Will 5G Open Pandora’s Box in Society?

February 22, 2019 at 2:11 PM 3 comments

Previously, we highlighted basic facts pertaining to the new digital technology known as 5G. Currently, cell phones mainly use 4G technology. Frequencies used with 4G are in the 2 to 8 GHz range. Frequencies for the coming roll out of 5G will be in the 24 to 100 GHz range. That’s quite huge a difference.

Many believe the new 5G will present no health risks, while others believe the opposite. For years, people have called into question the safety of 4G because of the microwave technology that it utilizes. In order for cell phones and Wi-Fi to work, signals are sent through the air. There have been concerns about using your cell phone for long periods of time, holding it up to your ear right next to your brain. Using wireless headsets doesn’t necessarily reduce potential health risks.

The public is fully addicted to using cell phones and since all use cell phones and Wi-Fi, they are able to be tracked even if the user turns off the location services. Tracking can still occur via nearby cell towers and signal always sent from cell phones. In effect, it’s a government’s dream come true to be able to find and keep tabs on citizens without them knowing or realizing it and we highlighted some of the problems with 5G that are being used for surveillance in places like China.

We covered some of these potential health problems as well as privacy concerns in our article before this one. In fact, as one more bit of info, are you aware that up to 20,000 new satellites will be launched to support the new 5G platform? That’s a lot of satellites and recall from last article how excited FCC Chair Wheeler was because of the potential money to be made. These satellites will be “Sending focused beams of intense microwave radiation over (the) entire earth” according to one article.

These satellites will use the same type of phased array antennas as will be used by the ground-based 5G systems.

This means that they will send tightly focused beams of intense microwave radiation at each specific 5G device that is on the Earth and each device will send a beam of radiation back to the satellite.

Regarding these satellites, it’s difficult to imagine there being no health risks at all from upwards of 20,000 satellites aiming/directing intense microwave radiation to towers on earth and not harming people or animals in the process. A bit naive.

By the way, another effect of this new technology will be in the tremendous speed with which information moves around the world. It’s incredibly fast and people learn of things within minutes of them happening now. How much faster will information move with 5G or any platform beyond it?

But in this article, I want to go beyond this into the realm of science fiction, to learn what might occur with the roll out of 5G and digital technology platforms even after 5G. This is conjecture and observation about what may occur as a result of the intensely increased digital/microwave technology related to cell phones, Wi-Fi, and everything connected to it (specifically, the Internet of Things, including Smart Meters hooked up to your home or apartment).

One of the coming problems with all this new and developing technology has to do with what is called transhumanism. I’ve written several articles on that subject here and in my book, Technocracy to Tribulation, I highlight even more potential problems. It seems clear to myself and others that this world is moving rapidly toward a time when there will be a blending of the human (biological) and machine (digital); transhumanism.

We know that there are some wonderful and even life-saving applications of technology for people today. If a person has an irregular heart rhythm that cannot be corrected with medications, a pacemaker can be installed inside the wall of the person’s chest or abdomen, which will then monitor and correct the heartbeat. This often life-saving technology is extremely beneficial and minimally invasive.

In a video that features Elon Musk, he says to his audience (from video below) the following:

I do think there is a potential path here which is really getting into science fiction or (unintelligible) advanced science stuff. But having some sort of…er…merger with biological intelligence and machine intelligence. Um…to some degree, we are already a cyborg….you think of like, the digital tools that you have, your phone, your computer, the applications that you have like the fact that I was mentioning earlier that you can ask a question and instantly get an answer from Google…you know from other things. And uh…so you already have a digital tool tertiary layer….the animal brain or the primal brain and the cortex, the thinking and planning part of the brain and your digital self as the third layer.

So if somebody dies, their digital ghost is still around. All of their emails and the pictures that they posted on social media. That still lives even if they die. So over time, I think we’ll probably see…a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.

What Musk appears to be speaking of is nothing other than transhumanism. This attempts to increase longevity artificially allowing people to live far longer periods of time. In fact, as I’ve stated in previous articles on transhumanism, the ultimate goal is to live forever without physically dying. The result if this happens? Unadulterated evil worse than exists now (cf. Genesis 3).

Today, the push to merge technology with biology is done so that if/when our parts start to break down, they could be replaced with technology that relied on digital platforms to constantly monitor and improve quality of life from a distance (unlike the pacemaker, which is done locally).

Transhumanism hopes to establish endless life, where people’s parts/organs are replaced with physical machinery that runs on a digital platform, similar to the Sci-Fi concept of a cyborg. That concerns me. Is it merely a case of people trying to help other people live better or are we finally throwing off all pretense and simply pushing for eternal life in this physical realm? How many cyborg or futuristic type movies/TV shows push this theme? What if, in the future, implants allowed people to “recharge/improve/perfect” themselves via Wi-Fi or cell tower signals?

Scientists have always wanted to “improve” what God created by installing implants within us to make things work better. Think back to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which became a hit movie decades ago. Shocking in some ways, but is this where science is headed?

