It’s All About Power & Money, But Mainly Power

June 17, 2013 at 8:48 AM

In a previous article, I wrote about some of the things that author Russ Baker brings up in his book “Family of Secrets.” I hadn’t finished reading it at that point (and I still haven’t finished reading its almost 600 pages), but felt I had reached a good stopping point to write an article on some of the things he had stated. I feel as though I have reached another point that will allow me to write about other things he wrote

Previously, we spoke of the Saudi/American connection, in which we learned – according to Russ Baker – that a relationship had been established with the Saudis and our government as far back as FDR in the mid 1940s. Even though for most of us, the name Bush really didn’t come to the forefront until Bush Sr. became Ronald Reagan’s running mate during Reagan’s run for the office of president, Baker details Bush’s involvement long before that. Among other things, Reagan/Bush won that election because of what Bush was able to pull off behind the scenes against Carter, according to Baker.

Bush, Sr. really began his political career in 1964. He served in Congress, became an Ambassador to the United Nations (under Nixon), during the Watergate scandal, became the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), under Ford, Bush became an envoy to China, then Ford made him Director of the CIA, and eventually vice president, and finally president. His father, Prescott Bush was already a senator by the time George H. W. Bush was born (in 1924). The family was steeped in politics and business with government.

Author Baker asserts that Bush gained quite a bit not only through his father’s political connections, but through his business connections as well. George’s father, Prescott, “was an American banker and politician. He was a Wall Street executive banker and a United States Senator, representing Connecticut from 1952 until January 1963.”

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