It’s Starting to Happen…

February 15, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Yesterday, I discussed the fact that it appears as though people are getting fed up with everything that’s taking place in the United States and they are doing more than simply talking about it, which was certainly a great starting point.  I noted as one example that the founder of Oath Keepers recently led a pro-gun rally in New York state in which he encouraged all of his listeners to demand that local law enforcement choose sides.  “Molon Labe” – come and take – has become the battle cry of people who are exceedingly tired of our government (and the Obama administration in particular) of removing our rights.

What good is the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights if our elected officials refuse to abide by the tenets within them, in spite of the fact that they take an oath promising to do so?  Of course, the Left would argue that they are upholding their understanding of the Constitution.  That’s garbage and they know it, but the Left likes to play dumb when it’s convenient for them.  They do that a lot and when they have absolutely nothing else to say or do, they resort to calling conservatives names.  It’s all so childish, but they get away with it because of the Left’s stranglehold on the media and they put a lot of emotion into it too, which makes people believe they’re consciences are at work.  In truth, they have no conscience because it’s been seared to the non-working point.

Just recently, Chris Matthews referred to Sen. Ted Cruz (R) as a new Joe McCarthy.  Hey Chris, isn’t that racist because you know you would be the first one to charge a (white) conservative who might say something against a person of color (on the Left) as a racist.  Yet, apparently, if you’re on the Left, calling people names is fine.  It happens all the time.  Has nothing to do with anything except the truth apparently.

But I digress…in truth, we are starting to see a groundswell uprising against the powers that be who have deviated from the constitutional rule of law in this land.  When New York state passed what are likely illegal laws regarding guns, law-abiding gun owners there got to their feet and simply took a stand.  They refused to comply with the new laws.

As noted, Oath Keeper founder Stephen Rhodes led the rallying cry to find out whether local law enforcement stood with these law-abiding gun owners, or against them.  People have apparently grown sick and tired of bending over to please our government.  Too many of us realize that our government will not be happy until they have turned the lot of us into serfs in direct defiance to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Now, a major US gun manufacturer is joining forces to show their own disapproval for the new elitist laws of New York state.  “Olympic Arms, a top American gun manufacturer known for its AR15s, recently announced that, because of the political climate in New York state, the company would not sell its firearms to state law enforcement until the new gun laws are repealed.” [1]

Here’s more:  “Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity — will no longer be served as customers.

“In short, Olympic Arms will no longer be doing business with the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York — henceforth and until such legislation is repealed, and an apology made to the good people of the State of New York and the American people.” [2]

I am impressed.  This move makes me proud to be a law-abiding gun owner!  This is amazing and maybe after other gun companies get involved, things will change.  We already mentioned previously that LaRue Tactical had made the decision to sell to law enforcement only those guns that they are now allowed to sell to New York state residents.  There will be no difference in who can own what.

But there’s more.  Several gun companies have banded together in an effort to help law-abiding gun owners of New York.  If their efforts are successful, you can bet they will target other states like California, Missouri, and now Minnesota whose legislators are also attempting to do the same thing as New York has done.

Six firearms manufacturers have joined together in an effort to protest New York’s unconstitutional firearms laws. Barrett Firearms, LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Extreme Firepower Inc, Templar Custom and York Arms have all stopped selling firearms to all New York law enforcement and government agencies. A number of them are also starting to call for an industry wide boycott on any state who bans civilian ownership.” [3]

I’m amazed when you stop to consider that these companies will possibly wind up losing business, yet it is clear that they value the Constitution and Bill of Rights far more than many in Congress do. These companies are actually putting the 2nd Amendment above profits.  Again, I am impressed!

The idea that legislators can work to actually reduce or fully remove the rights of law-abiding citizens is unconscionable, yet this is exactly what they have done in New York and are attempting to do elsewhere.  This is demagoguery at its worst and in direct defiance to the clear statements of the 2nd Amendment.

It makes you want to run for Congress, but I would have no chance of being elected, nor would I want to have to deal with chicanery and back scratching that likely goes on at all levels of our government.  I’m not cut out for that because I hate playing games.

