Race-Baiting Continues Ad Nauseum with Trayvon Martin’s Parents

July 19, 2013 at 2:05 PM 2 comments

Race-Baiting Continues Ad Nauseum with Trayvon Martin’s Parents

Shortly after the not guilty verdict to Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton tweeted, “Lord during my darkest hour I lean on you. You are all that I have. At the end of the day, GOD is still in control. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will love you forever Trayvon!!! In the name of Jesus!!!”

Trayvon’s father – Tracy Martin – had “left the matter in the hands of God while thanking the public for their support.” Have they really? That does not seem to be the case.

From what these two individuals stated, one would think they were close to God and relying on Him for strength. Though they did not agree with the verdict, they seemed to respect it.

Yet, it wasn’t long before Sybrina sent a message to her pastor. “She wanted me to let the church and all the media outlets know that she’s still trusting in God. Even though she couldn’t trust in the legal system she’s trusting in the Lord not being able to trust the courts she’s trusting Christ.”

Apparently, Fulton’s trust in God meant turning to the Obama administration and insisting that Trayvon’s death be investigated with a fine tooth comb. She “feels the verdict sends a terrible message to teens about how they should act.” She also noted she was “stunned” by the not guilty verdict because she believed that at the very least, Zimmerman would be found guilty of manslaughter.

Father and mother divorced a while ago. Trayvon was someone Sybrina could not handle and had sent him to live with his father, Tracy. In fact, step mom Alicia Stanley was the person who raised Trayvon for some 14 years, since he was three. What about her? She’s been pushed to the side. Stanley also stated that she did not believe Zimmerman profiled Martin because he was black. Don’t tell that to Al Sharpton or the other race-baiters though because facts don’t matter.

But we are to believe that Sybrina’s relationship with Trayvon was so close and warm though she wasn’t part of his life for a decade and a half?

What concerns me is the way people give lip service to trusting God. Too often it’s not difficult to see behind the outward expression of praise to a heart set against God, ultimately wanting our own satisfaction in our own way. We call this type of thing “lip service” because it is an insincere way of honoring God while doing our own thing. In the end, it’s not even close to honoring God because the actions that follow, in spite of the verbiage, simply honors self.

When OJ was acquitted of killing two white people – Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman – I don’t recall the DOJ or the president being contacted to get involved to see if the two victims’ rights were violated. Why is that?

When 13-month-old Antonio Santiago was literally killed in cold blood by a young black thug who shot him between the eyes as he sat in his stroller, I don’t recall anyone demanding a DOJ investigation.

Yet Jesse Jackson has called upon the UN to investigate. Trayvon’s parents have both expressed their desire to have the DOJ investigate how Trayvon “really” died.

According to friend Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon was fearful that Zimmerman was not only a “crazy a** cracka,” but was also gay and trolling for “lovers.” Also according to Jeantel, Trayvon probably threw the first punch. Up until that point, stupid decisions were made, but no one did anything illegal at all, neither Martin or Zimmerman.

It was not a crime for Trayvon to be walking through the same neighborhood where Zimmerman lived. It was not a crime for Zimmerman to call 911 (“if you see something, say something”), especially considering the fact that there had been burglaries in that neighborhood and here was someone whom Zimmerman did not recognize.

It was not illegal for Zimmerman to carry a gun or follow Martin. Even after the 911 dispatcher told him to stop following, he was not breaking any laws.

It was not illegal for Martin to approach Zimmerman or to ask Zimmerman why he was following him. It was not illegal for Zimmerman to respond to Martin and to ask what he was doing in that community. Up to the point, no laws had been broken as far as we know. The prosecution believes Zimmerman brandished his gun before this but they have no proof at all. If he had, I cannot imagine Martin hanging around, much less attacking Zimmerman.

Once a punch was thrown and landed, the law was broken. If Martin punched Zimmerman, Martin broke the law and Zimmerman had every right to defend himself. If, after sucker-punching him, Martin knocked Zimmerman down and jumped on top of him where he began to smash his head into pavement, Martin continued to break the law.

As the former Sanford Police Chief stated, the “Stand Your Ground” law did not even enter into the picture. If Martin was on top of Zimmerman, Zimmerman was unable to get away. He was simply in the mode of defending himself. It just so happened that Zimmerman was legally carrying a gun that was used to stop Martin’s attack and it also ended his life. Do you think this whole thing may be about gun control? I do.

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton want to know what happened “with a fine tooth comb.” No, I don’t think they do because I think what happened, based on testimony, is obvious. They want revenge and the Obama administration wants more gun control.

Too many within the black community have bought the lie that whites are out to get them. This is in spite of the fact that most black deaths occur at the hands of other blacks.

The Five’s Bob Beckel recently downplayed the deaths of young blacks in large cities because they’re “gang-related,” so apparently, this makes it all right. Is he nuts? Obviously, something is seriously wrong when there are so many young people dying and our fearless leaders can only think about gun control as a way to solve the “problem.” The problem goes much deeper and it ends in killing one another.

The problem is that too many parents are completely disconnected from their children. The problem is that our leaders are more interested in getting re-elected than in solving real problems. The problem is that too many have bought the lies that race-baiters hand out.

No amount of “dialogue” will help the situation until the race-baiters are forced to shut up, not given a place at the table, and leave the room. I believe race-baiters are why Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are continually in the limelight. If these parents truly accepted the verdict (while still disagreeing with it), they would not be pushing for further investigation and recriminations against Zimmerman. They are just as guilty of fomenting racial problems as the white people they believe do it on a daily basis.

This is becoming a no-win situation for everyone. I can see this situation becoming worse through a slow boil before it starts to cool off. I hope I’m wrong. Every race-baiter who played a part in ramping this up should be held responsible for what takes place from here on out.

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  • 1. Pam  |  July 19, 2013 at 8:24 PM

    very well put

  • 2. Lester  |  July 19, 2013 at 3:47 PM

    This is such a smoke screen and being used on many levels. Before I ever saw a photo of Zimmerman, I pictured a German looking man as the press called him a white Hispanic. When I did finally see a photo of the time the incident took place all I saw was a Hispanic looking man. Come to find out his mother was an AFRO-Peruvian! His father is German. Mr Zimmerman still took a life, even in self defense against a man without a weapon. Police do that all day long but it doesn’t make it right. George will have to live with that the rest of his life and hopefully it is a turning point in his life to be a giver to humanity. Yes it looks like the family and all those on the left are out to get blood. Guns off the street and out of all our hands. Sybrina is invoking Christ to judge and maybe condemn George?? Not in the nature of Christ will that happen. In the nature of Adam it will.
    Reality is not understood by many Americans weather they are of any color of skin. Only what they want to see and blinders for shades!
    Many Caucasian people do not see the reality on the street and the discrimination against not only blacks but all other nationalities and the poor of this land! Remember some of the words of Phil Ochs? “Look out side your window there’s a woman being stabbed maybe we should call the cops and try to stop the pain but monopoly is so much fun I’d hate to spoil the game”. I could go on and on but later all……

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