It’s Not the Career Necessarily But Living Like a Christian In Your Career That Counts

November 2, 2015 at 4:44 PM

As believers, we are on our way to heaven. What will it be like for us once we get there? What about the gifts we have and use now?

As believers, we are on our way to heaven. What will it be like for us once we get there? What about the gifts we have and use now?

I find myself fascinated at several things recently. This fascination began when I first learned that Jack Kelley (Grace Thru Faith), had been called home to be with the Lord. I took some time to again read some of his posts. One post in particular that opened my mind’s eye to things related to heaven is, “Behold, I Make All Things New.”

Jack enlightened me in a number of ways that I had not considered before.

But suppose we were suddenly thrust into an environment filled with endless opportunities for exploration and the acquisition of new experience and knowledge without any fears or worries, just like being kids again.  Suppose each of us would see this environment as if it was created especially for us, to stimulate our unique blend of talent and creative ability, even to the extent of being designed around our favorite shapes and colors. Suppose it was a dynamic environment, growing as we grow, to provide endless opportunity for discovery without any possibility of defeat, disappointment or failure.

And suppose we were gifted with boundless energy, always feeling better than our best day on Earth, without a hint of fatigue, sickness, accident or injury. Ever.

As I read through his article (and of course, he is talking about heaven in the above quote), things began to dawn on me. I started to realize that when we get to heaven, we will likely have the mind of a child. I’m not talking about level of education or intelligence here either. I’m talking about having the truly inquisitive nature of a child with tremendous energy and a complete lack of fear.

One of the things I’ve heard “older” people say as I was growing up was “Oh, if only I had the energy of a young child with what I know now” or something along those lines. I’ve said it myself and it seems like energy is wasted on the youth. But is it? In reality, imagine having that type of energy along with the curiosity of a child without any of the fear or insecurities that stem from entering the adult world? As we move from childhood to adulthood, we leave many things behind and some of them are still essential in adulthood, but we lose use of them.

Most of us adults have concerns about things. We worry about life itself, our jobs, whether we can afford a home, and of course, we worry about our children. As I look back over my life, especially during the time when I was in grade school, I realize how much energy I had and how I could go out and play with my friends and be gone all Saturday without ever thinking about things at home or worrying about this or that. It was one game after another, one bike ride from one place to the other, hours spent fishing or building models. My curiosity carried me along and actually imbued me with energy. Sometimes, it was very difficult to go to fall asleep at bedtime because of all the things running through my brains that I still wanted to do!

But, I grew up and life became more serious. I had to fit in with the adults so I had to leave some things by the way side. That’s a needed thing, isn’t it? But what if we could continue our adult lives with that childlike innocence and curiosity that created an energy within us that we took for granted then but would give nearly anything to have now? Will that be what it’ll be like in heaven?

I started playing the drums when I was ten years-old. I taught myself how to play. I also studied trumpet (cornet, actually), and piano. Had I continued playing piano from that time until now, I would be a phenomenal pianist! I didn’t, so I’m reteaching myself how to play piano. I’ve sometimes listened to other drummers and I marvel at just how good they are and how effortless their playing seems. I become almost jealous of them.

But reading Jack Kelley’s article allowed God to open my eyes to a number of things that I’d like to share with you. I’ve realized that life is a continuum. It never ends. For believers, at death, our bodies die, but our spirits live on and will enter into God’s Presence, where we will receive a new body, one that is incorruptible. As Jack noted above, think of having a body like that, coupled with “boundless energy, always feeling better than our best day on Earth, without a hint of fatigue, sickness, accident or injury. Ever.”

I’m a drummer in this life. I love music. I have a musical background and was also in numerous singing groups. I’ve been a whistler most of my life. I love music! What will heaven be like for me? Let me ask another question. Who created music for us to enjoy? Of course, God did.

When I get to heaven, will there be music there? Will I still be a musician? The answer to both questions, I believe, is YES! Imagine what it’ll be like for me to play heavenly instruments. Imagine what it will be like to bring glory to God by using my incorruptible body to play heavenly instruments to create music that He inspires and is glorified by! I can only imagine what it will be like to play drums (or whatever instruments exist there) in way that would shock me here if I could play that well.

Growing up, sometimes, I would simply take a pair of drum sticks and play on various surfaces to hear what it sounded like. Imagine picking up a couple of sticks and playing on various surfaces in heaven. Imagine what it might sound like, just as we play drums or xylophones here. What might the surfaces of heaven sound like? The Bible speaks of harps, but are they harps as we understand them here? The gifts that God has given me to use here in this life, may well also be used there. I love to sing. Will I have perfect pitch there? I can’t imagine hitting a bad note there.

