Transhumanism on the Rise

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I’ve written about the growing subject and reality of what is known as transhumanism before. One of these articles can be read here: Transhumanism and the Antichrist.

Ultimately, transhumanism is the push for immortality, by combining humanity with artificial intelligence and cyber technology. Everyone wants to live forever. The only people who are able to make a strong go of it are those who have so much money, they don’t know what to do with it. So, after buying everything they want, they begin to focus on their longevity. It is amazing what money can buy. It would not surprise me if they can afford to buy “cures” that we commoners don’t even know about.

However, so far, no one has been able to successfully bypass the Grim Reaper, but it is interesting to note how old some of the richest people in the world become before they end up giving up the ghost. David Rockefeller, who recently passed away at the ripe old age of 100, was the patriarch of the Rockefeller clan. He was still walking upright when the Reaper came for him. Rockefeller had his $$$$ in many things, things designed to bring about a new world order (NWO), which includes a one-world government. We know from the Bible that this will be achieved one day and it will only be achieved because God will allow it, not because humanity wants it.

The future of this one-world government is a throwback to Genesis 11 where people all came together under Nimrod (the first type of Antichrist). He was described as a “hunter of men” and was already a king over kingdoms (Genesis 10). The people – as one – followed Nimrod, so enamored were they with his leadership and charisma. As we know, God “came down” and introduced new languages to all those following Nimrod. This act forced people to move off together in smaller culture groups with other people whose language they understood. It is interesting because ever since that time, the world has tried to move together as one again. They call this “multiculturalism” and in reality, it’s nothing more than a form of Cultural Marxism. It has foisted on society the erroneous belief that if people of different cultures and languages are all thrown in together, they will learn to treat each other as equals. This is patently false.

Along with this push toward unity or multiculturalism, we are also seeing a major push toward longevity or “immortality.” People want to live forever so they reach for anything that will help them achieve it, even if in reality, it can never be achieved. That’s what makes it similar to multiculturalism because neither can ever be truly achieved. There always must be the designated enemy to make people believe the goal is achievable.

Chasing after immortality in this life is a foolish quest. In this case, the designated enemy is death. Everyone can come together seeing death as the enemy and try to do something about it. This has created the transhumanism movement. As I mentioned in my referenced article from 2011, “In a nutshell, it is the science of crossing the DNA of one species with that of another.  It also includes creating robotic-type limbs and even complete individuals that can connect with or have some type of interplay with human beings” using what is known as artificial intelligence (AI).

The goal is to live longer, eventually conquering death itself; ultimately becoming immortal. Whether readers believe in this or not, the truth is that there is a massive push toward it. In 2015, the website Energetic Synthesis published an article called, Transhumanism. The stated belief or premise is as follows.

We are standing at the precipice of a massive evolutionary transformation that impacts the future development of the human race on this planet.  Will we evolve as organic living consciousness or potentially, be infected and hijacked by artificial dead intelligences?  Many of us can sense the red carpets of AI, being rolled toward humanity from multiple angles now.

Go to any New Age website and you’ll read articles and thoughts on this very subject. It is taken as gospel today for many. Some commentators believe that this actually occurred to an extent prior to the days of Noah due to a mingling of fallen angels with human beings. I’ve dealt with that subject in several books and articles, so I won’t rehash it here. Whether it happened or not is debatable certainly, but I think it bears noting that angels are extremely powerful beings. If we look at their capabilities in the New Testament alone, we know that they are not limited by the laws of physics in this realm as human beings are here. We do not fully understand the power they wield and some in Scripture seem to have more power than other angels. They can appear to eat food, they can appear and disappear. They can walk through walls, and do many other things. Clearly, they exist in another realm and coming into our realm may not necessarily limit them.

What if certain angels fell and actually found a way to impregnate women before Noah? I realize that Jesus said that believers who die and go to heaven will be like the angels who are neither married or given in marriage but Jesus is simply commenting on the way He as Creator designed things to work. We know that at least 1/3 of the angelic host rebelled against God and fell. According to Scripture, some sinned so terribly that they were immediately put in chains and kept in darkness until the coming day of judgment (Jude 1:6; 2 Peter 2:4). Obviously, not all angels have been sequestered because many roam around as fallen angels – demons – that existed during Jesus’ day and certainly still exist in our day.

