Will the Real Muslim Please Stand Up!

June 17, 2013 at 7:23 PM 3 comments


If a person is going to attest to being a follower of someone, then they should see aspects of that individual’s life and character in the lives of people who claim to follow that person. This is true of anyone, whether it’s Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, or someone else entirely.

Obviously, there are disagreements over what it means to be a Christian as well as what it means to be a Muslim. While no one is perfect, we can understand the parameters within each religious ideology and go from there. The best way to understand the religious ideology founded by a specific individual is to understand the way that individual lived. What did they preach? What did they do? How did they act toward others? In that way, it becomes much easier to discern who is and who is not at least closer to the mark than others.

For instance, a person who says they are a Christian and goes around shooting abortion doctors because they stand opposed to abortion (because they believe God does as well), has a very difficult time convincing me or even showing proof that they are in fact, Christians. What the abortion doctor does is reprehensible, but taking that doctor’s life is just as reprehensible and cannot be condoned by someone who claims to be a Christian.

By the same token, we see a person who says they are Muslim and we ask, are they following in the footsteps of Muhammad? There are two main groups. They are the radical and the moderate. The radical Muslim is the one who straps on bombs, attacks Danish cartoonists or a UK soldier, slashing them to death. This type of Muslim believes that his actions please Allah and that if he is killed in the process, he will be rewarded with 70 or so virgins in the next life because of his loyal service to Allah in this life.

The moderate Muslim is generally said to be peaceful. They claim to want to co-exist with others and deny that what radical Muslims do represents actual Islam. Some Muslims will say that radical Muslims do not exist at all, that they are not real Muslims as seen in one individual’s tweet to me below.

Barring his denial that radical Muslims exist, the question of course is whether or not we can know the difference between the two and then determine who is correct? If so, how would we go about doing that?

As stated, the best way to determine who is and who is not accurately mirroring the teachings and actions of their founders is to compare a follower’s life with the founder he says he follows. In doing so, we should be able to see where the follower duplicates the teachings and actions of the founder…or not. If they do accurately reflect the teachings of the founder, then we would say that they at least appear to be an authentic follower of that founder. If they fail as a consistent way of life (not simply fail here and there as we all do), then it also becomes clear that there is a great gulf between their life and the life of the person they claim to follow.

In the case of Jesus, a true Christian then would want to do what Jesus did. Again, while none of us live that life perfectly, there must be a general consistency seen in the life of the follower so that the overall fruit of the person claiming to be a Christian is similar to the type of fruit that was evidenced in Jesus’ life.

A person who carouses, drinks until they fall down, parties, does drugs, steals, cheats on his taxes and more, is not mirroring the teachings of Christ. Again, we can only see the external lifestyle of the individual, not their heart. But Jesus Himself said we would know His followers by their fruit, so it is not unreasonable to look for that fruit as a way to determine who are and who are not His followers.

We would expect to see people who generally love and are very principled, standing up for that which is right. Of course, we need to use the Bible’s definition of love here, not the current PC version (based on emotional virtue).

We might find these people peacefully protesting abortion, but not stepping over the boundaries of the law in order to make their point. We would also possibly see these folks doing whatever they can to help the poor, the underprivileged, and those who have not been as fortunate in life as others (including the woman who is seeking an abortion).

Most importantly, the true Christian is overly concerned about a person’s salvation and desires that everyone would come to know Christ and the power of His resurrection so that they would enjoy eternal life once they leave this one. Their life should be increasingly governed by 1 Corinthians 13, which tells us what we need to know about love. Jesus was the perfect example of love to humanity, yet He was not a doormat either. He stood on truth and was very principled. He gave His life. It was not taken from Him.

A person who claims to be a Muslim also believes that they should live a life that emulates the life of Muhammad. In order to know what that means, we must investigate the life of Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic ideology. How did he live?

The first part of his adult life was lived generally as a pacifist. He tried to be peaceful in the way he interacted with others. However, prior to leaving Mecca to reestablish himself in Medina, he became a bit of a warmonger. Once he arrived to Medina, tribal warriors united with him and saw him as a prophet. They followed his lead and he began what turned out to be nearly 30 organized war campaigns and planned many others. He entered into a life of combat with gusto often robbing caravans, taking valuable goods that were not his to take. He was very much a highway robber, thief, and murderer. In essence, Muhammad slaughtered thousands and encouraged his followers to do the same. Muslims today often deny that Muhammad killed thousands of people. They simply outright deny it.

But what of Jesus? Jesus never killed anyone. In fact, He didn’t even carry a weapon. He preached and lived a life of love, which Muhammad preached and lived a life of fear-mongering and slaughter.

When moderate Muslims speak of living in peace and desiring to “co-exist” with others, it would appear that they are not even close to living the way their prophet Muhammad lived. In essence, though it pains me to say it, radical Muslims are much closer to the mark of being a true Muslim than those Muslims who say they are to live at peace with others. Muhammad did not do that. He lived by the sword.

We will deal with this topic more in an upcoming article.

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  • 3. Lester  |  June 18, 2013 at 12:13 PM

    Denial is a very strong virus! It infects millions on many levels. Muslims of every faction are in denial about Mohammad and the past of Islam. Roman Catholics are in denial that there was an inquisition that murdered millions and in denial that priests molested children and women even in the far past.
    I call it La La land! People sleeping in their own little status quo.
    God help us all!

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