All of this has led me to revise one of the ways I have previously thought. Before, I asked how a Christian could be involved in politics because it is so corrupt. But what happens if God leads someone into a life of politics because he wants to use them as a beacon of light to those who are lost in darkness within the political arena?

My realization is this: God has given everyone gifts. Christians do not need to shy away from using those gifts. However, we need to use wisdom in using them. If you love acting, maybe God will open the door for you to become an actor and get paid for it. But that would not be the main reason He would do that and there would be things you would need to avoid. Maybe you love politics and you have the temperament for that field of work and you believe that you should go into that as a potential career and there would be things you would need to avoid. If you do go into politics, changing society would not be the main reason God would lead you into that.

Suppose you thoroughly love figuring out computer problems. That is considered a “respectable” job, which might lead you to a large corporation where you could earn a decent living. However, that would not be the main reason God would bring you into that realm. Corporations also have a share of their own corruption as well that you would need to avoid.

Maybe you absolutely love languages and you have a knack for learning them easily. That might hook you up with the government or a private corporation that does similar things in security as our government does. That would not be the main reason you went into that line of work though.

My point – I think – is really simple. So simple in fact, that a child can understand it.

God does not want you to ignore the gifts He has given you. He gave them to you in order for you to find ways to use them to bring Him glory and if you let Him, He will lead you. He may lead you to a line of work that allows you to earn a decent living too. You would need to avoid areas in that career path that do not bring Him glory because they exist in all areas of life.

Some careers are inherently more difficult with respect to potential immorality or corruption, like acting or being involved in politics, but if you can avoid those areas, there is still a main reason that God would use you in those specific careers.

What is His main reason? It is simply to be involved in the Great Commission.

If you look at the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7), you will see that Jesus is providing guidelines for living and it really doesn’t matter the career path either. Those rules for living apply to everyone across the board. Jesus wasn’t telling people to change careers or even to avoid certain ones. He was telling people how to carry themselves during the course of each day in whatever career they find themselves.

Actors, politicians, CEOs, factory workers, waiters, flight attendants, musicians, mechanics, tax collectors, doctors, dentists, and everything else are all just jobs. In every job there are temptations and opportunities to slip and fall, to dishonor God. Some are just more obvious than others.

I now understand more fully that it is not only okay to use our gifts in our career choice, but that we should, and it now makes perfect sense. In any job, we should comport ourselves in a way that brings God glory. This alone creates a testimony that speaks to others, without having to be preachy. Chances are excellent that opportunities will come our way to use our mouths to point others to Jesus. Years ago, I thought all Christians needed to be in some sort of official ministry. Not anymore. God has people He wants to reach in the corporate world, the political world, and the entertainment world. He needs people who want to pursue those areas so that they can be a witness for Him. Certainly, there are temptations and traps in any field and it is necessary for the Christian to avoid them all, but not to necessarily avoid the career path itself.

God needs people from all walks of life to meet others where they live. We are not of this world (and should never act as though we are), but we are certainly part of it. In whatever job or career God is leading you, make sure that you carry yourself in a way that brings Him glory. If you are an actor, refuse those parts that are demeaning and/or immoral. If you are a politician, refuse to kowtow to anyone or do things for ill-gotten gain. If you are one of the many workers at a large corporation, don’t even think about taking so much as a pencil home with you!

God has given you gifts, abilities for His glory that you can use to make your way in this life. When we pass from this life to eternity, chances are excellent that we will still be using those gifts, though I believe they will be greatly enhanced. We will not have the same limitations there that we have with them here. We will not know what fatigue means. We won’t need a cup of Joe in the afternoon to wake up. We will never run out of God-given curiosity. We will enjoy life then to the very fullest, something we cannot do now due to the limitations created by our fall and sin nature.

I have stopped bemoaning the fact that I’m not the greatest drummer in the world or that I cannot hit the high notes singing as I did when I was younger. I now look at things very differently, thanks to Jack Kelley and God’s Word. I see potential that is yet unfulfilled, but still being used now. I see that in this life, I have only begun to use the gifts God has given me – art, singing, musicianship, writing – and one day, I will use them to a far greater degree. In doing so, I will bring even more glory to God then than I am able to do now.

Use your gifts but don’t frustrate yourself over the fact that things appear limited. Whether you use them in a career or hobby, know that you are actually just starting to warm up. One day, after this life is over, you will come to understand that what you could not do here without lots of effort, you will do there, with hardly any effort and all of it, will be very fulfilling.

I’ll have more to say later.

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