My point is that whether these fallen angels/demons actually impregnated women or found another way to create a transhuman race of giants, the truth appears to be that something happened to bring about giants that created havoc throughout the world, leaving virtually nothing untouched by their evil, except Noah and his immediate family. I find it also fascinating that there were no dinosaurs and other creatures on the Ark, yet the fossil remains tell us that they existed. Why were they not on the Ark? Is it because they were “created” through the science of cross-breeding, or simply because God decided He didn’t want their line to continue?

Since time immemorial, man has always tried to do what he could to live forever. Many ancient civilizations provide testimony of what they did in their attempts to accomplish this feat. None have been successful, but still society continues to try. Because of this modern high-tech, digital age, many believe we are on the cusp of some major discoveries that will usher us into the next push toward actual immortality. I have no doubt that God will keep that from happening. Unfortunately, many will be deceived through the attempts.

The study and science of AI has become a major field of endeavor. More and more scientists are doing whatever they can to learn more about this field, how it works, what it’s capabilities are, and how it might be used in conjunction with bio-technology to enhance human lives and ultimately, to usher in immortality. Here is just one short video where it appears the speaker is talking about a human hybrid. While he admits it gets into the area of science fiction, he notes it is some sort of “merger with biological intelligence and machine intelligence,” or the human machine.

In reality, this is not new, is it? People have had artificial joints (knees, hips, etc.), installed into their bodies to replace their worn out joints. We’ve all heard of cochlear implants that allow a deaf person to “hear.” Beyond this, there are chips that can be installed in a precise location in the brain to help blind people “see.” These types of artificial applications can be truly beneficial to those who need them. Society has gotten used to these things.

But the big jump is coming about because of the aforementioned AI capabilities. How will that work? What will it mean for humanity? Interestingly enough, there was a booth at a recent tech show in which it appears as though the company – PSYCHASEC – was showing off what they called their “sleeves” (as can be seen in the above video, toward the end). Sleeves are human bodies fitted with a disc that allegedly has on record everything there is about a person. It is inserted into the back of the neck and when the “sleeve” (human body) wears out, the disc can simply be removed and placed into another “sleeve” providing “eternal life” or immortality for the person.

Fortunately, this is not reality. It turns out that the Psychasec booth at the trade show was an interesting way to provide an ad for an upcoming NETFLIX show. Nonetheless, this interest in combining artificial intelligence with robotics and actual human biology is progressing. Man has always wanted to play God. In reality though since no one can make something out of nothing (as God can), man’s so-called creative ability is severely limited. The most we can do is take things that already exist and rearrange molecules and/or combine them with other things to come up with something “new.” In the end, it’s not a creation at all. It’s a manipulation of something that already exists.

Mosanto does this with everything on God’s green earth. They take existing plants, fruit trees, or vegetables, and cross-breed them or hybridise them to come up with a new variation. Once they do, they then “patent” it and it becomes their protected property. Then, they do what they can to take the original forms off the market so that only their product is available. They’ve been trying to create the perfect statin (cholesterol medication), for years. Nothing works better than high doses of niacin though and there are no problematic side effects like the statins produced by Big Pharma. If they ever become successful at it though, you can bet real niacin would become very difficult to find.

On one hand, it’s always good when science can truly discover things that help us to live a bit longer and in better health. That’s a good thing. The idea of being able to live forever in this life is asinine. We’re not meant to do that because in our fallen state, we would simply go from bad to worse…forever without dying. I cannot imagine that state. God stopped that from happening after removing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placing angels to guard it to keep them from going back in and eating of the tree of life (Genesis 3).

In effect, everyone will live forever. Unfortunately, for those who die without Christ, their “forever” will literally be the second death. They will experience God’s wrath without end for ever and ever. Not a pretty picture at all. Only true believers in Jesus will live in a blessed forever. This life is what it is because of the sin of humanity that our first parents invited into God’s perfect world. We ruined His Creation. We destroy what we touch. The Creation groans. One day, the curse will be lifted but it won’t be due to transhumanism. It will be simply because God removes it.


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