Stupid Behavior From the Left

February 16, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Waffle House was in the news today.  They are anti-2nd Amendment, meaning that they do not allow guns, knives, or other weapons in their restaurants and of course, they make absolutely no distinction between law-abiding citizens and criminals.  To Waffle House, anyone who carries a gun who is not in law enforcement is in the same category. Patrons are asked to keep their personal weapons locked in their cars while they eat at the restaurant.  I’m not sure if a criminal intent on robbing people eating at the restaurant would be considered a “patron” or not.  I’m guessing not.

At the same time, while Waffle House (like numerous businesses) has gone to the extreme of making a rule that no criminal would ever obey, they have also wound up offending those of us who are law-abiding citizens and happen to own guns and carry them concealed…legally.  I’m sure Waffle House is not concerned though.  They would be if there was enough of an economic impact on their business, but they feel safe for now.

The assumption by businesses like Waffle House that are anti-2nd Amendment is that by making  a rule (that no criminal in his/her right mind would ever follow), the folks at Waffle House somehow believe they have made their restaurants safer.  They’ve actually done the opposite and doing a quick search of the Internet exposes the real problem though by seeing the number of times various Waffle House restaurants have been robbed.

1012627952_okeefe_guns_xlargeGun-wielding crooks don’t care about a sign or policy that says no guns allowed, except for one very important piece of data.  They know that law-abiding citizens will obey the law, which means the criminal will literally have no problem going into any anti-2nd Amendment facility and taking what they want.  Does it really take a lot of brain matter to figure that out? For some it does.  Note the sign seen in the front of one home proudly announcing that their home is a gun free zone.  While they’re bragging about that, criminals take note of it as well.  Is this why politicians and journalists don’t want to post these type of signs on their own front lawns? [1]  Why not?  What’s the problem?  I don’t understand.

I guess people like those at Waffle House who make the decision to put up a sign that will not keep a criminal with a gun out of their establishments is operating under the delusion that if law-abiding people with guns get together to eat, sooner or later, someone will take their gun out and there will be a shoot-out.  I guess this is the way the Left thinks.  It really makes absolutely no sense to me at all.  Yes, criminals often use their weapons during the commission of a crime, but the last thing a law-abiding gun owner wants to do is have to take out his/her weapon and shoot someone in self-defense.  That is the last thing that person wants to do.

But this erroneous belief that simply having people in the area who legally carry guns is the equivalent of waiting for a bomb to go off is pure nonsense.  The Left must believe this, as they believe that a sign will keep criminals with guns out too.  There is no basis for either line of thinking, yet this is what the Left does.  This is how they think.  Then, when criminals don’t obey their signs (that do not have the force of law), the only thing they can think to do next is to further restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens even though law-abiding citizens are not the problem.  It’s the criminal.

The reason Waffle House was in the news today is due to the fact that one particular Waffle House restaurant, in a seedy part of Atlanta, has higher prices than most other Waffle House restaurants, by 20%.  Why?  Because the management there decided they wanted to have an off-duty Atlanta armed police officer on hand around the clock (the restaurant is open 24-hours a day).  They felt this would be a deterrent to crime, though the management is quoted as saying that the officer is there for “crowd control.”  Uh…sure.  If that was the case, then all they would need is an unarmed bouncer named Bubba.

Look, the Left has their way of doing and seeing things.  They believe that if they place a sign that says “NO GUNS ALLOWED” that everyone is safer.  This is the asinine thinking from the Left because they obviously believe either that law-abiding citizens are the problem or criminals will also comply with a sign that is printed in all caps warning them to leave their guns outside.  I am honestly amazed at the apparent naiveté of many on the Left.  Since when do criminals obey any law?  But let’s not even mention that, for the most part, a business that displays a sign warning people to keep their guns out has no force of law.  At best, it is simply stating the company’s inner policy.  Theoretically, a person with a permit to carry could conceivably enter those premises with their gun nicely concealed.  The people at the business would have no way of knowing whether that person was carrying or not.  By the way, I do not recommend this; I’m simply pointing out the specifics of the situation.

