MK Ultra and the Modern Zombie

September 22, 2011 at 6:59 PM 6 comments

It is difficult to actually know what to think.  On one hand, we have numerous individuals coming forward in an attempt to not only break free from what they have said has been akin to some major form of mind control.  On the other hand, because there does not seem to be much in the way of actual evidence, it is difficult to sift through the information to learn the actual truth.

MK Ultra – or Project Monarch – has been defined “as a form of structured disassociation and occultic integration, in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework.” [1]

The difficulty for many of us is that when we begin to understand the depths of what MK Ultra/Project Monarch is actually about, it tends to not only boggle the mind, but numb it.  It is very hard for the average individual to see their way clear to believe that something a diabolical as this could actually exist.

As I mentioned in my last post, the information is puzzling with respect to the Bilderbergs and White Dragon Society.  It is so hard for us to truly know what has been going on behind the scenes because the average Joe is simply not privy to it.  We know what we know from the testimony of those who say they have been there and from those who attest that what they are telling us is true.  But for every one of those people who tells us that their experiences are true and actually did happen, there are five more who try to debunk what they say.

For instance, we all know of the more well-known conspiracy theories surrounding the J.F.K. assassination, the moon landing, and 9/11, as merely three examples.  What is true?  Most of us, when having to decide what is true, will go with what appears to be most logical.  Of course we landed a man on the moon!  Of course 9/11 was perpetrated by radical Muslims who hate America!  Of course J.F.K. was killed by Oswald!

The problem is due to the fact that there is little hard evidence to support conspiracy theories and that’s why they are labeled as conspiracy theories.  If there was actually evidence besides circumstantial (and sometimes, even less than that), it would be easier to discuss things out in the open without fear of being called a loon or worse.

With MK Ultra/Project Monarch, the general idea is that people have been brainwashed/programmed from their youth to have numerous personalities.  These personalities are then used by the programmer and/or handler to create a situation where more people become sucked into a system of thought and where they will begin to adopt a certain attitude and demeanor.

Someone might ask, why people need to be programmed or brainwashed at all?  The last thing a programmer wants is the recipient of the brainwashing to experience doubts or become conflicted by their morals.  They need people who are essentially robots, who will do what they are programmed to do and will not balk at their programming.

What is becoming increasingly obvious in many ways is the type of individual who has been the subjected to this type of programming (if in fact it does exist).  There are simply too many cases of child abuse (physically, mentally, emotionally, or all three) to excuse it all as simply coincidence or happenstance.  Why would this play any part in it at all in the first place?  Simply because – according to those who have come forward – abusing children is the surest way to get them to a point where they begin to disassociate.  This then allows them to adopt multiple personalities and the programmer s the one who determines which personalities are developed and how they are to be used.

It stands to reason then if this is all true, that many of these individuals would be used within Hollywood’s system and here I’m including movies, TV, and music.  When TV first came into existence, it was fairly innocuous.  It provided clean entertainment for the household and also allowed people to be updated on news that happened around the country and the world.  Up to this point, news updates were confined to newspapers, print magazines, and newsreels at the movie theaters that played just prior to the movie itself or between movies if it was a double feature.  Because of the way news was delivered before this, it took time to get from point A to point B.  With the advent of TV, news was delivered directly into the home as it happened.

In general, TV portrayed the nuclear family with Dad being the head of the home and mother was in the support role.  Problems which arose were dealt with and handled neatly within the space of 30 minutes.  Nothing was left hanging.

But of course, over time, this was not good enough and people began pushing the envelope.  Of course, in the late 50s and even the early 60s, what was “pushed” was nothing compared to what is the norm for today’s society.  It would have been unheard of to discuss the gay lifestyle, living together out of marriage, or a woman to become pregnant without being married.  These things were likely part of society, however, they were largely kept out of sight.

Decades have passed and even though Hollywood has vociferously denied that they have directed the course of society but merely mirrored it, it seems pretty clear that Hollywood has become a clearing house for foisting its views on society at large.  In essence, the powers that be in Hollywood have been actively directing the course of society.  They have been pushing society to go in specific directions and for this, they need individuals who will be at the forefront of it, taking the heat when needed, but always acting as the traffic cop who decides not only which fads will become the latest, but the actual trajectory that society needs to move in, for specific things to occur.

