Has Q Been Comped and/or Taken Over by Black Hats?

May 14, 2018 at 11:43 AM 4 comments

Word on the Internet is that Q, the individual/team who drops crumbs of “Intel” in the form of questions on the 8Chan boards has been completely comped and taken over by the “black hats” of the CIA. How have people arrived at this conclusion? It mainly started when Q posted the following post regarding certain individuals whom he did not name, who are more interested in making money off of their alleged patriotism than furthering the patriotic movement.

Immediately, Anons began naming names and several of those named became anti-Q instantly. All of a sudden, Q was “comped,” completely taken over by the black hats. Q’s post here from April 29th is a simple caution to people because there are people on the ‘Net who are attempting to profit from this movement. In other crumbs after this one, Q pointed out that these same individuals whom he again did not name, are not only attempting to make money off of this whole patriot movement, but are co-opting and even changing the message for their own selfish gain. A few of the names bandied about are Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi. These individuals have desperately tried to make names for themselves and clearly, the presence of Q has created an untenable situation for them.

Prior to Q, Alex Jones was often the go-to guy for conspiracy and what many believed to be truthful alternative media. It’s very difficult to know and personally, I find it very difficult to listen to Jones simply because of his voice, which grates on my nerves. It is also amazing that so many of these types of people claim to have true “insiders” and in some cases, those insiders are actually in the White House with Trump, or they are very high up in other agencies.

As can be seen in a Q post from May 11, this issue is addressed. Q flatly denies that anyone who says they have “insiders” feeding them Intel is lying. They do not have any real insiders, though they may have persons feeding them some type of information, but Q promises that they are not truly insiders.

One of the things I’ve begun noticing on social networks is now patriots are becoming divided over whether or not Q is the real deal or whether he’s been comped and replaced. They’re losing focus on the message and focusing in on the person, Q. I have to wonder how he could be comped/replaced? Unless he was physically kidnapped, tied up and thrown in a closet somewhere (or worse), it is difficult to believe that the real Q would remain silent. Yet, this is what people like Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones and many average patriots are buying into here.

One individual on Twitter recently came at me out of the blue. Said she was GOP and provided me all kinds of “proof” that she worked for the GOP of Florida. She also almost came unhinged because of my cautiously optimistic outlook where Q is concerned. She said she was previously pro-Q, but then realized he had been comped. She stated without equivocation or proof that Q is a “Dem psyop” and I should start talking to the GOP candidates in Florida to learn the truth. It made absolutely no sense so I asked her if she could show me one post where she could prove that Q had been wrong.

She came back with a quote allegedly from Q about Hillary Clinton’s arrest. Here is the actual post that ended up on the Q board. If you look carefully at the three grouped postings here, notice that it was an ANON (not Q), who made the post about Hillary’s arrest, saying, “Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM – 8:30 AM EST on Monday – the morning on Oct 30, 2017.” Notice the tripcode of the person making that statement is ID: gb953qGI.

Shortly after that post, the real Q posted the following: “HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.” Notice his tripcode is ID: BQ7V3bcW.

A few hours later, this same Q with the same tripcode provided even more information, starting with, “Mockingbird
HRC detained, not arrested (yet)…” Q is saying HRC was not going to actually be arrested…yet. He disagreed with the Anon who posted that erroneous information about HRC. But in reality, how would we KNOW whether HRC was arrested under present conditions? Would MSM report it? Wouldn’t HRC bail out quietly? Of course.

Every time Q has either changed his tripcode or created a new board, he has announced it. It’s no mystery. He’s provided a heads up to everyone. This is not what happens when someone is “comped.” There have been many attacks on the 8Chan boards trying to shut Q down, which is why, in some cases, he’s had to change his board and/or tripcode. In the most recent case, Q actually forgot to include one “digit” when he went to post, which left his password visible. A Board Admin immediately caught it and brought it to Q’s attention. Q then changed his password and explained what had happened. By then Jerome Corsi tweeted out that Q had been “comped” and it grew like wildfire. Q’s explanation was perfectly satisfactory but people don’t want to accept it.

