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Warning: Political Content Ahead

The boards went silent as far as direct Q posts for roughly a week, then March 3 saw numerous posts from Q. This particular article won’t highlight all of them, but a few will suffice. As usual, there are some very interesting posts from Q, and they contain a good deal of cryptic comments. Others seem fairly straightforward. Unless otherwise noted, the information provided here regarding the meaning of Q’s posts is taken directly from the hard-working Anons over at the 8Chan boards. They take what Q provides and go to work, throwing out every plausible possibility.

Let’s start with this longish one from March 3, simply because it seems rather straightforward. Q first mentions “The BRIDGE,” which most take to refer back to Stanislav Lunev, the highest ranking intelligence officer to ever defect from Russia to the United States. His book, Through the Eyes of the Enemy: The Autobiography of Stanislav Lunev is interesting, to say the least. If everything he says in the book is absolute truth, then the United States has some things it needs to be concerned about. Essentially though, Lunev defected and began working with the FBI and CIA, sharing secrets he brought over from Russia because of his role there. Is he telling the truth? Again, who can know. The fact that he has been in the witness protection program and as far as he knows, no one has attempted to take his life, could mean that Russia is not concerned about him, they can’t find him but want to, or he’s been telling either full or half-lies to our government agencies to make Russia sound far more high-tech than they might actually be. Nonetheless, his book is an interesting read and I find much of it believable, but that’s simply going on a gut instinct.

Q mentioned “the BRIDGE” in reference to Lunev and Anons are divided on what that ultimately means. Some believe its possible meaning is that Lunev himself is the bridge from Russia to the USA. Others believe it has to do with the alleged ability of Russian agents to poison America’s waterways and in his book, Lunev specifically mentions the Potomac River, which feeds into the DC area.

Q says “187” which, from past posts, we know means murder. Who has been murdered? Not sure, though some Anons believe in this case, it could be metaphorical meaning Lunev is no longer the “bridge” between Russia and USA. Then Q says “BRIDGE-2” which some Anons believe is Ed Snowden because of the very next line, “@Snowden.” In other words, Lunev is no longer the active bridge between Russia and the USA, but Snowden has taken up that spot. However, Snowden is giving USA secrets to Russia (possibly under the auspices of the CIA). I used to think Snowden was a good guy and I’ve stated that before. But the more I read Q’s posts and put 2 and 2 together, it seems as though Snowden is really one of the bad guys, working for the CIA and undermining America.

Q says “Clowns” in the next line, which again, confirms that Snowden works for the CIA (Clowns in America). What Snowden has been doing, he’s been doing on behalf of the CIA. There have been many, many books and articles alleging that the CIA is essentially its own shadow government within the government of the United States. They basically do what they want to do and who can really keep tabs on their operations? It’s difficult at best. Q appears to be saying that Snowden continues to work for the CIA against United States interests. In essence then, if this is true, Snowden is a traitor.

Q then says, “The LINK.” He then lists Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. He’s essentially asking “what is the link between Snowden (CIA) and all of these social network platforms? Numerous Anons believe Ed Snowden is the guy who wrote an algorithm that these companies use to censor conservative voices. It’s becoming a plague with Google censoring out of their searches anything that they consider to be conservative, therefore offensive. It has been reported that numerous conservative websites are no longer in the Google search engine and will not come up when searching for them there. Other search engines must be used instead. YouTube is also canceling the accounts and pages of known conservatives. Facebook and Twitter are busy picking up speed as they suspend users who are often conservative for the barest of reasons. Yet, those on the left can continue their abuse without hesitation. Many of these companies are publicly traded companies. If a Christian bakery can be sued for not wanting to bake a cake for a same-sex couple, why should any other company be allowed to censor or reject conservative voices when the First Amendment stands for all people, regardless of race, creed, religion, or political ideology? Anons believe the reason conservatives are censored today is due to the algorithm created by Snowden that runs automatically on servers to “listen” and detect conservatives through the speech they use and suspend them because of it.

The next line in Q’s post says, “Russia ICBM tech.” Anons believe that Snowden helped transfer hyper-sonic missile tech and SAP’s to Russia via the Clinton private server. You may recall that it is believed that Hillary Clinton had an unsecured server in her home/office that was hacked. The SAP (highly classified programs) on her server were likely taken by Snowden (after a good deal of money was provided to Clinton Foundation), who then in turn, gave them to Russian Intelligence. This is what Q means by “HRC open source.” Her computer was literally open to hackers.

The next three lines “JP. TP. Highest levels of US-G” likely refers to John Podesta (HRC’s campaign manager), his brother Tony Podesta, and other individuals at the highest level of the United States government helped with the transfer of the computer material to Russia. Folks, if this is true, it is nothing short of treason. Treason is punishable by death and is often dealt with in a military tribunal even if the person being tried is not directly connected with the military.

