Massachusetts Says Your Life is Not Worth Much At All…Sorry

November 19, 2013 at 7:43 PM

Massachusetts doesn't want you to have an edge over the criminal element. Apparently, they don't consider your life worth much.

Massachusetts doesn’t want you to have an edge over the criminal element. Apparently, they don’t consider your life worth much.

We are getting ready to head to Massachusetts soon to visit some friends. Like any good, law-abiding citizen, I checked out the laws there and understand that I cannot carry in that state. Okay, so let’s see, what are my other options?

Stun gun? No, that’s not allowed either. To carry one and be caught with it will mean a fine of not less than $500 and not more than $1,000. It also means a potential jail sentence of six months to two years. That applies to criminals too (like they care).

Interesting. Okay, what’s next on the list? Pepper spray? Nope. That’s not allowed either because I am a non-resident. According to the laws of Massachusetts, guns are not allowed for carry, stun guns and pepper spray are not allowed either as a non-resident of a state. If I lived there, it would still be difficult to obtain a stun gun because of Massachusetts’ restrictions. The same applies to pepper spray.

Imagine that you’ve decided to go to college in Massachusetts from another state. It takes a year to gain residency, so for that first year, you’re basically out of luck. I hope you can fight really good, but even that may not solve the problem if someone attacks you because chances are good that they will have a knife, a stun gun, or a pistol/revolver.

Yeah, funny thing about criminals. They just don’t care about whether or not they break laws. Isn’t that a shame? You know, I don’t go looking for trouble, but I’m always prepared for it because no one knows when something tragic will happen. People have accused people like me of living in fear. They don’t understand that I’m not living in fear. I’m simply prepared for the eventuality that may occur that I hadn’t planned on.

Why do people save money? Why do people stock up on staples for their home? When you drive, do you pay attention to other drivers and what they’re doing or do you just mosey on down the road completely oblivious to other cars? Apparently, to follow their reasoning (such as it is), if you drive defensively, you’re living in fear. What stupidity.

I know that criminals are alive and well on this planet. I know that crimes throughout America happen. In fact, the FBI tells us that a murder happens every 35 minutes. Do you know where each murder will occur? I’m sure you don’t, yet you prefer to remain oblivious to the fact that a murder could happen near you or be perpetrated on your person because by thinking that, then you’re clearly giving into fear.

It is the moron who purposefully avoids the truth about what might happen in life. The idiot pushes any sense of reality off to the side because he thinks that dealing with potential reality makes him a slave to fear.

If you’re in a large city, do you purposefully wander into those areas that are known to be crime magnets? You probably avoid those, right? Why? Why not just whistle a tune and wander through? What could happen?

I cannot believe that there are individual states who essentially take the time to remove the right of a person to protect themselves. They purposefully dismantle our rights one peg at a time so that we become easy prey to the criminal element who cares not about our rights either and knows that they have the upper hand because in most cases, they have a weapon and their victim does not. How absurd is that?

Those on the extreme left believe that by making more laws, crime will go down. These are the same people who believe that if I have some legal means to defend myself (other than my arms and legs) and am concerned about my safety, then I am simply living in fear. No, what makes me live in fear is the idea that if I carry a stun gun in Massachusetts and use it to send some criminal on his way, I will be arrested, fined, and sentenced to jail. I guess the powers that be in Massachusetts would prefer me or my wife to be lying dead on the street at the hands of some criminal so they can cry their alligator tears and demand that stricter gun laws be in place. Or rather, as Chicago’s mayor did recently, blame the gun violence on neighboring states where gun laws are not as strict as they are in Chicago.

Again, this line of reasoning makes no sense at all. If the gun laws in neighboring states are not as restrictive as they are in Illinois and Chicago, why would people deliberately come from these other states into Illinois and then into Chicago to commit crimes where they know that if they are caught, they will face stiffer fines and jail sentences? Wouldn’t they simply stay in their own states where they would do less time and pay less in fines? But, I don’t think like a leftie, so I must be missing something here.

The bigger question is why our governments (state or federal) believe they have the right to make laws that end up removing the rights of Americans even though the Constitution simply guarantees that our rights should remain active and in effect? The left loves to control and we are seeing it in state as well as federal governments.

Why would I ever consider moving to a state in which the legislatures of that state believes my life is essentially worth little to nothing? It’s pretty clear by the laws they have enacted. No guns, no stun guns, and no pepper spray. Meanwhile, the criminals can have all three (even though they’re not supposed to have them either).

The left does not care about our safety and our security. They care about controlling us and removing our ability to resist governmental change that is unceremoniously foisted upon us.

We will never have an honest conversation with those on the left. They will never admit that the laws they enact do nothing to thwart the criminals and leave the law-abiding citizen without a way to protect self.

In Georgia, we have at least one idiot legislator wants to ban guns at airports. “Congressman Hank Johnson, wants to make it illegal to bring a gun to airports nationwide. Johnson has introduced HR3484, the Airport Security Act, which prohibits anyone visiting terminals, parking in airport lots or waiting at shuttle bus stops from carrying a firearm.”

I just have no patience with people like this. By the way Johnson is the same guy who gave a presentation to Congress where he said he was concerned about the island of Guam tipping over and capsizing if population there increased too much. This guy is a moron with a capital “M.”

In Georgia, a person’s car is considered to be an extension of their home. They are allowed to carry in their cars without a concealed permit. You leave home to pick someone up at the airport with gun safely tucked away in your vehicle. You get to the airport and thanks to Johnson, you can’t even go to the drive up island to your passenger up because a law that says it’s illegal. What do you do? A) Drive back home, drop off your gun, then head out to the airport again, or B) ignore the law?

Johnson’s law would be at odds with an existing law. The two would contradict one another. This is all based on shooter Paul Ciancia who had already broken existing California law even before he shot anyone at LAX.

Here again, we have those on the left believing that simply MAKING a law will result in people obeying the law. This has never been the case in all of human history. If it was, there would be no need for jails or prisons.

I know…that’s too logical.

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