Trump Has Picked SCOTUS Kennedy Replacement

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Brett Kavanaugh was announced last night at 9:00 pm as President Trump’s pick to replace retiring Justice Kennedy, to the Supreme Court. As expected, those on the Left have a major problem with it because by most accounts, Kavanaugh is a Constitutional Centrist, meaning he will dedicate himself to interpreting the Constitution as written by the Founding Fathers. This as opposed to someone like Ruth Bader Ginsburg who came out not long ago during her visit to North Africa (Egypt) stating that she would not look to the US Constitution as reference when Egyptians created their own document after the fall of Mubarak.

Ginsburg also complained that the US Constitution is the oldest document though America is a relatively new country compared to the many others throughout the world. This is a non-argument because if the Constitution works, it should be left alone. But for the Left, it doesn’t work because it does not prop up and support their “Social Justice Warrior” syndrome. Essentially, the Left goes largely by “feelz,” which simply means that they base truth on how they feel about something. Because of this, they routinely fail to see their own bigotry, racism, and misogyny, all the while vilifying conservatives for doing the things they (the Left) do as routine.

The problem really boils down to the fact that when you determine your truth based on how things feel, you are not only often wrong, but constantly swaying from side to side. You literally become like a small boat tossed about on the waves of the sea. You have no anchor and it is easy to become swept up in the emotionally-charged issues of the day.

It was a bit humorous to see on social networks those who pounced as soon as President Trump announced his pick. One group – the Women’s March – tweeted out their statement but had neglected to replace “XX” with Brett’s actual name. They retweeted the corrected version a bit later.

Others are filled with woe and dread as they are concerned that Kavanaugh will lead the charge to eradicate women’s “reproductive rights” (aka, abortion). This is nonsense and even if the highest court in the land chose to overturn Roe v Wade, they could not do so unless a brand new argument was brought to the court. Even if they did overturn it – which will very likely not happen – the decision about abortion would simply revert back to the states themselves, with each state determining whether or not women could have abortions.

But those on the Left have been ginning up the fear ever since Donald J. Trump was elected and show no real sign of slowing down. However, that said, what is becoming obvious is that they are doing all they can to resist and obfuscate.

Last night, in front of the Supreme Court building in DC, a crowd gathered outside and became a bit raucous. Police wound up dispersing the crowd. FOX News anchors left the scene for the safety of their studio. The picture posted on MSM gave the impression that there were a lot of people at the event creating a problem. One gentleman stepped across the street and took a picture of the scene showing that the crowd was far smaller than the MSM was trying to make people believe, but this is one of the ways MSM creates a narrative.

The Left wants us to believe that with every decision President Trump makes, the world is on the brink of something terrible. We were warned that with the election of Trump, the USA would be at war with North Korea. We were told with the passage of tax reform that the national debt would skyrocket and unemployment would increase. None of these things happened. Every step has been met with cries of the sky is falling and it’s really gotten old.

Regardless of what you might think of Q, I find it fascinating that he is often correct in spite of the disinfo that he at times will spread (through the ambiguity of his posts). Recently, Q posted about a person he calls “NoName.” It is generally accepted that this is a reference to Sen. John McCain, whom Q has called a traitor to America. The Left almost always defends McCain, which tends to prove that he is not a conservative in any way, shape or form. The fact that the Left likes McCain proves he is not conservative.

Q’s recent post makes an interesting claim and please note Q posted this on June 30th in response to an Anon’s statement (top in image). The Anon was concerned that John McCain was going to get away with his treason. Q wrote to assure the anon about the upcoming SCOTUS pick and confirmations. Q specifically states, “No Name Action,” meaning, watch how McCain responds to the President’s pick.

Interestingly enough, McCain recently tweeted out the following tweet from his TWITTER account:

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has impeccable credentials & a strong record of upholding the Constitution. He is widely respected as a fair, independent & mainstream judge. I look forward to the Senate moving forward with a fair & thorough confirmation process

That’s interesting, isn’t it? While many on the Left are crying the sky is falling, McCain is actually supporting the President’s pick. Why? Not sure because things have occurred behind the scenes. Q knew and he told us to be on the lookout for McCain’s comments. Turns out, McCain approves of Kavanaugh.