But there’s more.  Look what’s happening not only with guns in America, but Benghazi.  We have now learned that apparently, Mr. Obama was not even available during the time the consulate in Benghazi was under attack. He was AWOL.  [4] [5]  Amazing, isn’t it?  Whether he likes it or not, the president is always on call, especially during emergencies like these.  That’s part of what he is being paid for, not to take a vacation every five weeks!

Do you recall the documentary that good ol’ Michael Moore produced about how long Bush waited after hearing that the second plane had crashed into the second WTC?  Moore made a big stink about that.  Wonder when he’ll be producing a documentary regarding the many problems related to Benghazi.  Don’t hold your breath.  Moore is firmly on the Left and though he is worth over $50 million dollars, he likes to pretend he is part of the Middle Class.  Only “low-information” voters buy that deception.

There is something drastically wrong when the president of the United States is not even on hand to deal with a huge problem that involves citizens of the United States, which ultimately mean they die.  But of course, the Leftwing media sees no problem at all because they’re not really talking about it.  They’re too busy calling conservative gun owners names.  Just ask Piers Morgan. [6]

Even some of the Left are starting to take note of Obama’s detrimental polices.  Educator Cornel West says what Obama is doing relative to the use of drones is criminal. [7] I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again.  If Bush was in the White House now, would the media be going this easy on him?  If you have to think about that before responding, you have not been paying attention.

As if all of this is not enough, we have one more story that is worth noting.  A black principal in Colorado decided that an after school tutoring program would be set up for “students of color” only; no whites allowed. [8]  What does this have to do with Obama?  Nothing directly.  However, it is clear that because of all the times people have been accused of being racist by those on the Left, with respect to any disagreement noted regarding Obama’s policies and the fact that race-baiters like Sharpton, Jackson and the rest have had a field day under Eric Holder’s DOJ, far from building relations with the races, Obama has, at the very least, allowed differences to continue and the gap to widen. He has personally done nothing to bridge the divide.  Not one thing and that speaks volumes.

I cannot think of one thing he has done that has brought the races together, as he intimated he would do.  It is because of this tone coming out of DC and specifically, the Oval Office that more blacks are feeling empowered to establish their own brand of racism and they do so without excuse.  In spite of the fact that our founding documents state that all people – regardless of race, religion, or creed – are created equally, there are still people who want to treat one group as being “more” equal than others.  In this case, many within the black community are feeling empowered to do just that and sadly, they are getting away with it.

With respect to the principal in the above situation, why hasn’t he been fired?  If the situation was reversed and it was a white principal who had started an after school tutoring program for whites only, we all know what the result of that would be.  Unfortunately, unlike the Black Caucuses and other groups that are specifically geared to reach out to persons of color, there is no group for white people.  Of course, when there is even a hint of it, we all immediately think of the KKK.

Yet, if you’re part of a minority race, then it is perfectly acceptable to have a group or caucus that caters to you.  In this case, with the principal creating an after-school program that caters only to non-whites, it is clear that racism is behind it.  Why is he still working at the school when it is clear that racism is part of the way he thinks and obviously, acts?

So I took it upon myself to place a phone call to the Superintendent of the school district where the principal works and left a message asking her to call me back so I could discuss the situation with her.  If I DO hear back from her, I will relay the conversation here.  As I indicated to the woman who took my message, we all know what would have happened had the principal been white and had created a tutoring program for whites only.  I also noted that true racism – regardless of who is guilty of it – should never be protected.  I’m not referring to the Left’s definition of racism either (you know, if you simply disagree with Obama’s policies).  I’m talking about actual racism that was on display recently at the Mission Viejo Elementary School in Aurora, CO.  It needs to be excised wherever it is found without mercy.

Would you like to call the Superintendent and voice your opinion?  Here is her office number: 720-554-4262 [9]

So this is what America under the Obama administration.  We are being weakened from within and it may have started to turn a corner.  Many seem unwilling to continue to absorb whatever DC wishes to dish out.

I find my faith is being renewed in America and the citizens who live, work, and play here.  We all need to keep this going.

Thanks for reading and I pray that God will open your eyes to show you how blessed you are in Him!


[2] Ibid








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