One might well ask, what is the direction that is needed?  To put it plainly, society is moving toward a point in which one man – call him Maitreya, the Final Mahdi, Messiah, The Christ, or the Antichrist – will rise to rule all of creation.  This is what these dark powers want to happen and they are using people to make it happen.

The Bible tells us that Satan is in charge of the earth and the airways above the earth.  He has been given permission to do what he will do (as long as what he commands does not overstep his boundaries into God’s reign).  Though he was defeated at Calvary with the death and resurrection of Jesus, he is still allowed to be in charge of vast areas above the earth and the earth itself.

I want to be clear here in stating that God will ultimately have His way.  Things proceed as He has clearly delineated.  At the same time, Satan is given tremendous freedom to do what he can to reclaim the earth for all eternity.  This is in spite of the fact that his reign of terror will come to an end, simply because of the aforementioned victory of Jesus over him.

While God will win the battle, Satan works diligently to gain as much ground as he can, believing that he will be supreme in the end.  It is because of this that Satan uses human beings as pawns for his own ends, which he hopes will result in his own glorification.

The interesting thing – if not the most evil aspect of what Satan intends – is that as he works through some individuals to “tame” many others through programs like MK Ultra/Project Butterfly, many of his demons can attach themselves to these people.  If they can attach themselves to them, they can do a great deal more because now they have actual human beings to work through.

This may be difficult to understand or appreciate, but demons in the spiritual realm, while they certainly have power, are limited.  In other words, though I’m not debating that they are powerful beings, I am saying that they are not limitless in power.  Because they are in the spiritual realm (or spiritual dimension, if you will), their power to affect the physical realm is not unlimited because they are not naturally in this physical realm.  Once they become attached to human beings, they then become somewhat associated with the physical realm through those individuals to which they are attached.  If a “legion” of demons can attach themselves to one person, their power through that individual is great indeed.  If other legions of demons can attach themselves to multitudes of human beings, their power to affect and even control things within the physical realm becomes far greater.

What concerns me – and should concern you – is that many of the leaders in the movie, TV, and music industry are essentially godless people.  Think of A-list celebrities.  Can you think of any that proclaim Jesus as Savior and Lord?  The most you will ever hear is that they “thank Jesus” at some awards show.  Rarely does one hear of a A-list celebrity speak of their love and devotion to Jesus of the Bible.  In fact, if you consider the movie or TV roles they have on the page, you’d have to ask who they truly serve.  In most cases, it appears that it is themselves they are serving, not Jesus.

I could give you a complete breakdown of the many fads that have begun because of celebrities of either movie, TV, or movies, but one might suffice.  Think of the Beatles.  This group of moppy-haired young men, who wore suits, ties, and pointed shoes created music for a generation of kids.  Their initial offerings of “I Want t Hold Your Hand” and songs like that were completely innocuous.  Yet, parents were up in arms because the Beatles were a completely unknown, yet totally new commodity that shaped the way music sounded.  Even though they started out with fairly harmless songs, it was not long before they adopted a culture that included transcendental meditation.  By then, millions of kids were hooked on the Beatles and emulated them in as many ways as possible.  There was literally no going back.  In fact, with each new wave, society could not go back, no matter how hard we tried, or how big the push was to revert to what existed before.

When I was a kid growing up with the Beatles, Elvis and the rest, I never dreamed what music would be like today, not in a million years.  What began as basic rock music gave birth to many forms of music, including death metal, grunge, rap, and more.  Much of the music today is severely depressing or at least annoying to hear and this is coming from a drummer who listened to what is now termed “classic rock” with groups like Journey, Boston, Kansas, and others.

But it would appear that all of this has been carefully orchestrated to bring society to a point where violence (both in real life and in the movies and music) is a common theme.  It seems as though the more we see, hear, and experience it, the more inoculated we become to it.  Does anything really shock us anymore?

When TV first began, it was for entertainment.  Now, the push is on reality.  We see people come together in a studio with the end result often being a full-blown fight with the audience encouraging it.  Between those shows and shows likes “Cops” and “Most Daring” or “Gone in 60 Seconds,” we watch life happen (instead of living it) and we become indoctrinated by it.

