Antichrist Callback, MK Ultra, and Brainwashing Society

September 23, 2011 at 3:01 PM

In researching MK Ultra, Project Monarch, and the White Dragon Society, I have learned of a new term that I was not familiar with and it is “antichrist callback.”  The term refers to programmers connecting with those enslaved through mind control techniques in order to involve them in “antichrist activities.

What has become clear is that the global elite (call them the Illuminati or something else if you prefer) have set the direction of society because of their direct connection with Lucifer.  These individuals know what he wants them to achieve for him.  It involves the directing of society so that eventually, when the Antichrist appears, he will be well accepted since the world will have been fully indoctrinated.

While the indoctrination begins at the highest levels, those within that level seek out the right victim they need to advance their ideals.  Project Monarch was so named because scientists learned that Monarch Butterflies were actually able to pass knowledge along to its progeny genetically.  It literally stems from the Nazi belief in the superiority of their race.  History tells us that Hitler wanted to create the master race with blonde, blue-eyed men and women who were Aryan (this is in spite of the fact that he himself was neither blonde or blue-eyed!).

In order to create the perfect victim who can be successfully controlled via the mind, researchers discovered that it takes the ability to disassociate.  People with this ability – as previously mentioned – are then able to be programmed with new, unique, and multiple personalities.  This then allows the programmer/master to work through individuals like this in order to help society move to the preordained point of entry, so to speak.  This point of entry is when the Antichrist will become thoroughly involved in societal affairs.

In order for the Antichrist to be fully accepted by the majority of people on earth, there must be preparation.  While Lucifer is powerful and has multitudes of demons working under him, carrying out the details of his planned ascension, he is limited by the fact that he cannot be everywhere at once.  Satan (Lucifer) is not omnipresent.  He is also not all-knowing.  He is an extremely powerful being who is working diligently to accomplish his goals and has been working in such a manner since he caused our first parents to succumb to his temptation.

Peter tells us that Satan is like a lion, roaming the earth, seeking whom he may devour (cf. 1 Peter 5:8).  Peter’s exact words from the NASB are “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”  Because we read this from the Bible and because Peter is speaking to believers, we get the sense that the devil is primarily concerned with overpowering believers.  While he is concerned about doing that, I also believe that the devil is concerned about overcoming all people.  I believe he wants to devour everyone and those who are not authentic Christians become the easier target, though he does what he can to cause authentic Christians to stumble and fall as well.  At the same time, Satan cannot “devour” Christians.  I believe Peter is telling believers that Satan’s primary activity is to encircle the earth as often as possible, looking for victims whom he can overcome, devour, and use completely for his purposes!  This is – I believe – an extremely important concept to grasp.

Satan knows that he cannot indwell authentic believers, though with their permission, he can make their lives miserable.  By “permission,” I mean when a Christian opts to disobey the Lord, doing things that he/she knows to be wrong.  Sometimes, as in the case of Job, God will also allow Satan to go up against His saints, but in that case, it is done for God’s purposes and the individual Christian’s ongoing perfecting.

Peter is warning his readers that this is Satan’s normal M.O.  This is what he does – he works to overcome people, devouring them so that they do his bidding without blinking an eye.  Peter is not saying that Satan wants to devour people – to “eat” or destroy them out of existence.  Satan wants to devour by overcoming.  When he overcomes someone, he can do whatever he needs to do.

Those people who have been chosen at some point in their lives to become victims of mind programming, eventually lose their sense of identity.  These people truly become people with multiple personalities and it is my belief that these personalities are often guided by associated demons.  This is not to say that everyone who is mentally unbalanced is possessed, but it is to say that those who have gone through brainwashing like the type within the MK Ultra program are very likely possessed by demons or at the very least demonized.  This demonization is what happens when the person “splits” or “disassociates” with actual reality.

It is beginning to make sense when we consider how some very well-known celebrities act from time to time.  I was reading a list of known celebrities and music artists who have – they say – at one point in their lives been victims of severe emotional to physical abuse by people they trusted.  It almost seems as though it is impossible to make it in the movie or recording business unless a person sells themselves out.  They can do this by either ignoring what they see and even may experience when the cameras are not rolling and the recording mics are off, or they do this because they have been brainwashed with specific personalities created in order to be able to do what their programmers/masters want them to do.

