Seed the Untold Story: Monsanto’s Destruction of Plants and Eco-System

September 29, 2016 at 11:50 AM 2 comments

seedtheuntoldstory_theatrical_epk-1There are many problems in the world and Christians who understand the Bible in literal terms (e.g. in its most plain and ordinary sense), know that as the world moves toward the end of man-led human history, things are going to worsen severely. To hide the dramatic and negative effects of many of these created nightmares, the powers that be use every means at their disposal to distract us from learning those inconvenient truths. Whether it’s lying to us as Black Lives Matter does, or using a biotech company to change our food supply, they do what they do for their own betterment and our suffering. They simply do not care. For them, it’s all about enriching themselves and we are their guinea pigs.

The movie, “Seed, the Untold Story,” focuses on facts related to Monsanto and their wave of destruction over much of the earth. The people who own Monsanto will lose money if people understand what Monsanto has been creating in the world. The level of destruction perpetrated by this one “international” company (though based in the United States), is unequaled. They have taken the seeds that God gave humanity in His Creation, patented them and now say they own them. Is that demagoguery or what?

Monsanto does not want us to know what it’s been doing. There are actually laws in place that keep people from suing Monsanto, which makes one wonder why those laws are needed if everything Monsanto does is above-board?

The movie “Seed, the Movie,” highlights the terribly disastrous effects that Monsanto has had on the plant kingdom and the earth in general. It’s not a pretty picture, but too many don’t know to care. They simply go to the grocery store (or fast food place), put food-like stuff in their cart and head to the cashier, then home to place all of it on their shelves and in their cupboards.

According to the movie, “…94% of our seed varieties have disappeared,” [1] in just the last 100 years, all thanks to biotech companies like Monsanto that have been busy messing with what God has given us. This should frighten everyone because it means that our food sources are drying up, deliberately forced into extinction by companies who only seek profits, not health. It means that a small group of people control what we eat. It means these people make decisions that affect our health.

Sure, we still have some choices about what we can eat, but it’s more expensive to buy organic than just buying things off the shelves at grocery stores throughout America. To eat healthy, a person has to shop where organic crops are sold. That means more money spent. Even there though, it is extremely difficult to “clean” the ground in which those crops are grown. Trace amounts of heavy metals and other contaminants can still be part of the soil (or water used for irrigation), even if there was never any spraying for pesticides. But are the seeds themselves organic or have they been genetically altered in the lab? Only seed packages that say they are “non-GMO” would qualify as truly organic.

But for the most part, seeds today have been genetically modified by companies like Monsanto from which our food is grown. Monsanto will tell you that the crops produced from these seeds are harmless to our health. It’s simply another source of food that we should be grateful to have. Unfortunately, science has shown that many of these modified crops are linked to the growth of tumors and lesions in lab rats.

Is this why all the farmers in Hungary recently either plowed under or burned all genetically modified crops in that nation to start over? Something is seriously wrong and it has to do with the way seeds throughout the world have been modified or forced into extinction. Over 95% of the corn grown in America has been genetically modified. Studies have shown that for many people, the way corn and other crops have been modified has become problematic for the average person. The main proteins have been changed making it very difficult or impossible for our human systems to digest them. Generations ago, wheat was wheat. Most of today’s wheat is what is known as “dwarf wheat” because it has been modified in the lab. This was done to make it heartier and not susceptible to heat or drought. It’s also been modified to be resistant to glyphosate. This changes the DNA of the crop.

trib_famineThere are answers to these problems but again, too many are not interested because they can still find their favorite food-like stuff or dainty on the store shelves. To me, the scariest thing is when one or two extremely large and powerful companies gain and maintain a corner on something. They essentially become a monopoly on whatever it is they produce. “Seed, the Movie,” helps open our eyes to the problem and the solution.

The Bible speaks a great deal about a coming time of the final seven-years of man-led human history known as the Tribulation. It’s going to be the most terrible time that the earth will ever experience. It includes many judgments poured out by God Himself onto humanity and the earth. I believe many things in that have been occurring in society will reach their tipping point during this coming time.

If you look at the chart I’ve created, you’ll note that the first seven (7) judgments God pours out onto the earth include the first war of that period, followed by worldwide famine. Historically, we know that whenever we’ve had world wars, famines, diseases, and pestilence has followed. This was certainly true with respect to both WWI and WWII. The first world war of the Tribulation period will have the same effect on society. It’s very possible that because of biotech company’s hold on modified crops and which crops are even produced, once the war of that period hits, the natural result will be famine worldwide.

We already see places like Venezuela suffering from unspeakable shortages of food but their leaders aren’t suffering. In fact, during the Tribulation, the very rich will hardly suffer at all from the shortage of food. They’ll suffer from other things certainly, but the shortage of food will not affect them.

The more you know, the less you’ll be taken by surprise. There are terribly evil people throughout the world who see only their needs and wants as something to be sought after. They couldn’t care less about you or me. They seek only profits and if that means destroying vegetables and fruits that God gave us, so be it. Do you think these people – the wealthiest in the world – eat foods that have been genetically altered or sprayed with pesticides? Of course not. They have the best of everything with truly organically grown foods, meat that is devoid of hormones and antibiotics, and beverages that are the best money can buy. They have their cake and they eat it too while the rest of us scramble for the scraps that these ultra-rich folks would never even consider putting in their mouths. Truly, they have their rewards now.

There are some things we can do to stop the onslaught by these biotech companies. We can first learn more about what’s been happening in the world. Second, we can do what we can to try to eat healthier instead of simply accepting what Big Foods extends to us. Third, we can “just say no” to Monsanto and find ways to go around them. Fourth, we can try to educate others, to bring them on-board so that they can be better informed.

By the way, here’s more to inform: Dumbing Down Society Part I: Foods, Beverages and Meds

Watch the movie, pass the word, and arm yourself to make the best possible decisions you can make regarding what goes into your mouth.


[1] From “Seed, the Movie” press releases.

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  • 1. Terri Lewis  |  September 30, 2016 at 9:08 AM

    I hope many people will read and understand how important this is.


    • 2. modres  |  September 30, 2016 at 9:29 AM

      I’m amazed at how many are resistant to this type of info but hopefully some will hear it.



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