HAARP, Holograms, and the False Prophet

June 20, 2011 at 5:49 PM

It’s very interesting when studying the Bible.  There are many prophecies that are yet unfulfilled and to us, they may at first appear a bit strange because we wonder just exactly what they will look like when they are fulfilled.

Take for example the book of Revelation.  Understanding it in a literal fashion, as just as we understand the rest of the Bible, we try to visualize the statue of the beast that will seem to come to life through the power of the False Prophet.  In Revelation 13, we are introduced to the Antichrist (the beast) and the statue created under the direction of the False Prophet.  By the way, the 42 months here references the second part of the Tribulation, not its entirety.  It is the second half of the Tribulation, where the evil and persecution ramp up quite a bit, not the first half.  Of course, the first half will be evil and terrible, but if we compare the second half with the first half, the second half stands out as being supremely evil.

The second half begins when the Antichrist defiles the Temple, and then he opts to install a system whereby no one will be able to buy or sell without his mark.  Once this goes into effect, all controlled hell literally breaks loose on the earth.

Further on in Revelation 13, we read that the False Prophet appears to have some tremendous powers that will end up dazzling the world, causing even more to follow and worship the beast (Antichrist), than have already done so.  “And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed,” (Revelation 13:15; emphasis added).

The interesting thing here is that (as mentioned) the False Prophet commissions a statue of the beast (Antichrist) to be produced, and then enables the statue to appear as though it comes alive and actually speaks.  Because of this, people become even more enamored with the beast and through this deception created by the False Prophet, will blindly follow him wherever he leads them.

So how is the statue of the beast made to appear as though alive?  Remember, this is a statue (or some type of image), not the actual Antichrist.  How does it manage to talk?  Either the False Prophet uses Satan’s ability to produce this spectacular false miracle, or he simply makes it appear as though he has done this through the use of technology.

However, what I find fascinating is with the technology that currently exists, science has found a way to create realism through the use of holograms.  In fact, from everything I’ve read and studied, it would appear as though our government has been studying how to use holograms for some time. There may well come a time when holograms will be used instead of the existing reality to fool people into thinking something that the government wants us all to believe.  It could also be that holograms have already been used, but are so good that the average person would not realize it.

I’ve spent some time in books I’ve written covering the fact that aliens have allegedly told human beings that they (aliens) have used holographic images and movies in human history to direct the course of human events.  One group of aliens has stated that Jesus did not really live at all.  His entire life was merely a holographic movie that was inserted into human history for their “higher” purposes.  Other aliens tell us that Jesus did live, but specific events in His life were allegedly accomplished with the use of holographic images or movies.

I’m still investigating this entire area of holographic imagery, but recently something occurred in China in which several ultra-realistic scenes and images were created allegedly using HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and reflected onto the horizon after a rainstorm.  In fact, the photo-realistic scenes that were cast onto the horizon (and river) had many people in China marveling at how real they looked.  There are numerous videos on Youtube.com where buildings, skyscrapers, cityscapes, and even trees can be seen but do not actually exist in reality.

The tragedy here is that this could well be the beginning of what many are calling psy ops warfare, designed to acclimate people to these types of realistic mirages.  Once we become used to seeing them, it is very likely we will stop noticing them when those images become mundane and ordinary.  In other words, the holographic images may be of such high quality, that they will merely blend in seamlessly with our real surroundings.  Once they do, no one will notice them as being something out of the ordinary (unless they happen to walk through one).  When that happens, would it be possible for that realistic hologram to be modified so that it appeared as though the messiah was now part of it (as in when the messiah will return to earth)?

With the rise in quality of digital effects, animated movies, and even video games have taken on a new level of realism.  One of the newest animated movies called, “Tangled,” far exceeds anything that came before it.  Much of this is due to motion-capture.  This is when the actors actually go through the process of acting out the movie while wearing a special suit (motion capture suit) with balls attached to the suit.  The camera films the actor going through the motions, and is then imported into the computer, where the digitizing effects begin.

