1,000-year reign), Jesus judges people of all nations. For what is He judging them? The text explains that Jesus judges them (the Sheep and the Goats), based on how they treated Jesus “brothers.”

Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me. – (v. 40b)

The natural question to ask here is who are Jesus’ brothers? Clearly, within that specific context of Matthew 25, Jesus is speaking of fellow Jewish people. During the coming seven-year Tribulation, the reign of terror by Antichrist (empowered by Satan), and the outpouring of God’s wrath throughout that period will be catastrophically terrible. I doubt seriously that we can adequately comprehend just how bad it will be.

Revelation 12 tells us that Antichrist empowered by Satan will go after the Jews, but God will protect His final remnant. Because of this, Satan through Antichrist will go after the rest of God’s children.

She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne, and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which she is to be nourished for 1,260 days. – Revelation 12:5-6

The “she” here refers to the nation of Israel. The “male child” refers to Jesus. Israel (woman) fleeing into wilderness refers to God’s remnant of saved Jewish people during the second half (3.5 years) of the coming Tribulation. The 1,260 days also refers to three and a half years (based on Jewish calendar of 360 days), the second half of the Tribulation when literally, all hell will break forth onto the surface of the earth. People will turn on Israel and the Jews due to unchecked global demonic anger/hatred and will go after the Jews any way possible even though some will be thoroughly protected by God Himself in the wilderness of Israel and will remain untouchable.

Just as there were people during WWII, who hid Jews and kept them safe from persecution and death camps at great personal sacrifice to themselves, there will be some who do the same for the Jews during the coming horrific period of renewed holocaust (the Tribulation). Because some people will do what they can to protect Jews from persecution and death, they will be honored by Jesus Himself and will be allowed into the Millennial Kingdom.

Truth be told, only authentic Christians will endeavor to protect Jesus’ brethren, the Jews. No one else will dare because their life will be at stake. Only those who love God, who have salvation, and are sold out to Jesus will dare to having anything to do with Jewish people during this coming cataclysmic time of unchecked evil. The hatred toward Jews is once again becoming epidemic throughout the world. It will worsen to the nth degree during the coming Tribulation.

Matthew 25 does not speak to the current refugee “crisis.” It speaks to a situation that will visit the Jewish people in the future, when someone far worse than Hitler will rise to the top of the pile, exhibiting supernatural power, strength, and hatred toward Jewish people. Satan has never forgotten that God created the Jews for a special and unique purpose. It was through Israel and the Jews that salvation came into this world in the form of Jesus, from Israel’s tribe of Judah. It was His substitutionary life, death, and resurrection that makes salvation available to us at all. This is something Satan hates with an abject passion. He will never forget it and constantly works to make the lives of Jewish people miserable though he cannot undo what God has done.

Look at George Soros, a Jew, who turned in other Jews to Hitler’s regime. Soros is proud of that “achievement,” yet what he fails to realize is that Satan simply turned him away from Jehovah, giving him riches nearly beyond measure and has been using him as an instrument of evil for decades. If Soros never sees his need for salvation, he will die in his sins and he will finally see the truth at that point without all the trappings of wealth, but of course, it will be way too late. “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:31).

uscodeGod is a God of the law, opposed to all lawlessness. President Trump’s ban is temporary. Moreover, it does not affect all Muslims, but simply Muslims who happen to be from specific countries, targeted under the Obama Administration. US Code 1182 actually supports President Trump’s executive order, just as the same law supported Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama when they chose to temporarily limit the influx of “refugees” into this country. No one complained them, including and especially the media. Many in Congress, like Sen. Chuck Schumer supported then-President Obama. Now, it’s a new day and all bets are off. There is a Republican in the Oval Office who is undoing the globalist directives of past presidents. The “light” is shining into the “darkness” and the left is being unmasked.

Folks, it would not surprise me if the Rapture occurred sooner than later. Satan certainly is not going to give up on all that he has gained over the past 8 years or more in America without a fight and he will continue to mobilize the godless on the left for his purposes. Satan has made great strides and God has allowed it, so God must have His reasons then, correct?

I do not know what will happen, but I will say that we are living in incredibly dangerous times. But we are also living in times that God fully controls because He is sovereign. There is nothing to fear. God has our backs as long as we remain true to Him and His calling. We must continue presenting the truth of the Gospel in word and deed. The left will not make it easy for us, but the Lord will provide, He will strengthen, and He will empower those who are called according to His purposes and who endeavor to sacrifice all for Him. I hope that defines you. I hope and pray that defines me.

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