If that person with a concealed weapons permit carried their concealed weapon into that store and that weapon remained holstered, the people there would never know about it.  Only if they got a glimpse of the weapon would they realize that said customer was breaking their store policy (not the law, necessarily).  The store personnel would then have the right to ask the person to leave and if the person did not leave, then that person has broken the law and could be charged with criminal trespass.  All this is moot though, because none of this applies to a criminal who would enter that business with the intent to rob it, which is course is not what the law-abiding citizen would be doing there.

This type of logic completely escapes the minds of most on the Left who continue to believe that simply warning people to keep their weapons out of their establishment also means that criminals will obey.  Since when does a law-abiding citizen enter into a Waffle House with the intent to rob the store?

At the same time, if Waffle House did not have a policy that is decidedly anti-2nd Amendment, would the Waffle House that is charging people 20% more to eat there have to do that?  The answer is NO.  Unfortunately for people who eat at Waffle House, crooks know that guns are not welcome there.  They also know that any law-abiding citizen who ate at a Waffle House and secretly carried his/her weapon while eating and then used it to ward off an attempted robbery would have to answer to law enforcement and that could get very messy.  For the most part then, criminals intent on robbing Waffle House restaurants know darn well that they will essentially go in, take money, and leave without meeting any resistance at all.  It’s happened too many times to count.

So what does the law-abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit do?  Probably the best policy is to stop eating at Waffle House.  After all, it’s clear that the company is anti-2nd Amendment and they treat law-abiding citizens who legally carry as if they are actually criminals.  They assume that because I carry a gun, it’s going to “go off” while I’m eating.  They assume that instead of an increase in safety, there is an increase in danger because I have a gun and know how to use it.  They assume that I am just itching to take my gun out and shoot something.

They assume wrongly.

I am about as interested in removing my gun from the holster as a cat wants to take on a pit bull.  The last thing I want to do is take my gun out and have to use it against another person’s lethal force.  I would do everything I could to avoid that scenario.

In essence, companies like Waffle House are punishing me for the actions of the criminal.  They wrongly believe that me carrying a gun somehow makes their establishment less safe, so while they can control what I do as a law-abiding citizen, they fail to see that they cannot – nor will ever be able to – control the actions of the criminal.  Since I carry a gun though, I’m the next best thing.

But it has always been difficult for me to wrap my brain around the way the Left thinks.  For instance, a gun instructor who used to do business with Groupon now has advocated boycotting them because they refuse to have anything to do with any businesses that deal in guns.  Obviously, Groupon is now anti-2nd Amendment and of course, that’s their right.  My right is to choose to ignore them or even join a boycott against them.

But what’s even more interesting that a gun instructor from Texas deciding to boycott a company that does not support the 2nd Amendment is that the gun instructor himself is a Democrat!  Frankly, I do not know how that works.  No, I realize that some hunters and gun enthusiasts are Democrats.  That part only confuses me a little bit.  What confused me for the most part though is that all the anti-gun rhetoric and vitriol is coming from the Left.  It is not coming from those who are truly on the Right (and we’re not including RINOs here because they are Republicans in name only and therefore, duplicitous).

This gun instructor, who happens to be a Democrat, acts surprised that companies like Groupon are now anti-2nd Amendment when it is his party that is creating all the problems from gun owners in this country!  He acts surprised about Groupon, yet apparently, there is nothing about his own party that surprises him.  This is what I have a difficult time appreciating and understanding.  It’s not really rocket science, is it?

Then again, continuing with the Left, I read an article in today’s The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in which an opinion piece likened Sen. Marco Rubio’s reply to Obama’s State of the Union address as “zombie ideas.”  In other words, Rubio is apparently brain-dead.

The writer of the piece – Paul Krugman – tripped over himself (as the Left does quite a bit) noting the “good ideas” that Obama had in his recent speech, while castigating Rubio for his beliefs and statements that countered Obama’s.  Remember, the Left enjoys resorting to name calling and denigrating.  In spite of the fact that his statements are questionable (that he simply provides as indisputable fact), he barrels along as he does because he knows that those on the Left will simply agree with him about what he says regarding the Right.

