New DNA and the Coming Biometric ID Technology

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This is the third article in the series on the topic of the new 5G digital technology platform that’s slated to start rolling out in the United States this April, 2019. The first two articles are here and here.

This third article doesn’t really focus on 5G or other aspects of what we’ve discussed previously, though there is an indirect connection. It deals with humanity’s quest for eternal physical life via transhumanism and biometrics.

We mentioned in our second article the subject of transhumanism, which is the blending of the biological with machinery, digitally. Think cyborgs and you begin to get the idea. There have been so many movies and TV shows made on this subject that it would be impossible to recall them all here, but readers likely know what I’m referring to with movies like the “Terminator” series or even the “Predator” series of movies where aliens (Predators) come to earth to hunt human beings.

Other well known movies include “Blade Runner,” “Robocop,” “Westworld,” “Pacific Rim,” and many others, going all the way back to 1927 with “Metropolis.” The common link to all these has to do with cyborgs who are either part human or all cyborg blending in with human society to some degree. Additionally, many of these same movies include extraterrestrials (ETs) who either come to earth or where humans go to them to interact and live. At times, the ETs are friendly and benevolent, while at other times, they are unfriendly and malevolent.

However, as I’ve stated in the two previous articles, often what starts out purely as unadulterated science fiction can eventually become a reality within society. Often these Sci-Fi/Futuristic movies portray aliens as real, intelligent, noble, and wanting to help humanity rise above its seeming desire to obliterate everyone on the earth through the use of nuclear weapons.

In other words, the push for society to believe in aliens is becoming very real. I recently wrote an article highlighting the fact that numerous colleges and universities are offering courses that are allegedly designed to prepare people for the upcoming alien disclosure. As we move toward the upcoming seven-year Tribulation/Great Tribulation, this will become far more pronounced and I can see where the Antichrist and False Prophet will use this alien subject to their advantage.

In another interesting development, apparently the folks at “…the NASA-funded Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution have created a new form of the DNA double helix with an additional four nucleotides…” [1] Isn’t that special?

I’m also trying to figure out from the article how “With the development of a new form of DNA, scientists have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and reframed our understanding of the fundamental code that underlies all life, including potential extraterrestrial life“? There’s that reference to ETs again.

In actuality, what scientists have done is synthesized a new DNA from the “old” DNA, expanding it from 4 to 8 building blocks. They haven’t really created in the real sense. It’s similar to Dr. Frankenstein’s fictional experiments where he “created” life by using various human parts and organs from cadavers in order to “create” his monster. He even had to use God-created electricity from a tremendous electrical storm to “rejuvenate” or “resurrect” the monster. When all is said and done, even if this fictional story were true, Dr. Frankenstein didn’t create life at all. At most, he simply resuscitated life. Big difference.

“[T]he researchers suggest the new eight-letter DNA could find applications in medicine and biological computing. The finding also has implications for how scientists think about life elsewhere in the universe.” [2]

Notice that last line. It says “how scientists think about life elsewhere” (emphasis added). They don’t really know what they’ve got or if they have anything at all, but believe it opens the doorway to eliminating certain health issues and the alien phenomenon.

Ultimately, scientists probably need to stop messing around with what God created, but they can’t. They believe they have the right to do what they do because they accept evolution, not Creation. Interestingly enough, there are many within the New Age who “channel” other dimensional beings who all say essentially this same thing; namely that it was not “God” who created but they (the aliens) who seeded life here and oversaw its progression. Aliens are very evolution-friendly. They deny that there is one God who oversees all things and created all things. They deny that Jesus was God or that He died for anyone’s sins. People will believe aliens but refuse to believe the Bible. They assume an alien would never lead them astray. Aliens would if they are actually demons.

In another somewhat related article, “Clear CEO Caryn Seidman Becker discusses how biometrics are revolutionizing security in airports, stadiums and beyond, and how privacy and regulation will shape the future of identification technology.” [3]

If you have time and want to watch a roughly 18-minute video where Seidman Becker speaks before a live audience, you can do so here:

Her main focus is on “bio-metric identification technology.” This is fast-becoming a huge topic among global leaders. They want to find ways to allegedly make it easier for consumers throughout the world to buy, sell, and live. This, they believe will be accomplished through the push of bio-metric identification technology.

According to one source, “Biometrics allows a person to be identified and authenticated based on a set of recognizable and verifiable data, which are unique and specific to them.” [4] This is accomplished through very powerful software (which will ultimately be best suited to 5G and beyond platforms).

