Satan Quit Gig and Owns a Nightclub in the City of Angels

May 29, 2015 at 6:29 AM

tom_ellis_dc_lucifer_splitI had heard about this show, but now there is more information along with a trailer for the it. If you haven’t heard about FOX’s “Lucifer,” it’s coming down the pike. This isn’t the first time Lucifer has tried to go to the small or big screen. Mormon Ray Griggs has been trying to produce a full-length feature by producing a short titled simply “Lucifer” since 2007. There have been other attempts as well.

I heard again through a Christian organization that the show is on its way to the small screen and they want me to join their boycott against FOX so that they’ll cancel the show before it really gets any traction. Nah. I don’t care and some might think that’s quite cavalier of me, but in reality, there are enough things to focus on in this life that are of far more importance than a show about Satan.

The TV series (you can look up the trailer on if you’re really interested), is based on a DC Comic book that had Lucifer as a minor character in a Sandman series. The database has this for a summary of the show:

“Satan takes up residence in Los Angeles.”

There’s more to the show than that, however. You see, apparently, old Slew Foot (Lucifer, Satan, the devil, etc.), has grown tired of being the universe’s bad guy so he decides to quit, leaving his throne in hell vacant. He relocates to Los Angeles, has a huge nightclub and tries to live like a normal guy (with supernatural powers), who is being chased by heavenly angels. Their job is to convince Satan to return to his hellish throne and continue being the bad guy.

Oh, and Lucifer is British, portrayed by actor Tom Ellis. Neato. Of course, in the comic book, that Lucifer is a blond, Ellis portrays Satan as a brunette, probably to give Lucifer a darker edge. But the “good” (unfallen) angel appears far more malevolent than Lucifer, who is more fun-loving.

Look, let’s get real here. This particular Lucifer – aside from his name, the fact that he is/was ruler of hellish legions, as well as the show actually refers to God – has nothing to do with the Bible. It’s based on a DC comic book and it’s stylish. But that’s it.

Frankly, I think the real Satan enjoys these kinds of shows because they portray him as more like a human than the Bible does and that’s because he’s not human. As far as we know, Lucifer (before the fall, but now Satan), is the highest created being that God created. We’re not really sure if Michael the Archangel or Gabriel (both mentioned in Scripture) are equal to him and chances are that they are not. The testimony of Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 seem to verify that Lucifer was indeed the highest of all of God’s Creation. But he also sinned when pride took up residence in his heart. He made some promises that he’s worked very hard to bring to fruition. Isaiah 14 tells us that he promised to become like the Most High. How exactly does that work when that promise comes from a being who has been created by this God that he swears he will become like? The hubris is amazing.

Yet, in this TV series, Lucifer wants a permanent holiday from being the bad guy, so he leaves his throne and becomes a nighclub mogul. Now – also according to the series – God has to chase him down and try to convince Lucifer that he should return to hell and continue doing what he does best. If the trailer tells us anything, it tells us that Lucifer is not easy to convince, so God’s hands are somewhat tied. Therefore God is limited in power.

Again, this series is fictional from start to finish. It will either be accepted by the masses or it will be a total miss. Since the world is becoming more and more enamored with the concept of evil, it may be something that people will latch onto and watch. Who knows?

Is this not Satan’s world? Is he not the prince of the power of the air? Is he not the ruler of this world? Yes, to all three, but of course he is those things because God allows and oversees it. Far from being limited, God is omnipotent.

The trailer shows Lucifer going head to head with an angel from God named Amenadiel (never heard of him!), portrayed by DB Woodside. (Then again, the Bible never talks about the angel Moroni either…)

There are a lot of TV shows I would personally like to see off the air. Most are about gay people and how supposedly normal their lives are, but that’s not what I hear from people who were gay for 20 years or so and then stopped being gay.  But then they never were gay, right? Right.

I simply don’t watch those shows anyway since they’re basically 30 minutes to an hour of programmed propaganda. My time is too valuable and I’d prefer to watch shows like Doc Martin, Granite Flats, The Grand Hotel, and a few others like “Arrow,” “Gotham,” and “The Flash” as opposed to watching something like Lucifer that I will likely find laughable at best.

The world will either accept or reject FOX’s Lucifer. For those who like it, they will think it to be cool, genuine, and unique. The combination of a supernatural coupled with scantily clad women and questionable situations is no different from many shows that are currently on TV or roll around to the movie theaters.

As far as I’m concerned, me joining a boycott against the show may simply wind up providing more free publicity for it. In fact, this article might also do that, but Christians should know what’s out there and what’s coming so that they can make intelligent decisions about programming.

One Million Moms is a group that is petititioning everyone to sign on in order to force FOX to cancel the show. Certainly, they have the freedom to do that and maybe that’s something that you personally wish to do as well. As of this writing, they had just a few hundred less than 9,000 signatures gathered.

Just remember, Lucifer is a show about Satan and God. That’s where any biblical reality stops and fiction begins. If you’re into that kind of thing, then you may enjoy Lucifer. I recommend “Granite Flats” instead of “Lucifer,” but that’s just me.

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