It takes only a quick look at the overall entertainment industry to realize just how far things have moved from the center.  I mentioned this yesterday that the Beatles were fairly innocuous and even came across as somewhat naive to the youth of the world.  However, with their entrance onto the world’s stage, nothing about music remained the same.  Things changed forever.

I also mentioned that this is the way TV first appeared.  We noted that at first there were mainly family oriented programs on where Dad was king, Mom was queen, and kids knew their place.  What do we have today?  The complete reversal of that.  Just take a look at shows like Family Guy (if you dare) and you’ll see that when it was first introduced, it was funny in an edgy kind of way.  In fact, most considered it nothing special and was originally cancelled.  Now however, after it was brought back, it was almost as if the gates of hell were thrown wide open and nearly anything goes, much of it having to do with tawdry sexual humor.  It’s not for kids (or adults in my view), yet how many kids watch it today?  That, along with Southpark and other shows have been guiding the way young people think.

How do shows like the ones just mentioned make it on the air?  They make it on the air because someone has an idea and because it pushes the envelope and fits into Satan’s overall plan, it is used.  It seems more and more that the people who are “chosen” to fly to the top of the entertainment heap are chosen because of certain abilities they have and for at least some of them, the abilities amount to being able to disassociate.  For those who can do this well, they become great vehicles through which Satan can progress to bring his goals to fruition.

As stated, the best individuals for this purpose are the ones who can disassociated and in so doing, literally become enslaved to their programmers/masters.  These individuals are generally devoid of their own will and that is very, very important.  Again, this goes back to the mind control programming that was done within Hitler’s regime in order to create a perfect, superior race.  It’s the very same principle at work.

At the time Hitler lived, did Satan know for a fact that Hitler’s reign would come to an end through the work of the United States and other countries gathered against Hitler and the German machine?  I don’t believe so and in fact, it seems clear that within every generation, Satan raises up at least one individual for the purposes of potentially becoming the Antichrist since he (Satan) does not know when that actual time will be when he will be able to release all of his supernatural power through that coming man of sin.  God has not told Satan when it will be so he is left to guess.  This is why we have seen so many dictators throughout history and many of them have been unbelievably powerful.  The way they have controlled the masses is equally fascinating, suggesting some form of supernatural hypnosis that has covered much of humanity in order to bring that person into position.  Once there, they have often maintained their position because of that same hypnosis.

So, learning from the Nazis, generational family lines within the Illuminati have found ways to determine who among their offspring is best suited to carry on the information genetically.  Who is going to be perfect for programming, while others in the family are ignored?  In order to keep the information going from one generation to the next, there must be a way that it can passively be done, without the person’s real personality getting in the way.  In order to accomplish this, the individual must be separated (disassociated) from their own moral code.  They must learn to do things without questioning.  They must be able to switch and split in an instant.  If there is any lag time, then it is possible that the individual will realize what is happening and resist it.  The programming must be thorough with nothing left to chance.  One individual explains it like this:

The children of multigenerational abuse are also good at dissociation. The Illuminati families and European occultists went to India , and Tibet to study occultism and eastern philosophy. These Europeans learned yoga, tantric yoga, meditations, and trances and other methods to disassociate. These skills are passed on to their children via genetics. A test is run when the children are about 18 months old to determine if they can dissociate enough to be selected for programming or not.” [1]

The reason the child needs to be tested to find out if and how well he/she can disassociate is so that the parents will not be wasting their time trying to program someone who is not capable of or has a more difficult time disassociating.  In order to keep the “secret knowledge” (satanic gnosis) moving forward, it must be done in a way and through a person where the actual information is not tampered with and the best way to do that is to use someone who is susceptible to creating multiple personalities.  In such a person, the original knowledge would be safely hidden away inside one of the personalities, while the others would be completely free to be and do what is necessary to continue to bring Satan’s goals to the fore.