But notice the person who came at me on Twitter against Q quoted the ANON who stated that Hillary would be arrested and she passed that information to me as if Q was the one who had made the statement. It’s clear though that Q did not make that original statement regarding Hillary Clinton. Q did not say she would be arrested. He said extradition was in motion and she was briefly detained. Logically, people want to know why this was not in the news? Ask yourself if you really think mainstream media (MSM) would actually report on that if they did learn of it? Think logically, as Q often says. The goal of the MSM appears to be to attack President Trump at all costs. He is continually held up as the villain in all of this, while the Bushes, the Obamas, the Clintons, and many, many others are held up as the “victims” of Trump’s Russia collusion narrative.

Q has changed his tripcode numerous times. It’s not a secret and shortly after he began posting, he incorporated the letter “Q” into the top left hand portion of his posts, followed by his tripcode. There have been many people who have tried to imitate Q by literally typing in Q letter and tripcode in a post on 8Chan, but when that occurs, everything is BOLDED and cannot be posted without being bolded. Q’s actual posts are not in bold.

Here’s just one example of an actual Q post responding to an Anon. Note that Q’s post is underneath the Anon post (because Q is responding to that post), and that Q’s post has the tripcode and the capital letter “Q” next to his tripcode. Note the Anon’s post also has a tripcode, which is different from Q’s.

When Q posts on his actual board (which is a closed, protected board that can only normally be posted on by Q himself), generally speaking only Q’s posts are seen there. His posts also appear on the Qresearch boards on 8Chan and they are “mirrored” on several other boards, but Q only posts on one board.

Notice in the image, the word “Anonymous” is in BOLD type. When a person posts to an 8Chan board, to remain anonymous, they normally leave all fields empty except what they want to actually say. When they post their message, the filters on the board automatically fill in the “name” field with the word “Anonymous” in bold. There have been some folks who have filled out these fields by putting in their name and/or email address and in those cases, their name and email address would appear in BOLD. In those cases, Board Admins continuously remind people NOT to do that because it removes their anonymity. We can see though how a person might try to imitate or pretend to be Q by simply typing in his actual tripcode, but again, it would appear in BOLD type, which is NOT the way Q’s actual tripcode appears and there is no way to NOT bold it when manually typing it in like that.

Q has repeatedly warned that the attacks (on him and his message), will get worse, that the entire Q phenomenon will be seen more and more like a “conspiracy” theory. This is exactly what the MSM has been doing for some time and now that people like Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones and others have outed themselves as “pay-triots,” they’ve become angry, defensive, and are now in attack mode.

People on social networks are somewhat divided. Some even think because Q used the word “profit” as a bad thing (in this case), he sounds more like Bernie, the Socialist than a true patriot. But when left in context, I think Q’s point is exceedingly simple. Look at it yourself and decide. It seems to me that Q is pointing out that all patriots are in this together and the actual information is coming from Q himself. He is not charging anyone for the information he provides, yet there are many on the social networks who want to earn money from providing this same information, so they set up PayPal accounts where others can “donate” to the cause to allow them to continue to do their “research.”

Q will post and the Anons will immediately get to work on the research. What Anons uncover is often remarkable and they don’t charge anyone for their efforts. Why? Because they are true patriots as Q appears to be. They want what is best for this country and are willing to put effort and energy into spreading the world.

Others are in it for their own monetary gain. Q saw this happening and gave us warnings, again without mentioning any one person specifically. It is interesting to see who immediately became defensive and then virulently anti-Q. Look at the first few lines of the May 12 post pictured.

  • They attempted to infiltrate, repackage & rebrand as their own.
  • Profit-vehicle.
  • Destroy through [misinformation].
  • Absorb the ‘confused’.
  • Re-route traffic to other platforms.

