Are You Ready for 5G and What Door Might Open?

February 21, 2019 at 4:19 PM 4 comments

For those like myself who haven’t paid much attention to the coming newest cell phone and transmission technology called 5G, I’d like to present some info on the subject. We’ll certainly stick with facts surrounding the roll out of 5G, but we’ll also take a look at the possibilities that stem from it, that will take us into the realm of science fiction.

First, what is 5G? As most know, cell phone transmissions of data are enabled by technological platforms known as 2G, 3G, and the current 4G. Each successive new technological build has allowed information to pass from one cell phone to another with greater speed and more data. In effect, with 5G, this will surpass each of the preceding versions. 5G allows for greater data transmission in a much faster speed than anything previous to it.

5G performance targets high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. [1]

That one sentence above is filled with tons of ramifications. There are many articles on the subject of 5G and all one has to do is perform a search using their favorite search engine to bring up literally tons of articles that highlight 5G. There are potential benefits as well as potential problems.

According to some sources, 5G will begin its roll out this April, 2019. However, in China, it is already there throughout the country, and unfortunately, it is being used to the detriment of society, though of course Chinese governmental leaders tell us that this is not the case. They allege that the use of 5G for their millions of surveillance cameras throughout Communist China is only used to help people behave better.

In fact, China has a system whereby each person living in China is actually graded. These grades are based on their attitudes, words, and actions within that society. They are graded for what they buy, where they live, how they raise their children, etc., etc., etc. You can watch the video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2018 to find out more. It’s a 15-minute video that I think you’ll find amazing…and terrifying at the same time.

I watched an episode of Seth MacFarlane’s “Orville” recently where this exact same subject was the center of the show. For those who don’t know, “Orville” is like a slightly comedic or satirical version of the old “Star Trek” series. MacFarlane plays the captain of the ship called, the Orville. They have similar gadgets and aliens that were part and parcel of the “Star Trek” show and “Orville” also takes place in the far future. In reality, “Orville” is an homage to “Star Trek.”

As I watched that particular episode, Majority Rule, we see what happens when a system is created where people can “up vote” or “down vote” other people in society. If your overall grade goes below a certain level, you may wind up undergoing psychological testing and a reworking of the way you think, similar to what happened to people in the book and movie “1984” who went against Big Brother.

Of course, with “Orville,” it was presented in a somewhat comedic fashion. In China however where a system like this actually exists, it’s not other average people in society who “grade” individuals. It’s people who work at a very large, roundish building in China that observe tons of video surveillance footage and grades people based on what they see and hear.

Honestly, I thought that MacFarlane was taking social media too far just to create an episode for their series, until I realized through the help of some friends on Twitter, that Majority Rule was not an exaggeration. It actually exists in China. It’s really difficult to keep tabs on everything in this world. With the growing number of heretics, to anti-biblical statements by the Pope or some other religious leader, to the problems created by illegal invaders to the USA, how do you keep track of it all? Thankfully, there are people with varying interests who can take the time to check things out and then they’re kind enough to provide me with the results of their work and insight. I’m grateful to them.

In India, bio-metric technology is also being put in place, which ultimately, could be used against people of India the same way the Chinese government has figured out a way to create greater control of people there. In fact, regardless of what people might say or deny, the truth seems to be that anytime a government does something like this, it has one purpose and it is never good. Any government that tries to push this type of technology onto its society will always emphasize the “good” parts of that technology, never the bad. Anyone who raises any concerns is essentially laughed at as a “conspiracy” buff, at least at first. The attempt to belittle people into silence is exactly what Communist regimes have been doing forever. When belittling them doesn’t work, these same governments resort to persecution, assault, and even murder. Works wonders…for the government and leaders in charge.

In the case of China, the country has millions of surveillance cameras. A person there cannot go anywhere without being recorded on camera. More importantly though, the technology that exists over in China also has facial recognition capacity to determine who is who as they merely walk along the streets doing things most of us do every day. If you watch the first highlighted video above, you’ll see examples of this. Beyond this, special glasses have been created that Chinese police officers can wear that will allow the identity of the person they are looking at to come up before them, complete with profile, history, social grade, and any arrests or convictions. Are you concerned yet?

For those who follow the mysterious Q, way back at the beginning of 2018, Q dropped many crumbs that deal with China, Google, and the previous Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, who allegedly and personally went to China to help them with their technology. There’s quite a bit there and if you go here: and put your own search terms (example, “Eric Schmidt” “Google” “Goog” “China” in the search box without quotes) and hit the enter key, some interesting crumbs will come up.