The next two lines “U1. NK” refer to Uranium 1, a company in Canada that allegedly helped transfer 20% of America’s uranium to Russia and ultimately to North Korea. This was done under President Obama’s watch and now we have a situation in NK where they have been testing nukes. According to an old post from Q, recall the 16 year plan to destroy America. Obama took the first eight years and Hillary was to take the second eight. One of the first things she was supposed to do allegedly was to enter war with North Korea where millions would die and the rich would get tremendously wealthier via arms deals for armies. That may be difficult to believe for some, but it certainly makes sense.

When Trump was elected, the narrative needed to change very quickly in order to try to get him impeached. He was painted by MSM as a warmonger who would rather go to war with North Korea than tone things down. Ironic since this is exactly what Hillary would’ve done. Notice that under President Trump’s leadership, we have not only not entered into war with NK, but things have ratcheted down. It doesn’t appear that we’re moving toward war with anyone.

Q’s next question, “WHY would Russia tell the world?” is likely that Russia (Putin) has a change of heart and wants to work with Trump. In essence, Russia has flipped their position and will offer up proof of all of this when the truth is finally revealed.

Q’s next question: “Why is SR back in the news?” Things appear to be coming to a head. Whistle-blowers in the past recent years have used a platform on the ‘Net called “SecureDrop.” They did so because they thought it kept their identities safe. Unfortunately, they were wrong. It was a website set up by Ed Snowden (there he is again), and the site actually provided the names and information of people using it to the “black hats” (CIA). Seth Rich was murdered not long after turning his information that he had taken from DNC servers and with the alleged help of KimDotCom, gave what is known as Vault 7 to Wikileaks. Anyone can go to the Wikileaks site and look up the Vault 7 treasure trove. You should ask yourself why this information has virtually never been discussed in the MSM. The only real questions that have been entertained are concerning why would someone do that and who it was who did it. No one seemed concerned about the contents of what was hacked. Part of Vault 7 includes information regarding CIA hacking tools. I have not had the time to read everything but from what I have read, it’s fascinating. If we actually had investigative journalists in the MSM today, this stuff would be all over the news. Here’s a link: Wikileaks Vault 7

Q then asks “Why is SESSIONS acting weak?” By the way, after each of these questions, Q asks “why” again. He is stressing the importance of his questions and the need to find the answers. The answer as to why Sessions is acting weak (operative word, acting), is to appear impartial, unconcerned, he’ll get to it when he gets to it kind of thing. In other words, Sessions is a man of integrity and a great actor. Notice all the calls to “fire Sessions” though. Either this is proof he’s a great actor or actually needs to be replaced. Time will tell.

Next Q states, “IG report? No legit leaks.” The IG report is the coming report from the Inspector General, which will likely blow the lid off of everything. The fact that nothing has been leaked to the press yet is extremely remarkable. This means that the people involved in it are on the up and up. The next line, “MSM staging narrative” is what’s happening in the MSM. They have been saying that things have been leaked to them so they are throwing things out there. Q is saying that they have no genuine leaks at all and are simply making things up in order to create a narrative. Remember, the MSM doesn’t want America/world to know the truth, because they are likely fronts for the CIA. They want to control the narrative and they can’t because they don’t have any leaks related to the IG report. The only way that social networks can control the narrative is to shut down any dissenting voices. In that way, social networks and MSM work hand in hand.

Q next says, “IG appointed by SESSIONS for? Why? Why?” The current IG was appointed by Obama, so he will appear very impartial or at least “biased” in favor of the Left, not the Right. Sessions appointed him specifically to look into potential FISA abuse issues.

Q ends this particular post with “Enjoy the show. Dead cat bounce.” Interesting. First, I’d love to enjoy the show, so hopefully that means that the public will actually see something happening very soon. Q has said that before though, so we will see what happens. The phrase dead cat bounce is actually a phrase connected to the Stock Market. When a company’s shares go into free fall, but then bounce up a bit before completely dying. I guess it actually has its origins in if a cat falls from a very high place, it will bounce instead of landing on its feet alive. The phrase was co-opted for the Stock Market, although Anons are not in complete agreement over Q’s actual use of it though some believe it applies to the MSM (if kept in context of this particular Q post), and it means that the MSM will ultimately “die.” If that happens, maybe we’ll start to see news bureaus that actually report the news instead of what we have now with MSM as the (CIA) “state-sponsored” media.

There have been 17 posts from Q since he began posting again on March 3. This article highlights only one of those posts. I’ll leave you with Q’s most recent post from today in which he said, “Boom” four times. Notice the downward direction of the booms. Some Anons believe it simply means that Q and company are “lowering the boom.”

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