Who is Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yayha)?

February 17, 2010 at 11:22 AM 2 comments

Who IS this guy?

Yesterday, I included information on Adnan Oktar (who goes by the pseudonym Harun Yayha), when I referenced Iranian President Ahmadinejad.  While on one hand, it appears that Mr. Oktar is a genuine person, who seems to sincerely love the Jewish people, there may be more than meets the eye.

After doing some research on the Internet, it appears that Mr. Oktar may have a checkered past.  In fact, he has been found guilty of a number of crimes in Turkish courts and is awaiting the results of his final appeal.  If his conviction stands, he would begin serving a three year sentence.  People have accused Mr. Oktar of being the leader of a cult, in which women were allegedly conned into becoming part of his group, and made to perform sexual favors for high-ranking officials, all of it surreptitiously filmed in order to convince these same officials that it would be to their best interest to provide political favors for Oktar’s group.

I would like to stress that as far as I’m concerned, this is all alleged, however, since he has been found guilty of certain crimes in Turkish courts, though awaiting his final appeal, it appears as though there may be at least a kernel of truth to some of the allegations.

What I find fascinating is that this man is described as a “megalomaniac.”  He has the ability to instantly put people at ease.  He comes across as genuinely caring, but if the allegations of his misconduct are true, then it is obviously a facade, in which he does so to carry forward his own plans.  Of course, the information that Mr. Oktar includes about himself on his own web page is far from all of the above.  According to him, he had a very difficult life, however, he only slept a few hours each night, voraciously reading everything he could get his hands on.  His website boasts hundreds of articles and books (all free to download) written on numerous subjects from Islam to his favorite, exposing the lies of evolution.  Some individuals claim that these articles and books were not written by him, but he attaches his name to them, taking all the credit for them.  Who knows what the truth is about Oktar?

The reality is that in many ways, when the Antichrist makes his appearance on this planet, he will at first appear to be self-effacing, diligently working with those in the Middle East to solve the problem of a lack of peace there.  He will be seen as a friend of the Jew, and of Israel, so that they will take him into their confidence.  When he is finally able to produce a document that promises peace for at least 7 years, this will be all that the leaders of Israel need to sign onboard with him.  It is this event – the signing of the covenant – that marks the beginning of the 7-Year period known as the Tribulation.  This is clearly dilineated in Daniel 9:27, where we read that this “prince” shall make a covenant with the people for one week.  The one week here can only be referring to a period of seven years if context means anything.  While I realize that some folks take this to refer to Jesus (as does Wohlberg, who states he follows the rules of grammar, but obviously does not in this case), it cannot be if the rules of grammar mean anything.  There are three references using the pronoun “he” and all of them cannot be referring to Jesus, unless the rule of antecedents is completely ignored.  This is what Steve Wohlberg along with most Reformed or Covenant Theologians and Preterists do here.  It is convenient for them, but it is wrong.

Why is it that this particular event marks the beginning of the Tribulation period and not the Rapture?  In my opinion, it is due to the fact that when Israel’s leaders sign on with Antichrist, in spite of the fact that they are not aware of his true motivation (or identity), they will have effectively signed a pact with Satan himself.  This is the move that Israel makes that signals the beginning of the end.  Of course, let’s also understand that the timing of the signing of this covenant is also in God’s hands, meaning it will not happen until the foreordained time come to fruition.

What will it be about this coming man of sin that deceives the leaders of Israel?  Obviously, it will be his demeanor, which will include a willingness to see “justice” occur where Israel is concerned.  Seeking to befriend Jews, this man of sin will be seen as so genuine and so congenial, wanting nothing but peace between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, that too many will fall in line behind him, allowing him to lead them unflinchingly wherever he chooses to go.

At first, this man of sin will play the part of a great humanitarian, loving all people with a love that goes beyond the bounds of religious dogma.  He will be gladly received by most because of his alleged knowledge of the Bible and the Koran.  He will help people understand that all faiths can and should exist side-by-side in peaceful admiration of one another, while still retaining their differences.  This coming man of sin will fool most of the people, though obviously not all.  The text of Daniel states that Antichrist will enter into a covenant with the “many,” for a period of seven years.  The text does not infer that all people will accept him with open arms.  A faction of individuals will be wary of him and with good reason, though they may not be aware of that reason at first.  Nonetheless, the coming Antichrist will successfully broker a deal with the major parties in the Middle East and when he accomplishes that, the entire world will take notice.  His rise to fame and infamy will have begun in earnest.  After all, the man who can bring peace to the Middle East, even if for only seven years must have ways of eliminating other world problems.

According to Daniel 9:27, in the middle of the week, this same man of sin (referred to as “a prince” in Daniel), will break the covenant.  Again, here is where theologians part company, with some believing that this references Christ who died on the cross “in the middle of the week.”  Unfortunately though, to find a way to get the text to mean some specific “week” in which Christ is strained at best.  Moreover, contrary to the belief that Christ broke any covenant (by His death, or by any other means), He actually fulfilled all the tenets of the Law, and the major prophecies surrounding His death.  Christ came to fulfill the Law, not to break any covenants.  It is Antichrist who breaks covenants.  For more information, the reader is encouraged to purchase my book Between Weeks, which fully explains this section of Daniel.  Beyond that, there are any number of extremely well-written and easy-to-read books on this same subject.