Now, what does this have to do with celebrities, if anything?  Celebrities of today are society’s Greek gods.  These people are revered and worshiped to such an extent that many copy what they do, how they talk, what they wear and even going so far as trying to emulate their beliefs.  Again, we can simply go back to the Beatles to see this at work.  Recall that the Beatles wore pointed shoes and had haircuts with bangs.  Kids – including myself – wanted those shoes.  I specifically recall trying to talk my mother into allowing me to have a pair and when she saw how pointed they were, she said no, firmly.  She was concerned about what they might do to my feet if I were to wear them all the time.  Beatles’ haircuts became the rage.

It has become so commonplace for young people to replicate their favorite artist’s dress that I’m not sure it is even recognized anymore.  When the Beatles became known, their shoes and clothing was not the norm, even though a person could buy those things.  Levis and all the other “regular” clothing was still available.  The Beatles’ shoes were in addition to those things.

This is not the case today.  When styles change, they change because of a celebrity or music artist or group.  It is almost as if things have been sync’d so that it isn’t even noticed.

When Madonna became huge, little girls all wanted to dress like her and act like her.  What was sad was to see the moms of these girls also dressing like Madonna in order to show their young daughters that it was fine.  The problem is that much of what was worn (or the way it was worn) by Madonna had overt sexual overtones included.  This is the way it is with many artists and celebrities and what it has done over the past decades is desensitize people to the problems of promiscuity and overt sexuality.

Girls should be girls and boys should be boys.  They should be allowed to grow up within their own time frame.  Instead, what has been happening is this spill down from Hollywood that literally dictates to kids how they are to act, how they should talk, and more.

I have watched too many TV series and movies that have adult words and thoughts coming out of young people who would not, by themselves, think of those things to say.  Young kids watch their peers in a series and they hear what those kid actors are saying and they forget that adults wrote the script and put those words in that kid’s mouth.  The kids that see the series come to believe that those kids on TV or in that movie talk like that in real life.  They then want to talk like that too.  That’s the way peer pressure works.

TV, movies, and music are not what they used to be, when they merely reflected on what existed in society.  They moved away from that a long time ago and have been directing the patterns within society in order to move global society to fulfill its satanically-inspired plan.

When young people become actors, they are immediately thrown into a world of adults.  They quickly learn the way adults think, how they talk, and how they act.  They begin to emulate this behavior and quickly forget about being a kid.  They miss that entire period of their lives and they also pass that same attitude onto the millions of kids who voraciously follow them in this TV series, or that movie, or that new CD.  That is what forms the habits of the kids today, so in one huge sense, the world is being brainwashed at the same time and it is being done by people who have multiple personalities and were hand-picked to be the next “sensation” in the music, movie, or TV industry in order to play ball with the Illuminati.

The most horrific thing now though is that the unwritten code within Hollywood that basically says “play the game or go home” has been outwardly and knowingly adopted by multitudes of people who want what Hollywood has to offer.  These people do not need to be brainwashed because they have brainwashed themselves by willingly tossing out their own moral code in favor of Hollywood’s, which is no moral code at all.

I frankly shudder to think about how much abuse goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood (and again, I’m including the music, TV, and movie business here because it’s the same few corporations that control all of it), in order to prepare the next star or singing sensation for the stage or screen.

I have dabbled in acting.  In fact, I got to the point where I have become what is referred to as SAG-E, or SAG Eligible.  This means that I have enough vouchers from having worked on SAG projects to join SAG should I choose to do that.  It is incredibly difficult to get the necessary vouchers in order to become a member of SAG.  Without being a member of SAG, forget doing any TV series or many movies.  I got mine through a series of working background on SAG movies and knowing some of the people who could decide to provide me with a SAG voucher, instead of a non-SAG voucher.  It’s an interesting system.

To date, I have not joined SAG and see no reason to do so because I am not pursuing an acting career.  However, what little I saw behind the scenes in the world of acting was enough to completely turn me off to it.  I met some interesting people including actors and crew.  A number of crew shared with me stories about how much Hollywood has changed over the years.

