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Replacement Theology Creates False Hopes

Notice Wood says “God is going to The One to bring about the Great Awakening AND the Great Reset…” I have no idea who he thinks “The One” is here. Is it Donald J. Trump? Is it Jesus? Who is he referring to? We simply don’t know. However, from the comments he received on this post, many people are in agreement with him and very excited and encouraged about what he has to say! To me, this marks the emergence of the “great falling away,” (Matthew 24:10-13; 1 Timothy 4:1-5; 2 Thessalonians 2:3), because so many seem not to know their Bibles and prefer teaching that tickles their ears (2 Timothy 3:1-5).

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Voter Fraud Affecting Elections?

When President Trump became president, one of the things he did was to issue an executive order (EO) that gave the authority over our voting system to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It is now the responsibility of the DHS to ensure that our vote is safe and that the only people actually voting are citizens of the USA. No one else gets to vote, but we see in California a law was passed that gives illegals the right to vote. The federal government needs to come in and not only denounce but do what they can to nullify those laws since they go against the Constitution.

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Q Posts Update Regarding Voter Fraud

But apparently, there are other lawsuits and investigations in the works regarding election fraud. Note Q’s comments, “Yes, midterms are safe” followed by “Watch CA.” Q is telling us that our elections will be protected this November from voter fraud, the very thing that has plagued America for decades and kept good and honest people out of office or handed them re-election losses. It also speaks to the fact that the only way Hillary might have won in the first place was through election fraud. However, safeguards were put in place to ensure that this did not occur.

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Yes, Things Are Changing Under Trump

While I do not believe Christians should be patriots above all things (we are Christians first), we should certainly value the rule of law. Unfortunately, during the Obama Administration, the rule of law was generally ignored in favor of the Marxists ideals that the left was busy foisting on America. Police had their hands tied behind their backs. Governors and mayors felt obligated (or emboldened, depending upon which side of the aisle they were on), to stand still and watch Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM), and other leftwing groups and organizations tear away at the fabric of American society.

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Nope! Voter Fraud Does Not Exist…According to the Left

I recall just after this most recent presidential election in which Obama won a plethora of voting precincts with well over 100% of the vote. It was interesting to read of precinct after precinct in which Obama won 108%, 140% or some other percentage that went beyond the total amount of people living in that precinct who were actually registered voters.

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Facts and Figures on Voter Fraud

This is certainly a hot button issue for many people. Those who supported Mr. Obama’s bid for a second term see absolutely nothing amiss with the voting that took place across America. Others that do not support him believe that voter fraud was very much part of the picture. These folks are essentially relegated to the “sour grapes” part of the auditorium.

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Christians and Civil Authorities

This latest election has shown a number of things to me. For those who believe that the election was completely fair and above board, then at least some of what I am going to say will read like “sour grapes” to you. You will wrongly believe that I am simply upset that “my” candidate did not win and therefore, I’m looking for excuses to complain.

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