This is the goal of the dark powers behind everything.  I am talking here about the dark powers who exist in the spiritual dimension, but have crossed over into our physical dimension through their actual attachment to human beings.  They use these human beings to accomplish their goals of infiltrating and directing human affairs for their purposes.

This is why it is so important that these dark powers have at their disposal people who have been completely programmed and brainwashed to do their bidding with hesitation.  I have often wondered about certain celebrities and how they managed to rise to fame as they have done.  Years ago, a person worked in Hollywood for decades before they were often tapped by a studio to become the next Hollywood icon.  Today, it seems that people are literally plucked off the street and placed into the spotlight, with their star rising meteorically and in at least some cases, we cannot help but wonder why.  Many seem to have little talent except to shock and they change their look like a chameleon and just as often.

It does not matter to these dark powers that many of these individuals have a short life as a star.  The only thing that matters is what these individuals are able to achieve, even if their life turns out to be short.  Does anyone forget Kurt Cobain?  How about Jim Morrison of the Doors?  How about Heath Ledger?  It almost seems that these type of celebrities become more important to many within society through their deaths.

What I’m learning is that if MK Ultra/Project Monarch are true and there are millions of individuals (or even hundreds of thousands) who have been programmed to be something they are not, then this world could be headed for something it is not prepared to handle.  It is beginning to make some real sense, if these people have been brainwashed to not only shape people’s awareness and thinking, but also to prepare the world to embrace the coming man of sin.

IF the Bible is true and there is going to be a man who the Bible calls by various names and is known as the Antichrist, then it also stands to reason that Satan would have all of his minions working to create a society in which everyone is moving toward the same goal.  Interestingly enough, that goal – though one main goal – is multifaceted simply because people are that.  Not all people enjoy music.  Not all people like watching movies.  Satan has something for everyone and he is using people to bring everything to a head.

I really think that the overall depth and magnitude of all of this is too impossible for one human being to fully comprehend.  We can gain insight into bits and pieces of it, but it is very difficult to grasp the full picture.  It’s simply too convoluted and too fragmented for us, yet is perfectly understandable for those who are or have been involved in it in some form.

We need to discuss the possibility of aliens and whether or not they exist and if they do, what might their involvement mean.  I hope to discuss this next time, so stay tuned.


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Old World Order and the White Dragon Society Antichrist Callback, MK Ultra, and Brainwashing Society


  • 1. Theo  |  February 1, 2012 at 11:31 AM

    I find one big obstacle to agreeing with you that MK Ultra is a conspiracy ‘theory’ and that is the fact that Bill Clinton, in 1993, came forward and admitted it existed, and APOLOGIZED to the Americans whom it effected.


  • 2. Christian Hart  |  November 27, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    Information on memes and artificial intelligence might also be helpful for your research. Biblical references define these as the ‘Logos’ that sustain power or generate hierarchy, life, structure of the cosmos. I extensively studied artificial intelligence 2000-2002 and used it to sway national public opinion in the US just for fun and my own entertainment, which I realize was wrong, but at the time, I figured if the ‘powers that be’ do it, why shouldn’t I?

    I actually find the idea of ‘free will’ fairly laughable…as the very structure of our thought process is dictated by language, ideology and social hierarchy. Were we to become ‘free’ of the Logos that currently control us, suddenly our ideology and language would be so vastly different from current social structures as to make us almost or completely unintelligible (there was a logical reason for the Lord’s confusing of language in Babylon).

    I think the ‘free will’ ideologies are rooted in evil and misunderstanding of the purpose of humanity on our planet. You were NEVER created to be ‘independent’ of the Lord, this is the ideology of Satan.

    We were created to be dependent upon the Lord, not some separate autonomous being, knowing ‘good’ and ‘evil’, which by the nature of their being are utterly beyond our comprehension…we can’t even ‘call up the dawn’…in what way could we ‘know the infinite nature of good and evil’…hahaha. The purpose of humanity was to Be in Joy as a sub-creator and caretaker of the Earth with the Lord as our Master (the Key of David is the idea [meme] of dependence and service, not thinking that WE are somehow equal, in ANY way, to the Lord our God).

    As the word means little without the will…we were created as caretakers and co-creators means that we are given ‘will’ as the gift of Lord to help us create and maintain the earth. It was the relationship between us and the Father that Satan strove to divide and the will with his inserted Logos he still strives to manipulate.

