How Is This Explained Rationally?

February 16, 2013 at 7:47 PM

I just don’t get it, frankly.  I recently saw photos of young male Muslims in Sweden who took joy in abusing, skinning, and decapitating at least one cat, probably more of them.  They posed for the camera with smirks/grins on their faces as if laughing at the world.  Not long before that, I saw another couple of photos of different young male Muslims in the Middle East carrying a cat that had been crucified on a cross.

Daily, we read of this type of inhumanity not only is it grossly callous, but allegedly, it goes against all that Islam supposedly stands for, at least to hear more “moderate” Muslims tell it.  Yet, this appears to be happening all too frequently for it to be simply relegated to the fringes of Islam.

We are aware of the Muslims in and around Dearborn, MI, who threw chunks of concrete as well as other things at Christians who had dared to enter the Arab Festival held there to spread the gospel.  We also know that the police officers did absolutely nothing to protect the Christians as they were pelted with things from the Muslim group.  Regardless of whether or not you agree with the method of evangelism used by the Christians or even whether they should have been at the festival or not, the reality is that Muslims broke the law and were allowed to do so by police officers (and a mayor) who was sensitive to Islam.

But aside from these things, we read of the tremendous uptick in rapes and assaults in nations and communities where Islam grows.  This is especially true in places like Sweden and the UK where Muslim communities have literally created “no go” zones meaning you had better keep out if you are not Muslim.  The law enforcement in these nations seems either completely ill-equipped, unable, or unwilling to handle these problems and the assaults and rapes continue.

In America, we are seeing an increase in identity theft and credit card related crimes that are now being attributed to Muslim communities.  Here is just one example of one unearthed situation in which it is estimated that Muslims were at the center of what turned out to be a $200 million credit card fraud. [1] So far, 18 people have been arrested in connection with this particular case and apparently, this particular scam has been going on since 2003.  “The proceeds, authorities said, were used for luxury automobiles, electronics, spa treatments, high-end clothing and millions of dollars in gold. Authorities said the fraudsters also stockpiled large sums of case and approximately $70,000 in cash was found in one defendant’s oven.” [2]

In another situation, a doctor (Muslim) has been arrested in a Medicaid fraud in which he took the money he gained from the scheme and sent it to Lebanon. [3]  There have also been multi-million dollar food stamp fraud uncovered in Utah, Nevada, and Illinois, in which so far, 12 Muslims have been arrested.

The list seems to go on and on as more Muslims have been arrested in Minnesota, Maine, Virginia, and elsewhere; all involved in food stamp fraud, Medicare fraud, or something else.  A Ohioan Imam faces just one year in jail after being convicted of nearly $4 million dollars in food stamp fraud. [4]

These kinds of crimes are becoming the norm in many areas of the world.  It seems as though too many Muslims are doing what they can to steal, maim, or kill, while they try to tell us that Allah is a god of love.  Well, it can’t be both.

Either Islam is a religion of peace or it is a religion of war, death, and destruction.  From everything that is happening in the world, it would appear to be the latter, not the former.  Of course, Muslims do not like to hear this and who would?  But maybe they’d better start dealing with the problems that Muslims among them are causing rather than turn on the people who are pointing it out.

Within Islam, there is the belief that they (Muslims) will rule the world.  They believe (and work toward) the day will come when Islam will dominate all people.  It is clear that they have their marching orders and in fact, many of them are living as though they already do rule the world.  They simply take what they want to appease themselves and their lusts.

I realize – and have stated as much – that the global elite benefits from Islam because Muslims are fine with blowing people up.  They believe that this type of service to Allah places them at a level that is above all others.  They are like the favored football team that wins the Superbowl and gets the spoils.  They believe they have “earned” their position in life and want to enjoy their spoils now.

Not long ago, a Muslim in the UK raped a young girl; one of the many rapes that takes place in that country with many of the rapes being attributed to Muslim men.  The man was arrested and charged.  He stood before the judge and said that he did not know it was illegal to do what he did.  What happened?  The judge let him off with no jail at all.

If we consider how often Muslims are treated with kid gloves by being given light or no sentences when they commit terrible rapes or assaults, or steal millions of dollars, we have to ask, is it any wonder these Muslims believe they have a get out of jail free card?  They do the crime, yet little to nothing happens to them.  The judicial systems of many countries – including that of the United States – seems to turn differently for Muslims.  They are being given a pass.

At the same time, our government (that gives light or no sentences to Muslims) wants to take away or severely restrict our ability to defend ourselves.  Why?  Well, I think it’s likely that at least some of these nations (and quite possibly, the U.S.) has plans to utilize the services of Muslims when the going gets really rough.  When it comes time for governments to require “enforcers” to ensure that the government’s wishes are carried out, they will need the services of people who have no qualms at all about inflicting pain or killing.  They will do what needs to be done without question…unlike most within our military and law enforcement bureaus.

In short, too many Muslims are proving that they have no remorse or even consciences.  This will be exactly what any rogue government needs; forces that are quite capable of inflicting great damage on the masses in support of that government or regime.

Think what would happen if the types of Muslims that I have highlighted in this article (which just barely scratches the surface) are let loose on civilization and essentially given the permission to do whatever they need to do to ensure that the populace knuckles under.  I’d rather not think of it, but it may well be part of the future.  It seems to be the case for too many nations now and the influence of Muslims who seem to be completely unaware that Islam is a religion of peace, is growing by leaps and bounds, in part thanks to the generosity of too many governments who are letting them have their way with little to no recourse for their evil deeds.

It’s all too coincidental for me.  We have many communities and nations being overridden with Islamic violent ideology the world over, including within the USA.  At the same time, our own government is doing whatever it can to remove or reduce our rights when it comes to gun ownership.

Because of what I’ve seen our government do, I am not surprised that this is taking place.  Unless something happens to demand that our government play by the rules of the Constitution and apply the law equally to all people, regardless of race, creed, or religion, I believe we will continue to see more of the same filtering throughout society in the coming days, months, and years.



[2] Ibid



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