It is interesting to watch patriots argue about this. They say it profiting shouldn’t matter, that we’re all in this together and who cares if someone makes money off of the process? These very same people would probably have a severe problem with those within the area of religion who are also in it for the profit of it. They would not speak kindly of them. People who are involved in religion for profit are easily seen by most people. They often turn people away from the church because of their greed. Yes, on one hand, they preach a “message” of faith that on the surface appears to be true and biblical. However, it becomes patently clear that they are also twisting the message to enrich themselves.

In fact, religious charlatans are guilty of subverting the true Christian message to make themselves appear to be the go-to person in their movement, often espousing “new” truth. They will often use “insider” verbiage like, “Jesus spoke to me and said…” or something similar, which gives the impression that they are not only “in the know,” but God’s point person. They gather people around them because people conclude that hearing them is essentially as good as hearing God directly. After a while, the twisted and outright lies constantly preached end up brainwashing people into thinking that if they let go of that individual, they will no longer hear any truth.

In a similar way, those who allege to be “patriots” (“pay-triots”), in the Q movement may be doing what they do for their own personal enrichment and self-aggrandizement. They’re somewhat easy to spot on the social networks because they often have an extremely large following but only follow a few people back in return. They are building their kingdom.

When I follow someone, I’ll give them a week to return the favor and if they don’t, I unfollow them. It’s a shame that people are often so deceptive, but this is certainly one of the reasons Jesus told us to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves (Matthew 10:16). We need to use critical thinking skills, not simply follow everyone without thinking.

Has Q been comped? I don’t think so. There have been numerous Q crumbs that were signed “Q+” which some take to mean that Q is more than one person, but that there might be one specific person doing most of the posting. I am cautiously optimistic about Q and the crumbs that have been provided to us. Things appear to be in motion. Those who rail against Q and continue to state they are patriots seem to protest too much, in my opinion.

However, because of the level of corruption throughout our federal (and some states), government, things may not change drastically until after the coming November midterm elections. In fact here is a post (April 19), from an Anon (top) with Q’s response underneath it. Notice the emphasis on November 11 (11.11). This is after the upcoming midterms. Once the alleged “blue wave” crashes and burns with more GOPr’s winning Congressional seats, things will go much faster. Right now, President Trump is still waiting for roughly 300 of his appointments to be confirmed by the Senate and as we know, Dems/RINOs are obfuscating the entire process. They are hoping to gain a majority in the midterms to impeach Trump. Q implies that with all the corrupt federal/state judges, even if people were arrested now, what might happen to them with these corrupt judges in place? We see one judge after another in USA releasing illegal aliens though they were arrested for serious crimes. This level of corruption must be dealt with and it can only be dealt with by replacing those judges with ones who are not corrupt and who will defend and uphold Constitutional law.

Q has stated that the midterms are “safe” and I take that to mean voter fraud has been controlled or cut off so that no cheating will occur this November. This will mean because of integrity of the voting system, Dems won’t win through unethical means. More true Republicans will gain victories and be sworn in to support President Trump’s agenda to make America great and by that, he means to bring the USA back under the rule of Constitutional law.

Is Q comped or taken over by black hats? I don’t believe so. The idea is ridiculous actually. Is Q on the level? I’m cautiously optimistic and it is one of those situations where only time will tell for certain. If you are not in Q’s camp, I would ask you to try to be cautiously optimistic about things. Take a wait and see attitude. Be sure to vote this November and make your voice heard. Staying home and not voting will only help the opposition.

I’d also like to suggest that people don’t get too caught up in all of this. Aside from praying, from voting, from trying to wake people up, there’s not really a lot the average person can do. All of this will simply have to play up and if we spend our time getting caught up in all of this, life will pass by and we won’t even notice. We are (possibly) privileged to know that things are in the works to destroy the corruption that has taken over America. It didn’t get there overnight and it will take a while for it to be dealt with before things become truly noticeable.