Society is very likely moving in that dangerous direction, a direction that may seriously and ultimately be used by Antichrist himself (why wouldn’t he take advantage of this technology?) If we allow science to start installing chips and/or implants under the guise of helping to simply improve body or brain functions, are we messing with something we should not be messing with? I want to be clear here though again in stating that if an implant or some type of digital technology can drastically reduce the shaking of a Parkinson’s patient for instance, then should those folks not avail themselves of that technology? But where do we draw the line?

The problem is not necessarily the technology itself, but how it can be manipulated by governments and people to enslave individuals, societies of nations, or even the world’s population itself. Is a time coming when these technological digital implants will be required and without them, people will risk becoming part of the outer fringes of society or worse? Obviously, the answer to that question is yes, and we see that in Scripture. Lots of surveillance cameras in a place can help reduce crime or capture those who perpetrate criminal acts. They can also be used to create a social grading system as exists in China.

16 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark— the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666.…(Revelation 13:16-18 Berean Study Bible)

Implanted RFID chips that contain all the needed information for that particular person have been around for a while. They can contain credit card info, social security number, birth date, and lots more. This RFID chip implanted just under the skin of the hand is also being used by companies to dispense with security badges that the employee had to hold and wave in front of a digital lock to gain entrance. Now the employee simply waves the hand with implanted RFID chip. Is that application the same as the one spoken of above in Revelation 13? Not necessarily, however, could that same technology lead to something like that described in the above passage? Yes, without doubt.

But the mark may be something else entirely. Consider how society is being prepped for this. Today, tattoos are a huge market with average people from all walks of life getting tattoos without a thought because it’s “in.” What if the actual coming “mark” of Revelation 13 is a physical though digital tattoo loaded with information about the person? It’s just one more tattoo isn’t it? No biggie.

All this talk of transhumanism is – I believe – setting the stage for what will be used by Antichrist and the False Prophet (second beast in verse 16 above), to take full control of global society. It will be relatively easy at that point because so much of the digital platform and technology will already exist. I can see this coming of age within the next five to ten years, but I’m not a prophet or seer. It’s just an educated guess based on what I’ve read.

Notice that at this future point in time, no one will be allowed to buy or sell without the “mark” (v. 17). We cannot be sure what this mark will actually be. The only clue provided is in the phrase following it, “…the name of the beast or the number of its name” and then verse 18 tells us that this number can be calculated and has to do with 666. Ultimately, the puzzle will not be solved until the Antichrist is actually on the scene and people will know his name or title he’ll use.

I believe the above verses, while pointing out what’s coming, are more applicable to the people living during this coming time. They will study Scripture and learn what to look for and will be able to apply it to the man of lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2) who comes on the scene at the right time to claim leadership over the entire world. We cannot possible know who that person is now and any guessing is simply that…guessing.

Technology can be very good. It can also be used by unscrupulous people to cause great harm to society. We’ve seen this in one movie after another where a bad guy or group of bad guys get hold of some new technology and ends up trying to use it to hold the world hostage. In the movies, the good guys always win. It will be the same in reality, though for a period of seven years upcoming, it will seem like all is lost.

We may have another article on this subject, but we will be continuing our series in Joseph.


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Are You Ready for 5G and What Door Might Open? New DNA and the Coming Biometric ID Technology

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  • 2. Lynn Welch  |  February 22, 2019 at 3:19 PM

    Some thoughts I’ve had about the mark…I don’t believe people who have to use things like this for work are condemned. I believe taking the mark will be a volitional act of allegiance to the antichrist, a choice. This will be heart motivated. Also, I wonder if the mark, 666, is pointing allegorically to the whole idea of humanism, self, etc, exactly the opposite of what God is about. I don’t think people will be walking around with a “666” on their forehead. More good stuff to consider, all the while looking up for our redemption and loving His appearing!


    • 3. modres  |  February 22, 2019 at 4:42 PM

      I tend to agree. I think if people have RFID chips implanted for work, that’s not necessarily a problem as far as salvation is concerned, in my opinion. It will ONLY be when the people are FORCED to take the specific mark that will be the point of focus DURING Antichrist’s rule and enforced by the False Prophet. I personally would not take any form of the RFID chip now simply because I don’t want anything like that in my body, not knowing all the ramifications of it. If I worked some place where it was being made mandatory, I’d probably try to look for other work.

      I think there WILL be a physical mark of some sort that will translate to “666” (number of his name, etc.), and allegorically, yes, I also believe it will represent the fullest form of humanism yet. We’re building to that point in society and once the Antichrist comes along, it will reach the pinnacle of humanism.

      I can see within the next five to ten years some of the things I’ve highlighted in these two articles coming into full use. The generation that’s growing up now will not have too much of a problem with it because of all the technology that has become part of society since they were born. Most will simply embrace any new technology because it will make life “easier.”

      Yep, we need to keep looking up! Thanks Lynn.



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