Most know of the studio system that existed at one time in Hollywood.  If you were anyone in Hollywood, you were literally owned by a studio.  That studio decided if or what you acted in and what character you portrayed, etc.  For those who were good enough, it offered a sense of security.

Today’s Hollywood is far different.  Everyone – both actors and crew – needs to hustle constantly to find work.  You don’t simply report to the casting office and they send you to a movie lot with instructions.  It is hard work to promote yourself and it is a never-ending job.

Years ago, you might have 25 or 50 people show up for a casting call.  Today, the number might be 300 to 500 or more for one role!  All of those people had better be prepared to do whatever the producer(s) and director wants or there are 499 other people who will.  There is not even a hint of moral fiber within Hollywood anymore, although on the surface, you will be told that it does exist and there are rules.  There might be rules, but those rules are only for people who do not want to go far in Hollywood.  Anyone who wants to go big time, needs to play by another set of rules and those rules involve letting go of every ounce of moral fiber within you in order to rise to the type of stardom for which you are yearning.  There are hundreds and thousands of people who will do anything they are asked to do.  This is brainwashing at its best – when a person does not need to be controlled because they have already been controlled by the effects of Hollywood on society.

This seems to be where the Illuminati is taking the human race, or at least wants to take the human race.  They knew that decades ago, it needed to be done through controlled experimentation.  People needed to be programmed via Svengali-like aptitude.  There was a drastic need to have total control over a person to ensure that the programmer’s will would be accomplished.  Remember, those programmers and those above the programmers are attempting to instill within the victim (or slave) the very ideals and wishes of Satan himself (or Lucifer, as they refer to him).  The slave has no knowledge of this though.  They are merely slaves, victims of the programmer who is doing whatever it takes to direct the course of history to what they believe is an attainable end.

I believe that we are getting to a point – if we are not there already – when God Himself will do what Paul says He will do in 2 Thessalonians 2 and send a delusion so that people will believe the lie.  The text states this, “the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. ,” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12).

In the above text, we see the progression that envelopes humanity:

  1. people refused to receive the love of the truth in order to be saved
  2. this attitude prepares them for the coming lawless one
  3. because of it, God sends them a strong delusion making it easy for them to throw off their own moral code

The reality is that we are coming to a point in society where people – by themselves and without having been programmed – will throw off all that is connected with God.  They will want so much to have what most will never have (fame and fortune) that they will exchange their moral code for that of the world’s.  This will be done so that the Antichrist will be fully received by people who have been overcome through the strong delusion that God sends, allowing this situation to occur.

Antichrist callback is when slaves (again, victims of mind control and brainwashing) are “told” to do things that coincide with the activities of the Antichrist.  The biggest thing that Antichrist stands for is his complete and utter opposition to the God of the universe.  Instead, he proclaims himself to be god and expects those of this world to worship him.

I still cannot believe the way people acted during Mr. Obama’s campaign.  It is almost as if they got so caught up in the moment, they disconnected from their brains.  No one asked the hard questions.  No one used discernment (and I’m talking about those who voted for him).  When an artist depicted Mr. Obama with a crown on his head and arms stretched out as if on the cross, most cheered.  He was referred to as the “Black Messiah” who was ostensibly going to save the world.  It was absolute madness, yet few noticed.

This is the exact thing that Paul says will happen when Antichrist walks onto the world’s stage.  The world will embrace him willingly.  It will become a very heady experience for most and they will not really know why they feel the way they feel.

I firmly believe this world has passed a point of no return.  The need for actually brainwashing people may be passed because it clearly seems that the world is open and ready for the final delusion.  They are offering little to no resistance to it and it honestly seems like it’s only moments away from occurring.

I hope that you will give some deep thought to what has been presented here within the past few days.  It is not something to snicker at because it has likely affected the lives of millions of people, including yours.  Ask yourself some hard questions.  Do your own research.  I’m certainly not done yet.  Find out if what I’m reporting on and others have reported on is true.  If it is, you have a lot to lose if you are unprepared.


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MK Ultra and the Modern Zombie Obama, Bush and the True, Sordid State of Our Cabal Controlled Union

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