This was also done with the movie “Tron Legacy,” the follow up to the original “Tron.”  The process was complex, however, it was used to create a very realistic-looking young Jeff Bridges.  There has also been talk in Hollywood about inserting dead movie and TV stars into new movies (not the way Steve Martin did it in “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”), digitally.  Consider new movies with Humphrey Bogart and others, done with a realism (and voice impersonator) that winds up rivaling the original films of decades gone by.

A number of years ago, neither the reproduction of water or fire looked very realistic in animated movies.  Now, both look vividly realistic and this has to be the case, because viewers will not stand for something that does not appear real in their movies.  One wonders just exactly how much more realistic movies can appear?

Between hi-def and Blu-ray, people want a phenomenal movie experience because they have gotten used to it.  In the movie “Batman Begins,” for instance, there is a scene where Batman jumps down from a second or third floor of an interior building to the first floor, landing right next to the beginning of a staircase (no point in taking the stairs when you’re Batman and can simply float down!).  In that scene, hundreds of bats circle down with Batman as he comes to rest on the ground floor.  The fascinating part is that neither Batman or the bats in that scene were real.  Both were created by highly-detailed Special Effects.  Christian Bale, as Batman, was filmed simply standing up and walking away after having “landed” on the ground floor.  His action as actor began on the ground floor for that scene.

Many digital effects are being used today because it offers an element of safety for the performer and since the effects have risen to such a uniquely realistic point, it is difficult if not impossible for the average viewer to note the difference.

Regarding HAARP, and for those unfamiliar with it, don’t expect the government to tell you anything about it.  They are in their normal denial mode (“What?  HAARP?  It’s nothing, just some research.  Nothing to see here! Move along!“)  However, many believe that HAARP has been used by the government recently to create the severe weather patterns the world has been experiencing lately.  Beyond this, many attribute the deaths of millions of birds, fish, and other animals to HAARP as well.  Certainly, anything is possible.  I’m not ready to refer to these people as loons, or those who wear tin hats yet, because we do not know of the extent of HAARP and its true potential.  So far, some of them make good points and based on some previous experimentation using HAARP, some very interesting results have come to light. [1]

There are any number of seemingly intelligent individuals behind Web sites out there that report on this type of activity.  They present interesting scenarios, worthy of considering.  For instance, a number of Web site owners report on the upcoming planned “second coming” of an individual who will not only claim to be Jesus, but because of the apparent fact that the world will see his coming emergence instantly, many within the world will come to believe that this individual is actually Jesus at His second coming.

At the same time, if someone was seen to actually appear to be “returning” to earth from the sky, would he even have to say his name was Jesus, or that he was the messiah?  Wouldn’t he simply be accepted as that?  To see someone coming down from the heavens in the clouds would remind most people of Jesus’ own words in Matthew 24, where He spoke of His own return and the fact that every eye would see him.

The plain fact of the matter is that if we understand Revelation rightly, we learn in Revelation 5 that the Lamb who was slain was found worthy of opening the seven-sealed scroll.  Once He begins to open the seals, things begin to happen here on earth.  There is a direct correlation.

The first thing to occur is the White Rider on the horse rides out and comes to conquer, yet interestingly has a bow, but no arrows (cf. Revelation 5-6).  Chapter five shows us the process whereby the Lamb is deemed worthy to open the scroll and chapter six begins with the first seal being broken and the horse riding out onto the horizon.  Since this rider lacks weapons of warfare, the only conquering that he could possibly do is the conquering through religion, politics or both.

Many within the New Age movement are waiting for the messiah, who has been called Maitreya.  This Maitreya will of necessity, have to enter this world through miraculous means, or his credentials will be in question.  No doubt (whether Maitreya will be this messianic impersonator or someone else), he will have to do something to impress the world all at once that he is “the man,” the last Adam, come to save the planet.

