Mosab Yousef MAY Be Part of the Deception Against the West

May 7, 2011 at 10:53 AM 1 comment

Not long ago, my wife and I sat in a church sanctuary filled with people fully interested in the message of the speaker.  At the entrance to the church, Sheriff Officers stood at the doorway.  Security was tight and during the speaker’s presentation, no one was allowed to leave their seat.

As the speaker talked, he explained his upbringing.  He talked about his prior values and beliefs and he talked about his conversion to Christianity.  He now says it is his mission to educate the world regarding the threat of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

His name is Mosab Yousef and he may wind up being the biggest liar we have seen in some time.  It looks like – if reports are true – that he sells everyone a bill of goods that is far from the truth.  In fact, as a double agent, he may still be working to support Hamas and against Israel, though it does not look like that to Westerners.

How do we know?  Certainly what he says publicly and what he has written seems to support the notion that he is an authentic Christian and wishes to support Isrsael…when he says and writes these things in English.  However, when he speaks Arabic on Arab TV and radio shows, there seems to be a completely different message altogether, one that fully supports Hamas and one that shows Mosab’s anti-Israeli side.

If this is true, then millions (including me) have been duped by his message.  More than that, we have purchased his books and video taped messages, making him rich.  Where does the money go?  Does it find its way back to Hamas to be used against Israel?

If Mosab is literally still a type of terrorist, feeding the world a load of disinformation, we know that this is what Islam teaches.  While to one group of people (Christians), radical Muslims say one thing – the thing that Christians want to hear – while to his own people, he tells the truth.  This is so far in keeping with Islamic tenets that it should really not surprise us that this is the norm in many cases.  What is the truth about Mosab?

For the rest of the story, please check out this link:

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1 Comment

  • 1. Simon  |  May 7, 2011 at 6:58 PM

    Fred I am very envious that you heard Mosab Yousef speak in person. I recently read his book and it did fascinate me. However, like many people, I did think certain parts of his story seemed almost too good to be true, too pro-Western. For example, the claim that his family had no money even though his father was one of the founding fathers of Hamas seemed a little too good to be true. That said, his book did seem quite pro-Israel at least, making it clear that Hamas in particular is not really interested in peace, because it derives its financial base and moral legitimacy from the suffering of its own people. Agree something about Mosab Yousef doesn’t quite add up?

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