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Project Blue Beam to be Used by Antichrist to Fool People?

Project Blue Beam is said to be a system whereby the use of holograms are used to make things appear to be alive or simply appear to exist. An example of this would be with the recent “resurrection” of Tupac Shakur during a concert, where he sang, walked the stage and essentially did everything a living person would do, except for the fact that it was all an illusion.

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HAARP, Holograms, and the False Prophet

I believe the world stands on the very cusp of something momentous; the beginnings of the fulfillment of the last phase of God’s prophetic calendar. It will usher in the final seven years of humanity’s history before the Lord returns to set up His Kingdom, ruling for 1,000 years. Ten years ago, we could not say this. Fifteen years ago, it was unheard of, but now, it is not only possible, but very likely to occur.

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