The reality for the world though is that in many ways, the Antichrist may appear just as men like Oktar appear; strong, yet genuine, loving, yet hating evil, speaking words of religious comfort and desirous of peace.  Behind the veil may be nothing more than megalomania, which ultimately demands that people do things his way.  In the end, as these megalomaniacs build their kingdoms, they break more of the rules, but since they are gaining fame and power, many of those rules do not seem to apply to them.  In fact, they come to a point where they believe that none of the rules apply and that they will make their own rules.  They mark out their own path, and they blaze their own trail.  Because of this, they become even more attractive to people because of their apparent ability to be the true renaissance man, one who does not cater to those in power, but presents himself as one who is equal to all in power, if not superior to them.  He is able to do this in a way that at least outwardly, bears no resemblance to ego, while at the same time, offers nothing that would put people on the defensive…unless within his very close, inner circle.  To the public, he is a man to admire on all counts.

This particular Blog is NOT saying or implying that Adnan Oktar is the Antichrist and I would like to make that absolutely clear.  What this Blog is saying is that if everything that is alleged about Adnan Oktar is true, then we can know that this same type of situation will exist with the coming Antichrist, except ten times greater.  If the allegations against Oktar are true, then his persona publicly is far different than his private persona.  The Antichrist will also be a master deceiver, and may not even realize his close alliance with his father, Satan, until he finds himself at the zenith of his power.  Whether he knows it or not, the Antichrist will be fully empowered by Satan as he casts all of his power and purpose into this last chance to defeat God.  Israel will be, as the rest of the world will be, merely a pawn to obtain control of the Land that belongs to God and His holy city, Jerusalem and ultimately, the world.  Satan firmly believes this planet belongs to him and he is not willing to give it up and certainly, not without a fight.

The prophetic Scriptures point to the fact (if literal meaning of the text along with context means anything), that Jesus will physically reign from Jerusalem, from his father David’s throne.  From there, He will rule the world, physically.  Is it any wonder then that the Antichrist will do all that he can to set his headquarters up as close to Jerusalem as possible?  Antichrist will also know the prophecies concerning Christ and His coming kingdom, in spite of the fact that many either do not, or attempt to negate them.

Antichrist’s entire life and rule will be an attempt to fulfill by imitating the prophecies that apply to Christ.  Those who view Scripture allegorically are at a obvious disadvantage, simply because they cannot see these things as they happen, nor can they read the signs of the things that will happen.  Because of that, Antichrist will have the element of surprise.  If the Tribulation is scheduled to occur in my lifetime, then it follows that the Antichrist is likely alive now.  He is rising to power and setting himself up as a man who has already amassed some power, riches and fame.  He bides his time working in what appears to be situations that will show him as a man of genuine concern for the plight of the Jew, the Arab and the Christian.  He wishes to unite all of them, not necessarily into one religion (at first), but to make it possible for them to all worship at the same place (the Temple Mount), without fearing any reprisals of any kind.

As Antichrist continues his rise to Absolute Imperialism, this facade will slowly melt away until all that is left is the raw, unadulterated power of Satan himself, who seeks the only thing he has ever sought – to be worshiped as God is worshiped.

There may be many men like Adnan Oktar, who come and go before we get to the last man of sin, the Antichrist.  This last man will be the consummate chameleon, able to present himself as the man of the hour, with the answers to the world’s problems.  He will prove it by brokering peace in the Middle East.  With all the talk of the coming Mahdi from Islam, the return of Christ, and the need for peace in the Middle East, this man of sin can’t really be that far away.

The world waits for a man that will ultimately be evil incarnate, while the Christian looks to God, who controls all things, and will use all the coming events of the future, including all that the Antichrist seeks to achieve, to bring Himself glory.  For God, there is no greater purpose for anything He does than to bring glory to Himself.  All people – Christians and non – will ultimately give God glory.  They will all bow the knee, declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.  The only difference of course is that those who know Christ, who are born from above, and who are authentic Christians, will bow the knee gladly and gratefully.  All the rest will bow because they are forced to do it.

The Antichrist will be Satan’s man and he will strive to dethrone God.  His puny attempts will only wind up fooling humankind as he will be destroyed with Christ’s breath as He returns in victory to reclaim the planet that was taken when Adam and Eve sinned, thereby giving their allegiance to Satan.  This one act of sin, gave this world into the hands of Satan who is the ruler of the air.  Though vanquished, his sentence has not physically been carried out.  God will allow him to go as far as he can go, in order that sin might go to the uttermost to be sin.  In other words, sin will play itself out and be seen for what it actually is…lawlessness.  No matter as God in Christ is not deterred from His purposes and no sin can overcome God or His purposes.

Praise be to the God who rules this universe with justice and holiness, love and patience!

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Ahmadinejad’s Vitriolic Rhetoric Regarding Israel Israel Has Rights Too

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. modres  |  February 18, 2010 at 5:45 PM

    Yes, Wohlberg makes that statement regarding the word “covenant” and also mistakes the rules of grammar when discussing the use of the pronoun “he” in that section of Daniel.

    Wohlberg makes too many mistakes to count, yet people continue to gobble up what he says as if it is fact.

    I agree with you regarding the use of “A” or “THE.” Wohlberg’s convoluted merry-go-round ride to get to his chosen belief is asinine. It makes no sense, and is likely the biggest reason that he has had so many questions about it, requiring him to write another article just to attempt to clarify his position!


  • 2. amc  |  February 18, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    Interesting stuff on Adnan Oktar. One thing is certain, judging from the past adulation of the current US Pres and the Messianic references used to describe him, this world is ready to accept an Antichrist whoever he ends up being.

    Regarding Wohlberg and Dan 9:27 – he makes the statement that the word “covenant” always applies to the Messianic, not the Antichrist (page 45 ET Delusions). Yet a simple software word search on covenant (berı̂yth) shows that it’s used in many non-Messianic applications. Even Job used it. He props up his argument by saying the KJV renders it THE covenant, meaning it refers to the New Covenant – a leap of logic. Just about all the other translations have “A” covenant. I don’t think using THE or A holds any significance.



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