One of the biggest indicators that Q is the real deal is how angry the Left is becoming. If they were laughing all of this off, that would tell us one thing, but the fact that they are vehemently opposed to Trump and severely angry with him means that things are in danger of coming out about their corruption.

This has been a rather long post and I thank you for reading all of it. I will be back with aspects of Q’s recent posts on the Iran situation. Others have done the grunt work and I’ll be including what they have to say. It’s fascinating and what we are going to likely see is a potential regime change in Iran leading to more peaceful times. Imagine that. Stay tuned.

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It’s Really About Obedience, Pt 2 Music That Moves the Emotions


  • 1. Scholar of Decline (@infocyde)  |  May 14, 2018 at 12:50 PM

    First of all, I hope Q is legit. I’d love that Sessions is really a good guy (doubt it), that there are 20,000+ sealed indictments ready to go (doubt it), that the treasonous cabal will be rounded up, brought to justice, and sent to places like Guantanamo (hopefully but really doubt it). All these things I would shout for joy over.

    Yet…there have been other issues with Q, like did a sub really launch a missile at Hawaii, or was that a ploy to trigger the some servers that the white hats couldn’t get at in Hawaii to auto backup to the mainland where Trump friendlies could get them? From my understanding Q has floated both these narratives, well if he was an insider from the beginning, why would his story change?

    And all the secret decoder ring stuff. Is that really necessary? Those 200 more chars for each Q post to flush things out that tough to type? It bugs me.

    But what really bugs me is that Q is the ultimate gift horse. Dropping clues about things that others have researched for years, yet Q is like a dream come true, out of nowhere, dishing out exactly what we would all like to hear…that usually doesn’t happen. So when it does happen jaded people who have been looking into this stuff for years are cautious.

    I’ve seen some great articles describing techniques that are used to co-opt the Q movement and sow discontent against Q. Good stuff. Yet you can flip those psyop tools right back at Q supporters and they fit as well.

    I don’t know ultimately if Q is legit or not. If I had to bet I would bet no. But I would be happy to be surprised as the narrative Q presents I most definitely would like to see. But I worry that people are drinking in the Q honey post and getting a buzz and not moving in certain areas like they should. Sessions IMHO is a deep state plant, and I’m not a johny come lately to that conclusion, I’ve been saying it for months. Sessions is there to buy time for Mueller to find something, anything, and it is teasonous IMHO. Q defends “stealth” Sessions. I think buying into that is a mistake.

    As to Corsi and Jones, they are protecting their empires. Alex is a bit crazy and rubs people raw. He is said things that are outright untrue and have had guest on that were horrible. And he has gotten worse as of late. I’ve only ever been able to take Alex in small doses. Some say he is controlled opposition. Perhaps. Caution in putting a lot of weight on Alex is just as advisable as putting a lot of weight on Q. But I must say I’ve been exposed to a lot of people who’s research I respect a lot through Alex Jones over the years. And Alex has prepped the battlefield so to speak, for better or for worse, for a lot of people to even be able to think outside the mainstream. Corsi I don’t follow so I can’t say much about him.

    I don’t discourage anyone from reading about Q or the stuff posted on social media to the various Q hashtags. A whole lot of people are being introduced to things that they would normally ignore. That is great up to a point. But I wouldn’t get complacent reading Q stuff, keep your eyes and ears tuned to other sources and stay hungry, don’t become complacent and “trust the plan” that may or may not be fiction.

    One thing is for sure God is using Trump to clean house. You don’t have to be convinced either way about Q to see that plainly. And would good thing that Q post often include is telling us to pray. If everything else is a psyop but we still all do that for our nation and our leaders we will be better off.