Because he arrives on the earth in a spectacular way, those outside of authentic Christianity will believe him to actually be Jesus, or “the Christ,” as New Agers like to say, because they believe that the “Christ” is a position, not a person.  Interestingly enough, some note that Maitreya has already connected himself with HAARP.  “False Messiah and global Antichrist “Lord Maitreya” has claimed affiliation with the HAARP project blue beam – the artificially manifested ‘fake star of bethlehem’ popularly called the Norway Spiral – this final global false Christ figure is now planning his worldwide appearance as the false Messiah. Spread this news report far and wide. Hurry for we have very little time.” [2]

Others claim that Maitreya has already appeared to members of the U.N. and given them audiences.  Still others say that Maitreya has appeared in various parts of the world, then suddenly disappeared from view like a magician.  Who is Maitreya?  Some believe he is Raj Patel (implied to be the Maitreya by Benjamin Creme, of Share International.  There are photos on the Share International site that show a man in Middle Eastern garb among various people throughout the world and he is listed as being the Maitreya.

Will the False Prophet use technology such as HAARP, or will he give the image of the beast the actual ability to speak?  In essence, we do not really know.  I tend to think that both the Antichrist and False Prophet will have access to and use, Satan’s tremendous power (which of course is nothing in relation to God’s power), to achieve what normal human beings cannot.  At the same time, there is no reason why either the Antichrist or False Prophet could not make use of the technology that is available for their nefarious purposes.  Since humanity in general is not fully aware of all that HAARP can do (or other technologies related to holograms), it would be easy (and beneficial for both the Antichrist and False Prophet) to avail themselves of this technology.

My son and I were watching “Sherlock Holmes,” (the version starring Robert Downey, Jr.) recently.  Most know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was involved in the occult to some degree, through seances, etc., and for that reason, it is not surprising that the character of Holmes finds himself involved in detective cases that have – to some degree or other – the occult in them.  Such was the scenario for this movie.

At one point, one of the main characters dies, yet comes back from the dead, seemingly because of his supernatural connection with the devil.  As it turns out, everything he did was neither supernatural or special.  He merely used trickery that most were not aware of to achieve his goals.  Once Holmes figured it all out, it was very much perfunctory, yet like any very good magician, what was explainable in the natural realm, appeared every bit supernatural.

I’m not saying that the Antichrist and False Prophet will not have abilities that are clearly supernatural (though certainly demonic in nature).  I’m simply saying that there is much we do not understand about the technology that parts of our government know about and continue to enhance and perfect.  The very real possibility exists that both the Antichrist and False Prophet will make use of that technology.  Because most people are not aware of it, it will go a long way in fooling gullible people who see things happen and believe them to be real.  Because they believe they are real, that will be enough to convince them of the veracity of both the Antichrist and False Prophet. Even though I fully believe these two super-demons from hell will have tremendous power, I do not put it past them to use technology to their advantage as well.

We have arrived at a point where digital effects have been married to live-action, seamlessly.  This fact keeps people from knowing when live-action ends and digital effects begin.

The devil has many things on his side.  He has the element of surprise.  He has the availability of technology.  He has his own power beyond the scope of what humanity can achieve and he holds out the promise of power to those who will follow him.  I don’t believe for a moment that he actually shares that power with his followers.  At most, he uses his power through them, though they likely think it is actually their power.

The Antichrist and False Prophet will step onto the world’s stage at some point in the future (and though I certainly could be wrong, I believe the Antichrist is alive now, waiting for his curtain call), to wow and ultimately deceive the world with the greatest magic tricks this world has ever seen!  It’s going to happen and whether or not technology such as HAARP is used to achieve their ends, we cannot deny that the technology exists that can alter reality as we know it today.

I believe the world stands on the very cusp of something momentous; the beginnings of the fulfillment of the last phase of God’s prophetic calendar.  It will usher in the final seven years of humanity’s history before the Lord returns to set up His Kingdom, ruling for 1,000 years.  Ten years ago, we could not say this.  Fifteen years ago, it was unheard of, but now, it is not only possible, but very likely to occur.

If you would like to see the holographic images that recently appeared in China, please head on over to this link (scroll down about half way):


[1] http://www.enterprisemission.com/Norway-Message3.htm

[2] http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com/page/NWO+Project+Blue+Beam%3A+False+Holographic+Second+Coming

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