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Critical Race Theory: Blaming Whites for Racism in Wisconsin

In yet another example of political correctness taken to extremes, controversial teaching material in at least one Wisconsin school comes right out and blames white people for racism. [1] That program is called “CREATE Wisconsin” [2] and like many things produced by the politically correct, the title has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter within the program. It is a form of subterfuge that the Left has gotten down to a science.

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Political Correctness Says It’s Fine to Satirically Malign Jesus

In an ongoing effort by those within the Politically Correct Arena to remove all vestiges of traditional values in America, especially those that reflect biblical values, PC-militants continually work to facilitate society in making a clean break from anything that smacks of Christianity.

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Political Correctness On Parade!

So, in the first example with the military vet, we see him being carted off for breaking no law. He was also shouted down by union people at the rally. While the cameras ran, he was never even told why he was being arrested; what law he had broken. I do realize that in some locales, police have so many hours before they inform someone why they are being detained. Moreover, they do not also have to immediately read a person their rights in every instance. However, as a courtesy, you would think that the officer would have informed the man, but chose not to do so.

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They Came for Their Money

Here’s a quick news brief. Apparently, the government of Cyprus simply went in and took up to 15% of the money in people’s bank accounts. Why? To keep the country from going belly up, apparently.

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Political Correctness Has No Part in Being a Christian

The very nature of political correctness forces a person to often compromise what they know (or should know) is the truth. Is this what Paul is referring to when he speaks of the darkening of a person’s mind in Romans 1:21-23? When society comes to a point of acting, speaking, and even thinking based on a set of unwritten rules that are often juxtaposed against God and His Word, then that society has truly lost its way. When people who claim to be Christians also get carried away by it, they bring dishonor to the Name of Christ, their alleged Lord.

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Once Again, Political Correctness Is…

Browne notes though how quickly political correctness became part of and took over academia in the US. After going full circle throughout the West, he states that in 1997, “Britain became governed for the first time by a government largely controlled by politically-correct ideology.”

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Hard to Believe…

I know this is the type of thing that really gets the Leftist going. Their heart bleeds a lot for the people in these situations and I do realize that many of these people came here as children with their parents, illegally. It was not the child’s choice and now, they are young adults. (It’s interesting that these same Leftists shed not one drop of blood though for the 3,800 unborn children that were killed today, but come on, is murder really even a crime anymore? Not when it involves the unborn.)

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Pope Francis: a Jesuit

With all the normal pomp and circumstance that is connected to the Roman Catholic Church and the installation of its newest pope, many may not be aware of just exactly what this new pope stands for, as a Jesuit. It’s probably a good time to peel back the curtain.

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Challenging the Statists…

Sen. Cruz was asking a very pertinent question about the government’s role in deciding which type of gun(s) law-abiding citizens can have access to for their own personal use (and safety). Feinstein of course, did not like the “tone” of Cruz’ questioning and took him to task on it. She claimed that she had been around for 20 years and had studied and greatly respected the Constitution. She referred to the Heller decision and then introduced the subject of pornography as one of the ways the 1st Amendment limits speech, since a good deal of pornography is illegal. First of all, if it’s illegal, that is what limits it; not the 1st Amendment.

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Obama to Seize Power?

Whether it’s the JFK assassination, UFO’s, 9/11, Obama’s birth nation, Sandy Hook, or something else entirely, the reason these conspiracy theories become believable for many is because there are usually more questions than answers and at least some of the questions are valid, or appear valid.

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