The software compares “data for the person’s characteristics to that person’s biometric ‘template’ in order to determine resemblance.” [5] While bio-metric identification technology would make life “easier” for people, are there any problems with it potentially? Aside from massive invasion of privacy like that which already exists in China, gee, I can’t think of anything, can you? Isn’t that enough to cause a huge “let’s stop and reconsider” moment?

Ostensibly, going through airport security would be quicker or any line where our photo IDs are necessary. Software would simply scan the lines of people and pull out anyone who is on a “target” list of suspects that shouldn’t be there or are wanted by law enforcement officials. I can see a lot of people saying something like, “Hey, if it makes us safer and moves things along more quickly, I’m all for it!” But those people don’t care about the potential invasion of their rights or the setting aside of due process.

This is the exact problem with the so-called “Patriot Act” passed under George W. Bush. It was named “patriot” so that everyone would get behind it (after the original 9/11), but it gave birth to more laws and regulations that essentially treat all people as though guilty, forcing them to prove they’re not. Someone standing in line at the airport must now prove he/she is not a terrorist and means no harm. It is assumed that everyone going through airport security is a terrorist until proven otherwise. This is also the exact way the IRS and other government agencies work and if you’ve ever been audited by the IRS, you know what that means and how it feels.

Seidman Becker also stated that she believes “there is a need for that collaboration (between government and industry). Again, I use the word public-private partnership because we have a formal one with TSA, but I think every industry and company formal or informal is going to have to have it.” [6]

She, along with many of her colleagues throughout the world of industry, believe that bio-metrics ID technology needs to be part of the normal landscape. It is a way to provide government with more control, though she doesn’t really go there. Of course, companies like CLEAR, over which Seidman Becker is CEO would make millions of dollars with bio-metric ID technology, because that is what their companies do. They have a great deal to gain financially so of course, they’re going to only emphasize the positives and ignore the negatives.

So, we’ve got scientists who’ve claimed to have created a brand new form of DNA and people like Seidman Becker pushing toward a globally viable bio-metrics ID technology that will ID everyone on the streets, in airports, and everywhere (again, think China). Bleeding heart social justice warriors (SJWs) will agree and clamor for this technology the same way they want Red Flag Gun Laws enacted, because they believe it is necessary to ensure safety that they believe will ultimately usher in world peace. It’s a type of “Minority Report” (move, starring Tom Cruise where criminal acts were determined before they occurred and perpetrators arrested), that removes freedoms, replacing them with possibilities.

But where do aliens come in here? The possibilities seem endless. The whole thing is very science-fiction oriented and something that most futuristic Sci-Fi movies use as part of their plot. In those movies, it’s almost always universally accepted as needed in global society. As far as aliens are concerned, is it possible we would be told they wouldn’t feel “comfortable” revealing themselves unless things were in place on earth to guarantee the safety of all people and to alert government officials and/or aliens themselves if there were rogue groups of people who wanted to overthrow the government or resist the aliens?

This may seem far-fetched until you really begin studying what these “aliens” (demons in disguise), have allegedly channeled to many unsuspecting humans, who take their word as truth and believe them to be aliens and nothing else. There are way too many books out there to ignore this subject. In fact, it is uncanny how many of these “aliens,” when channeling their message, end up speaking against the truth of Scripture as being something that humans completely misunderstand. Yet, these same aliens have nothing negative to say about any other religious book that is not part of the Judeo-Christian belief system. That says a great deal to me.

Even when these “aliens” don’t specifically mention the Bible, it becomes clear that they are talking about it and they often characterize those who believe it literally (in its most plain and ordinary sense), as extremely myopic people who don’t understand the “true” message of the Bible. These people are the ones who tend to hold back the earth from evolving to the next spiritual level, they say.

Things are going to start moving extremely fast. Whether it’s with new digital technologies like 5G, more “discoveries” related to DNA, extraterrestrials and transhumanism, or the bio-metric identification technology that many within the tech industry are pushing, it is very likely that we’ll be hearing about this more and more. It may end up overwhelming the average person who will simply stop paying attention and just let it happen.

Young people today grew up with computers and other gadgets so they became used to them at a very early age. I vividly recall my son using the “mouse” of our computer to play a learning puzzle game. Now, he is really a computer geek, who at times, has to help me understand certain things about computers and the technology that exists today. Sometimes, I simply come to the end of my understanding and I’ve thought that I knew a good deal, but apparently not enough, so he helps me along. People who are being born now and growing up in this current society will experience the changes discussed here and they will simply accept those changes.

We are living in a world that is rapidly changing and it would not surprise me to see things even speed up massively. People will become swept up in it or drop out of it.






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[6] Ibid

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