Krugman – like most on the Left – enjoys going back to 2008 in an attempt to prove that our financial crisis began there and “we’re still dealing with.” [2]  That is just so convenient, isn’t it?  We all know that when Bush left his second term, things were not in the greatest shape.  That would be disingenuous to not admit.  Again though, it is clear that the Left continues to blame Bush, even when they don’t specifically mention his name.  It will be replayed throughout Obama’s second term as well, especially when things continue to worsen.  Either the GOP or Bush will continue to be blamed.  It is never the fault of the Left.  Never.

Just as I read today that the House voted to overturn Obama’s pay increase for government employees.  That also is blamed on the GOP because of their shortsightedness and failure to want to play ball, etc.  It has nothing to do with actually trying to save over $11 billion dollars for American taxpayers.  No, that’s not it.

At the same time, Obama has had four years to at least try to gain some control over the problems this nation faces and he has simply made things far worse.  However, to Krugman (and others on the Left), the problem is always placed directly at the feet of conservatives.  Apparently, the Left shares no blame in any of it, according to Krugman.

What is very interesting about Krugman’s opinion is that, like Obama in his State of the Union address, Krugman also leaves out very important points in his opinion piece, which is really nothing more than a rebuttal to “Zombie” Rubio.

Not once in his entire column did I read even one mention of Obamacare.  Not once.  This colossal behemoth of a plan has created major financial problems for this country and it is important to realize – whether Krugman or anyone else on the Left wants to admit it – that this is the first order of business Obama undertook after he was sworn in.

Apparently, Obama figured that creating something like socialized healthcare would create conditions throughout America that would ease our financial burdens and quickly get us back on track.  Instead, we know that our worst case scenario is coming true.  But Krugman decides that is not part of the problem and not even worthy of mentioning.

In short, neither Obama or the Left have done anything to rein in spending and increasing the tax burden on the American people.  If anything, they have created conditions that have exacerbated the problems facing this country.

While Obama has been busy taxing Americans through the institution of Obamacare (and we have not really seen anything yet), he has also been busy giving away billions to foreign “projects” like Egypt’s government, or funding the so-called Freedom Fighters against Syria.

Who do people like Paul Krugman think they are kidding?  The truth of the matter is that this president does not lead.  He submitted a budget that not even one of his own party voted for and our government – though illegal – has been running without any type of budget for several years.

We have seen this administration attack our rights as never before and spend us into oblivion.  Yet for people like Krugman, the real problem is “Zombie” Rubio.  Uh, right, Krugman.

The Left will never “get it” because they do not have the capacity to “get it.”  Obama should have come in during his first term and done whatever it took to fix the financial problems that were created under Bush.  Instead, Obama came in and created a program that has further crippled our nation and now even Democrats are complaining that Obamacare is so convoluted it may never work.

Our government has become severely bloated, yet that’s another thing Krugman blames on Rubio’s alleged inability to comprehend.  Since Obamacare’s creation, the IRS roles have swelled with new agents and their job will be to ensure that all Americans pay their share to support Obamacare, which by the way, Obama initially told us that corporations were going to pay for, not the American people.  You’ll recall that he promised no one making $250k or less would be financially impacted by Obamacare.

If you ask me, the Left is filled with zombies, not the Right.  They are the ones who enact their draconian laws that wind up taking more money out of my pocket in an effort to “spread the wealth.”  The Left are also the ones who have been attacking the individual amendments because they think that the Constitution is not good enough the way it is, so they want it changed.

I will say that I agree wholeheartedly with Krugman’s final sentence in his opinion piece, though his meaning is completely different from mine.  With respect to all that is happening in this country (and specifically from the Right), he notes, “It’s a disturbing picture, and one that bodes ill for our nations’ future.” [3]

Yes, it does.  The Left is driving nail after nail into the coffin of this nation all because they fail to comprehend the reality of what they are doing to America.  Don’t worry, Mr. Krugman.  If things keep going the way they’re going under Obama, in a few short years, there will be nothing left that even resembles America and then you can create your own rule of law that gives rise to the Socialist state for which you and the others on the Left yearn.


[2] Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 16, 2013, page A13

[3] Ibid

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