    Once the division between man and the Lord was arrived at he found it easy to bend the ‘will’ of a [minor] ‘creator’ to his purposes because all that you know of society, structure and language falls under the structure of his Logos, and it is his intent to utilize creative will, under the authority of his Logos, to challenge the Lords authority (ie we are weaponized to the purpose of Satan…even the ‘best’ the most ‘righteous’ of us, our efforts and struggles, power, wealth and achievement, without the Lord, is simply the vanity [sin] all creation labors under).

    However, division was and is the theme and of some purpose in the foundation of creation as the Lord divided to produce everything we know (revisit Genesis) where everything is divided (and called ‘good’ by the Father) as it is brought into being. Nor is the purpose of Satan ‘outside’ of the plan and will of the Almighty…so for now we are divided from our Lord, but not without a greater purpose to this division, as nothing exists outside the Will of God.

    Still, all that we focus on, society, strife, power, war, poverty, hierarchy are the expressions of the Logos of Satan and not the source. In the same way a pot of water which boils on the surface is not the source of the heat (flames under the pot) but the expression of the systems function and purpose.


    • 3. modres  |  November 28, 2011 at 6:16 AM

      I would also agree that the idea of “free will” is not something humanity enjoys. Adam and Eve did. Lucifer did. Jesus did and of the four, only Jesus did not succumb to the temptation to use His free will to rebel against God.

      Our “free will” – such as it is – is corrupted. Our current propensity is to rebel against God, every time.

      Through authentic salvation, the individual begins the process toward becoming what God intended all humanity to be – fully free to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. This will not occur for the person (even though saved) until the next life, when all vestiges of the sin nature are removed.


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  • 5. abandonculture  |  September 23, 2011 at 6:15 AM

    That was an interesting read – thanks. It’s quite rare to read the thoughts of someone who neither dismisses the whole idea as nonsense, or fully subscribes to everything they’ve ever read about the subject.

    I think it can be helpful to approach the whole subject from the point of view of mind power first. The mind is a very, very powerful thing! Far more powerful than we are generally lead to believe. That power has clearly been played down, in fact it has been socialized right out of us. And now it seems it is also being medicated out of us too.

    Even our (western) concept of ‘mind’ (as being merely electrical stimuli in the brain) is demeaning!

    Then we have the concept of ‘mind control’. After researching this subject for myself for a while it suddenly hit me that I viewed this term entirely in the negative sense. The flip side of ‘mind control’ (the control over someone else’s mind) is, er… ‘mind control’ (control over one’s own mind). Yet we never speak of ‘mind control’ in that positive sense! We gain control over our bodies (gymnastics, football, dance, martial arts etc) but never think to increase our mind’s prowess in similar ways and for similar reasons (for enjoyment, for health, for art and just because we can!).

    And so perhaps the most fundamental basis of (negative) mind control is the removal from society of the very idea of having any real control over our (own) minds in the first place. Once this is achieved, and once whatever knowledge of mind control techniques is suppressed and kept from the masses, entire populations can be mind controlled with relative ease.

    As Cathy O’Brien (see below) says, mind control is really a sliding scale ranging from mass indoctrination, superstition, programming a populations belief systems etc …… all the way up to trauma based mind control (and no doubt beyond….).

    As Cathy also rightly says “Knowledge is our only defense against mind control”

    Researching this vast subject(s) not only provides immunity from being controlled but also opens up a huge area of exploration – rather like discovering physical exercise for the first time ever!

    An interesting analysis of MK Ultra themes and symbolism in modern pop culture (music / movies etc) can be found here.

    See also its sister site dealing with the esoteric here

    From that site you can read (or show to others) a great introduction to MK Ultra / Project Monarch called Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control.

    MK Culture is a youtube channel with many interesting videos about this MK Ultra in the entertainment industry, such as this video

    And presumably you’ve heard of Cathy O’Brien right?

    Once you realise the easewith which we can all be influenced, and see how much this knowledge is used by the political/ corporate / media establishment it is shocking! (and of course enlightening)


    • 6. modres  |  September 23, 2011 at 6:37 AM

      Thanks for writing and for including the additional information, you are correct when you speak of just how vast this subject is making it very difficult to zero in on all the subtlties.


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