Middle East “Peace” Quartet Rebuked

March 19, 2010 at 12:53 PM

Looks like there IS room for the Jewish Temple (from http://endtimepilgrim.org/thirdtemple.htm)

It looks like in spite of the best efforts of those folks who just want peace in the Middle East, they are receiving a thumbs down from Foreign Minister Lieberman.  It seems that the impression the Quartet of the Middle East wants to give is that if ONLY Israel would stop its aggressive acts of construction, and if they would give up land, and if they would give up any claim to the Temple Mount, THEN peace talks could resume.  Of course, this denies two things:

  1. NEVER have any peace talks in the Middle East been predicated on Israel’s construction – NEVER.  It was a condition largely introduced by President Obama’s Administration, in agreement with complaints by the Arab populace.  Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that this condition has never been part of the peace process, now that it is on the table, it will not be rescinded.  In fact, it would really be impossible to now rescind it.  Of course, no such demands are made against any Arab nations in the surrounding area.
  2. Israel has consistently made tremendous gestures of good will, by removing themselves from specific areas demanded by Arab leaders, NOT returning fire in spite of the fact that ISRAEL has been fired upon (and still is to this day) off and on since the Six Day War of 1967.

For anyone who can really see what is happening, it is absolutely clear that the Arab nations, which surround Israel prefer that Israel was not there at all.  That is their preference and Ahmadinejad (as well as others) have consistently reiterated this fact, which has been shared in various media outlets.  The fact that this man – the president of Iran (modern day Persia), can make the type of malicious, anti-Semitic remarks (presenting them as fact; i.e. the Holocaust Never Happened), and the world continues to treat this man with kid gloves, is unconscienable.

As I look back over the last 20 year history of problems in the Middle East, it is clear that the Arab nations have given NOTHING.  Everything that is wrong is said to lie squarely at the feet of the Jews and Israel.  The world nods and looks on.  On one hand, it is absolutely hilarious that such a tiny nation can not only continue to exist, but create such problems in the Middle East!  I mean, my goodness, you would think any one of those nations, which surround Israel would be able to squash her like a fly.  Instead, they posture, puff themselves up, smear Jewish people, and discharge anti-Semitism as fast as an automatic weapon.

Ahmadinejad’s speech at the recent U.N. gathering is a case in point that has already been discussed on this BLOG.  His remarks would have been approved of and appreciated by Adolph Hitler and there were those who stated such after that speech was given.  Yet, the world turns a blind eye to all of that, because all the world wants is PEACE, and peace at ANY cost.  They want the Jews and the Arabs to live in peace.  That cannot happen, because BOTH groups claim that THEY are the chosen people; the Jews through Isaac, and the Arabs through Ishmael.  So tell me, who is going to be able to step into that arena and MAKE peace happen?

The historical problem dates back to Muhammad and the offering of himself to the Jews as their Messiah.  He was roundly rejected, and because of that, determined to vilify the Jews.  He has successfully created a religion in which the Jews are worse than Satan and should be eradicated.  Islam CAN be a religion of peace, but ONLY when Islam is the ruling religion.

People think they want church and state separated NOW?  Wait until Islam gets what it wants – control of government.  This is beginning to happen in Great Britain as well as other places, which heretofore did not have the difficulty of having to bow to Islamic pressure.  Great Britain is now learning what that means…the hard way.

Those who honestly believe that individuals from around the world can actually create peace in the Middle East are not only kidding themselves, but they are nothing but pawns.  For some reason, the Arab nations opposed to Israel give nothing, yet continue to vociferously demand that Israel give everything, while complaining that Israel has given nothing, even after she HAS given up territories.

It’s like a dog chasing its tail.  The Arab nations howl and the world weeps.  Israel gives and the world says it is not enough.  It reminds me of the coverage of the presidential campaigns leading up to the election.  I cannot recall one network or media outlet (not including those of a highly conservative nature) on TV, magazines, or in the newspaper which gave McCain the benefit of the doubt.  The great hope was President Obama.  He would bring change.  He would bring reform.

So far, with a democratically-controlled Congress, he has done nothing.  Besides health care reform, the only other thing he seems interested in achieving is peace in the Middle East, however, it is peace with the Arab nations getting what they want, leaving Israel with virtually nothing.

With respect to the Middle East, here’s a solution:  Why can’t Israel be allowed to build her Temple alongside the Dome of the Rock Mosque?  If people REALLY want the peace that they SAY they want, why is this not an option that is being considered?  Because the Arab nations will not allow it, in spite of the fact that on paper, Israel CONTROLS the Temple Mount.  If Israel was allowed to build her Temple, peace would be at hand.  It is absolutely THAT simple.

Will it happen? 

The article below is from Prophezine.com:

“Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded Friday to the Quartet of Middle East peace mediators’ call to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, saying that peace is not something which can be created artificially and with unrealistic timetables.

“Peace will be established through actions and not by force,” Lieberman told Belgium’s Jewish community ahead of his scheduled talks with the ministers of several European nations.

“The Quartet is ignoring the last 16 years of Israeli attempts, and is giving the Palestinians the impression that they can achieve their demands by continuing to refuse direct negotiations under false pretexts,” Lieberman said.

“The Israeli government has made many significant gestures. Now it’s the Palestinian’s turn to prove that they are really interested in negotiations,” Lieberman added.

The Quartet, which comprises members from Russia, the United States, the UN and the European Union, called Israel and the Palestinians to renew peace negotiations in order to achieve a two-state solution within 24 months. The members met in Moscow on Friday in an effort to defuse the latest crisis in peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The Quartet believes these negotiations should lead to a settlement, negotiated between the parties within 24 months, that ends the occupation that began in 1967 and results in the emergence of an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbors,” said a joint statement read by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The mediators also called on Israel following their meeting to freeze all settlement activities and denounced its recent decision to approve construction of 1.600 new homes in East Jerusalem.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Moscow, discussed steps to improve the outlook for Israeli-Palestinian peace by telephone with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday.

Netanyahu’s spokesman Nir Chefetz said the Israeli leader had proposed some “mutual confidence-building steps” that both Israel and the Palestinians could take in the West Bank. He declined to spell these out.

Clinton met her Russian counterpart Lavrov, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Quartet Representative Tony Blair over a closed dinner on Thursday evening before Friday’s formal meeting.

No details of that meeting were disclosed.

Moscow had originally hoped to organise a full-scale international conference on the Middle East this year but the lack of progress on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks has forced Russia to settle instead for hosting a quartet meeting.

Meanwhile, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has called Israel’s decision to approve 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem week “provocative”, adding that it was “obviously designed by some in Israel to undermine a peace process George Mitchell – our negotiator – finally got back on track.”

In an interview with ABC’s Nightline which will air on Friday night, Biden reiterated that “Israel’s security is undeniably in our interest to make sure it is absolutely secure” and Washington and Jerusalem to “get over” the recent tensions that flared in response to the announcement.

“And so the message is: We’ve got to get over this,” Biden said. “Granted, I condemn the announcement made by that planning council. … The irony is even that planning council acknowledging not a single new unit can be built at least for a year and maybe never will be built, it was provocative.”

In the interview, Biden denied reports that he had told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel’s policy on settlements puts U.S. troops at risk.

“No, I never said that,” Biden told ABC.

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