    • 2. modres  |  May 14, 2018 at 1:46 PM

      Hi Scholar,

      Thanks for your well-thought out response. I can absolutely appreciate where you’re coming from, which is why I am “cautiously optimistic.” If push came to shove, I’m not sure if I could actually prove Q is legit (even to myself), but like you, I’m hopeful.

      People seem to forget that Q has stated he WILL provide disinfo from time to time because there are so many “black hats” and naysayers reading his posts too. The disinfo throws them off the scent. We see this all the time with fake news MSM, when they go off on tangents. Of course, some will try to come back and use that disinfo against him and those who follow Q, but it’s all in the specific wording from Q.

      I’ve actually gone all the way back to the FBI Anon who posted one evening in October of 2016. He said many of the same types of things that Q states. But Q has – I believe – given us so much more, including photos of “real time” events. If he is a “larp” or “psyops” then it’s actually a very well thought out one. Yes, Q MIGHT actually be a true psyops, but I’m not convinced of that yet. I lean more toward Q being legitimate.

      I can also understand why Q is often so cryptic in his posts. I think he is deliberately that way to mask unequivocal and clear truth. Some of what he says can be taken several ways and I think that’s for his own protection if we ever learned who Q is…

      Regarding the “missile” launch in Hawaii, I’m not sure if a missile was actually launched and destroyed OR if just the command was given allowing data from Hawaii’s NSA servers to be automatically backed up to the mainland NSA servers. It IS interesting to note that the Clintons were also in Hawaii at the same time Trump was there and when the missile EBS announcement went out. Whether an actual missile was launched or simply the command given to make it APPEAR as though a missile was launched is kind of moot in my mind. The REASON for the whole thing was to obtain data from the servers in Hawaii and that part was successful. I don’t recall reading any reports of an actual missile firing or being picked up on radar.

      I believe Sessions is completely legitimate and he is deliberately slow-walking everything until the midterms in November when more true GOP people will be elected and changes in judicial appointments and Trump’s nominations can be confirmed. Once that happens, Dems and RINOs will be outnumbered and federal government can begin to run according to actual constitutional law. Q has addressed this multiple times. The biggest thing in his favor is the number of people voting against Sessions as opposed to Rosenstein, who was essentially a shoe-in. Sessions was NOT wanted in that position at all, just like Pompeo and Haspel. The fact that Trump still has 300 or so nominees waiting to be confirmed by Senate also tells me that the Senate does not want those folks in position either. With the way things have gone, I’m very surprised Gorsuch was actually approved. That is HUGE in and of itself.

      I agree with you that no one should simply accept everything Q says without doing independent research. That is a must and I still think that, in large measure, the Anons provide a great service for that. Yes, you have to filter through garbage to find some great research, but it’s worth it in the end.

      There are also people on Twitter who seem dialed into Q posts and regularly post their conclusions without asking for a dime in return. They just want the message out there and they’ve clearly put some work into things. They don’t appear to be there just to build their numbers/kingdom.

      The bottom line for me is that things appear to be moving in a good direction, toward the rule of law, but of course, we cannot see MUCH of what MIGHT be happening. I think it’ll probably remain that way until November for the most part. If Kerry was arrested now for “treason,” what would happen? His lawyers would shop around to find a Leftwing judge who would throw the whole thing out. The same would happen if McCabe, Comey, Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Stzrok, Page, and numerous others were officially arrested and charged. We both know that there are so many corrupt judges out there who are opposed to the Constitution and would work to clear guilty parties rather than be blind justice.

      Only time will tell and I’ve had to school myself to accept the fact that this whole process is going to take time. In any case, Q is doing me no harm at all. There are so many things out of my hands that I cannot control. Q is one of them, but I appreciate the “theater” of it all and can only hope that it’s real and working toward the big remedy.


  • 3. Phil  |  May 14, 2018 at 11:59 AM

    Terrific work! Thank you.


    • 4. modres  |  May 14, 2018 at 1:46 PM

      Thank YOU and you’re welcome!


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