This fact will make it very difficult for Schumer and others to fight hard to keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed. McCain is actually siding with President Trump against those who he has supported since at least Obama’s time as president. McCain is on his way out, said to be in the last stages of cancer. He is still a senator and instead of stepping down, he continues as a placeholder, rarely voting on anything. Chances are good that he will not be part of the confirmation process for Kavanaugh, but his words speak volumes as a rebuke to Schumer and others who do not want Brett Kavanaugh because he reveres and will uphold the Constitution.

I just finished reading through the last three chapters of Proverbs this morning in my daily Bible reading. Throughout the Proverbs, we are reminded of evil, duplicitous people and how they work and live. They seem to get away with much, but we know that in the end, they will be judged as they each stand alone before God having to give an account of their actions, words, and lives. It won’t be pretty for them and will end in their eternal death (called the second death), where they will be tormented forever and ever.

While we don’t glory in that, we understand that our lives’ actions and words have consequences. We would appreciate – like the writers of Proverbs – if something actionable occurred against evil people now in order to help put them on the correct path so that they do not spend their eternity separated from God in torment. That’s what we pray and hope for, yet we also know that too many will never see the light, will never acquiesce to God and will never turn from their wicked ways. For them, it’s all about themselves and how to increase their own wealth. What is most tragic is that people like this will only do the right thing when warned that their evil deeds might see the light of day. I believe this to be the case in McCain’s motivation, but it is very interesting how people on the Left see McCain as a true “hero” to our country, while those who have done the actual research believe otherwise.

Evil people exist and always will. In fact, I also find it fascinating that the very last war this earth will experience occurs at the end of the Millennial Kingdom over which Jesus Himself will physically rule (Revelation 20-22). People will experience perfect peace and perfect just rule by Jesus for 1,000 years. During this time, Satan will be locked up in the bottomless pit and at the end of the 1,000 years, he will be released for a time. During this short time, he will capture the hearts of many people who will deliberately choose to follow him in his rebellion against Jesus. It won’t end well for Satan or those who follow him and they will all be dealt with very quickly and permanently.

Evil will continue to exist until after the Great White Throne Judgment and the creation of the new heavens and new earth. Once these things occur, evil will be forever vanquished never to rise again. For now? We understand that evil exists and that evil people will do evil things.

The Bible says that God raises up rulers and deposes them and He does so all for His glorious purposes. We can assume that Donald J. Trump was placed in office (or at the very least, allowed to become president by God’s hand). This does not mean that Trump is God’s anointed. Frankly, though it seems clear enough that Trump is a patriot, I have no idea whether the man is saved or not. In spite of this, there are all sorts of people today “prophesying” or giving “words of knowledge” regarding Trump. I put no real stock in what they have to say and that comes from my own personal days involved in the Charismatic Movement. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I place no validity in that movement that I was part of for a number of years.

We do not know how all of this will ultimately play out and as I’ve said before, I’ll say again. Even if Trump is able to completely “drain the swamp,” it will only take one other corrupt individual down the line to start rebuilding it again. What Trump is doing now by picking Constitutional centrists for the Supreme Court and appointing other like-minded judges for other judicial appointments, is building a dam against the evil that will likely try to rise to the surface again.

This is a respite. A good, very much-needed respite. It is good to see, but we must never forget that Satan does not sleep. We must also never forget that God and God only is the One who is in charge.

The upcoming Senate confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh will prove interesting, yet undoubtedly maddening at the same time. All the old “racist,” “bigotry,” “sexist” and “misogynistic” accusations will be forthcoming because that’s all the Left has. The MSM will fully support it instead of doing actual journalistic research because they lack complete integrity as the Mockingbird Media.

Continue to pray for our leaders, especially those who are helping Trump drain the swamp. I do not envy them nor do I want to be in their position. Pray for them that the Lord will rise up like a standard against the enemy.

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