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Finishing the Race – New Book!

I have heard a number of professing Christians indicate that salvation is free, but in essence maintaining it is where works come into the picture. For these folks, they do not believe there is any type of eternal security guarantee.

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Demons in Disguise – Update!

The web of deceit carefully and meticulously laid out by these forces of darkness is incredible. They seem to have covered their bases. Of course, we know that they will never be able to cover them enough to rule out God’s sovereignty. Putting quite a few pieces of this puzzle together has led me to conclude a number of things that I had not considered previously.

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Seventh-day Adventists – Evangelical Christians?

It is clear from my study of SDA, that the teachings of Ellen G. White are considered to be equally authoritative and on par with Scripture. While the individual SDA might not think so, or may never have come in contact with anything that even states that within SDA, that is either because they have not searched enough, or do not want to search enough.

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Salvation the Seventh-day Adventist Way

When you stand before God, it will be you and Him. When I stand before God, it will be me and Him. This life is the life He has given in order that we can know the truth of His salvation. It is either here or never, and salvation is worth knowing, and it is worth knowing whether we have authentic salvation or not.

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Seven-day Adventism – Right or Wrong?

If Jesus needed to study Scripture throughout His life, memorizing, and meditating on it, how much more do we?

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Demons in Disguise

The preponderance of evidence suggests that they have created this complex masquerade to mask their real mission. Certainly part of that is to lead humanity to a one world government, headed by a one world leader.

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