Israel Stands Alone…

June 18, 2010 at 8:55 AM

God Only Watches Out for Israel...for the sake of His Name

It is clear from history (for anyone that can approach it with an unbiased viewpoint), that regardless what Israel does, she is never correct. If she gives back land she rightfully won in the 1967 6-Day War, in exchange for promised cease fires, the firing of rockets continues, as they are daily lobbed into Israel.  The enemies simply move in closer quickly taking up positions in the land that Israel gave back.

No other country that I am aware of in these modern times is forced to give land back to nations that attacked another nation.  Yet, Israel is given one ultimatum after another.  In 1967, Israel was attacked by forces from Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.  Again, Israel was ATTACKED.  Other nations “donated” troops to the effort of eradicating Israel.  Yes, I realize that in many ways, the “official” war started because of Israel’s preemptive attack, however then as now, Israel finds herself in the same position.  Should she wait until Iran decides to attack, or should she strike preemptively to minimize damage to civilians and others?

Had not the Arab nations that surrounded Israel in 1967 been assailing Israel both physical (with bombs, rockets, and mortar fire) as well as verbally (just as they are doing today), there would have been no need for Israel to retaliate.  So, during the first few weeks of the 6 Day War, Israel loses much ground, but over the following few weeks after that, she gained back what she lost and took even more land.  All is fair in love and war…unless the name of your country is “Israel.”

Today, we have despotic idiots like our friendly North Korean dictator, Putin from Russia, and President Ahmadinejad from Iran.  President Mahmoud (Hamas) and others are all calling for Israel’s destruction.  So, Israel has gone on the offensive, doing their level best to eliminate problems BEFORE they crop up.  This is the case with the flotilla that was blocked from entering Gazan waters.  The world knows the situation (or at least they think they do, and of course, to most, Israel is again to blame).

Israel has every RIGHT to protect herself.  She has every right to be concerned about what goes in and what goes out of Gaza and other neighboring areas.  Many times, Israel has been the victim of weaponry and arms smuggled into various parts of Israel and beyond by the use of tunnels.  These tunnels, often starting in Egypt, go far into Israel, completely underground.  As Israel discovers these tunnels, they are destroyed.  The enemy however, moves quickly to create new ones.

With President Obama’s ignorance and ability to lie with a straight face, it is absolutely clear to anyone who has eyes to see, that in spite of the promises he made to Jewish groups here in the United States, to defend Israel, he has done nothing of the sort.  He has repeatedly treated Netanyahu with disdain, as if Netanyahu was nothing but a slave, hardly to be given the time of day.  As a father chastises his wayward son, so has Obama treated Netanyahu in a disgusting display of unmasked hatred.

It is also clear that in spite of Obama’s promise to protect and defend the United States Constitution, this appears to be the furthest thing from his mind.  He is much more interested in making the world safe FOR Muslim Jihadists, and Islamic Extremists who want nothing more than Sharia Law to take effect throughout the world.  Apparently, Obama believes he will be safe from the ire of Islam, yet many consider him to be an infidel, in spite of his Muslim leanings.

With Obama and pretty much the rest of the world (with the possible exception of Canada), wishing nothing but ill will on Israel, Israel stands alone, trying to do what the world wants, while attempting to keep her own borders and the people within, safe.  Unfortunately, Israel is going to have to learn the hard way, that she cannot do both.  In this most recent situation, Netanyahu has opted to ease the blockade for ships entering Gazan waters.  He has done so because he knows he has virtually no support in the world.

What Netanyahu needs to realize is that if he were to turn to God, He would be Israel’s support.  Israel does not need the United States, or Canada or any other nation in this world.  The fact that Israel became a state in 1948, has maintained that statehood in the face of unprecedented odds, and continues to exist today, says something about God’s ability to keep Israel a sovereign nation.  However, if the leaders of Israel would take the time to look at the book of Ezekiel, Isaiah and other books from the Bible, they would hopefully see that God saves Israel for one purpose:  for the sake of His Name (Ezekiel 20:9).

Here are just a few verses where God without equivocation teaches that what He does for Israel, He does for the sake of His Name.  He does because He has promised to do so, and it is His reputation that is on the line.

  • 1 Samuel 2:22
  • 1 Kings 8:41
  • 2 Chronicles 6:32
  • Psalm 23:3
  • Psalm 25:11
  • Psalm 31:3
  • Psalm 79:9
  • Psalm 106:8
  • Psalm 109:21
  • Psalm 115:1
  • Psalm 143:11
  • Isaiah 45:4
  • Isaiah 48:9-11
  • Isaiah 66:5
  • Jeremiah 14:7
  • Jeremiah 14:21
  • Ezekiel 20:14
  • Ezekiel 20:22
  • Ezekiel 20:44
  • Ezekiel 36:22
  • Daniel 9:19

The above verses represent some of the many times that God is called upon, or states that He will save Israel or her people for the sake of His holy Name.  Some theologians conveniently allegorize Israel into the Church and therefore state that God is speaking about the Church.  This is garbage, because if things were kept in their context, it is clear that God is referring to the actual nation of Israel, not the Church.

The leaders of Israel need to do a number of things:

  1. stop worrying about the world and who does or does not like them
  2. stop worrying about the Arab nations that seek to destroy her
  3. start getting right with God
  4. commit their ways to Him, so that He will be able to work in and through them for His purposes (though God will save Israel for the sake of His Name, He prefers that Israel come to Him on their own)
  5. do whatever they can to ensure the safety of their own country
  6. ignore the U.N. and the rest of the world’s demands, just like Iran and other Muslim countries do

Israel should NOT have opted to lighten up on the flotilla’s attempting to gain entry to Gaza.  It is like leaving the door to the chicken coop open because the wolf says he is merely trying to bring the chickens food.  Israel will come to regret her decision, because the world will not stop with this demand.  The world will continue to chip away at Israel’s borders and actions, little by little, until there is nothing left of Israel, except what is on paper.

Israel has a right to protect herself.  This is something she MUST do, in spite of what the world thinks.  Does Israel actually believe that by caving into the demands of the world, she will somehow gain the world’s respect?  It will not happen, because most of the world HATES Israel and the Jews.  Has Israel learned nothing from the Holocaust?  I do not say that as a joke, or to condemn.  I say that to remind Israel that since God created their nation, the world – led by Satan – has been out to destroy her.  Every time Israel concedes, she is destroyed a little more.

I pray that Israel will wake up to the fact that she needs to do what is in HER best interests and to heck with the rest of the world!  This is exactly what many nations around the globe are doing anyway, so why is Israel the one made to look like a rogue nation?

To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I implore you to consider ONLY what is good and right for Israel.  Consider God and how His hand has been in your nation since the beginning.  Commit your way to him and He will direct your path.  Open yourself up to ALL of His Righteousness and you will be SAVED.

Please read Psalm 22, Mr. Netanyahu.  Read it over and over and over again, until you see its truth and that truth becomes part of you.

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