Allegedly, the people at Google have been involved in helping China develop algorithms in order to censor the Internet for people living in China. There’s actually a great deal more to it than just that, so have fun searching if you feel like it. It’s similar to what Twitter and Facebook do in order to censor conservatives/Trump supporters.

Are you concerned now? It may seem like we are talking about science fiction, but in reality what often starts as science fiction sooner or later becomes reality. There are examples of people on the video who have such a low social grade that their passports have been taken from them for up to 10 years. Others cannot send their children to private schools. Still others are not allowed to travel a certain number of miles from their homes. In effect, these people are prisoners without bars. Their movements are cataloged and restricted. Why? All because they may not agree with governmental policies that allow the government to spy on citizens 24/7/365.

But again, how does 5G play into all of this? Well, simply put, if China has millions of cameras that pick up every detail of daily life in China for millions of people and transmits all that data to one or two locations where powerful computers use specific algorithms to sort the data and then catalog it, wouldn’t that require a platform that offers tremendous speed and power to do it correctly? Enter 5G.

Aside from the problems of surveilling everyone in society without their permission (Communist regimes do not need permission; they simply do what they want and it’s only to control people so that they cannot rebel against the government), there are potential health risks as well. Here is a video that highlights some of the dangers to our health that 5G presents. In fact, some experts (who are often labeled “alarmists”), are very concerned. Many believe that wireless technology (technology/data that is sent through the airwaves from one cell tower to another), can cause diseases like cancer.

There are major concerns in the two areas mentioned: governmental control and potential health risks to the public. The new 5G platform has become available because engineers have created a brand new antenna that can specifically aim and amplify signals. This is all from FCC Chair Tom Wheeler. He notes that the 5G roll out will be very “infrastructure intense.” What does that mean? He states that this will require massive deployment of cell towers – much more than we have already. He further states that he is “confident that the actions will lead to a cornucopia of unanticipated, innovative uses and it will generate tens of billions of dollars in economic activity,” (from video). He reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. No, he doesn’t look like Gollum, but you can tell from the video that the thought of this creates in him almost an ecstatic experience…$$$.

For many of those involved in the development of 5G and the technology that connects to it, it’s all about the almighty dollar. That’s really all they care about so of course, they’re gung-ho because of the money in their pockets. It is the same with the Chinese businessman who invented special glasses for the police to wear that will give them instantaneous information about the people they look at. When asked if he thought that the Chinese government might use that technology against people, he was quick to say that is not even something he considers. It’s beyond his purview. In fact, he stated he did not know what the Chinese government would use those glasses for and it sounds like it came from someone who is concerned about his social grade and his business. Money talks and it keeps people from asking questions.

5G uses much higher frequency bands than previously considered or available for cell phone technology. These higher frequency bands are in the range of 24 to 100 Ghz or better. Compare that with the current 4G, which uses frequency bands in the range of 2 – 8 Ghz. What a difference! That is huge!

The next phase is 5G and we can be sure that it is coming and in some places is already here. If 4G operates at frequency ranges of between 2-8 Ghz, but 5G will operate at frequency ranges of between 24-100 Ghz, think of how much faster with greater packets of data can be transferred. It’s really a dream come true for governments and tech businesses around the world. But it could also be a major problem for the average person in society.

But also consider the potential damage to our brains and bodies that this type of frequency may very well do to human beings and animals. Think about the fact that you probably do not go anywhere without your phone. When you’re not talking on it, you may be using it for social networks or to play games or to search for information on the ‘Net. Think about what life would be like without your cell phone. Since we always have our phones with us, could the current 4G frequencies be a problem for us? Some think so. If 4G has health risks to it, what will come of 5G?

But aside from the potential health risks associated with 5G as well as the privacy concerns, what other things might 5G create that do not exist currently? We’ll talk about those the next time we present our second article on this subject. It’s very concerning.




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  • 3. Lynn Welch  |  February 21, 2019 at 5:26 PM

    Would love to know your thoughts as to how this plays into the Q movement. Good or bad.


    • 4. modres  |  February 21, 2019 at 5:35 PM

      Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I know that Q has implied that what’s happening in China is not at all good because of the abuse of rights. At the time I don’t know that he is necessarily looking at or dealing with just the technology itself. He’s also had multiple crumbs related to Elon Musk whom we’ll be highlighting when we pick up the next article.



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