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Massachusetts Says Your Life is Not Worth Much At All…Sorry

Why would I ever consider moving to a state in which the legislatures of that state believes my life is essentially worth little to nothing? It’s pretty clear by the laws they have enacted. No guns, no stun guns, and no pepper spray. Meanwhile, the criminals can have all three (even though they’re not supposed to have them either).

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EPA’s Upcoming Land Grab via the UN’s “Agenda 21”?

While the country is immersed in Obamacare headlines and a congressional tussle over delays and mandates, the Obama administration is stealthily moving toward unprecedented control over private property under a massive expansion of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act authority.

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Israel’s Destruction at the Hands Of American Islamists

One of the highest offices in the Department of Homeland Security is occupied by a Muslim Brotherhood zealot, with an active twitter account. On this Twitter account Mohamed Elibiary trashes Christians and dares call America an “Islamic nation.”

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Taking Captive Every Thought

I have learned that when I realize my mind has begun to wonder and is going into areas that don’t glorify Him or help me, then I simply start praising Him. Rather than try to think about something else specifically, I am helped when I simply make a sharp turn away from what I’m actively thinking and begin praising God. It seems much easier than trying to deliberately replace the thoughts that are pulling me down the wrong road with thoughts that are just as deliberate to pull me back toward the correct road.

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The Undeniable Value of Praising God for Everything

I fully believe that praise is the greatest weapon the Christian has at their disposal. We need to use this weapon before we use anything else, or at least in conjunction with His Word. It lifts us out of our circumstances, spiritually.

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Praise Him for Everything that Comes Your Way and I DO Mean Everything

For the average person, only those who “win” are seen as being victorious in Christ. Those who lose? Failures. They misheard God. They only thought they were directed by God but in reality, they missed the boat entirely.

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Can God Still Use A Weakened Vessel In These Last Days?

But is there room for an unworthy vessel? We’re all unworthy. But His grace is enough. His glory is made perfect in weakness. In the end, no matter what happens on this earth, it will only be for a short time. Eternity awaits. I admit I’m eager. But until then, I know that there are no answers and that the battles we all face are the same that the Apostles fought against, and every other human being who has walked the earth.

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Praise Him When There is Nothing Else You Can Do

We can go through life miserable, expecting other people to help us when we are down and believing Old Slewfoot’s lies. We can also choose to begin praising God in spite of the way we feel about life and ourselves. I’m sure neither Paul or Silas felt great. They were probably in pain. Instead of throwing a pity party, they threw a praise party and directed their praise to God!

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Life for the Christian is Not Easy and Praise is Quite Possibly the Best Weapon We Have

But my response to situations emotionally are what concern me the most. I spent plenty of time praying, asking for God to do this or that, but looking back, I realize I spent very little time praising Him for His purposes, His direction, and ultimately, that He might be glorified.

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Getting Back to God, Slowly But Surely

Maybe I allowed myself to get caught up in the mentality that says, “As a Christian, I can do a lot of good for Him as an elected official.” No you can’t. Lot failed miserably at it, but maybe he was called into it. Others have tried and rarely been successful.

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