Update on Insanity in Texas

October 24, 2019 at 11:48 AM 4 comments

For those who are aware either from reading my previous article or hearing about it on a social network or elsewhere, it appears that seven year-old boy whose mother recently won a court ruling in favor of medically castrating her son (over the objections of the Christian father), and turning the boy into a girl, will not be so cut and dry. We can all breathe a heartfelt “thank God” while we continue to pray.

People are getting up in arms and rightly so over this whole case. The idea that a grown woman, who just happens to be a pediatrician, would sue to allow her seven year-old son to be transformed into a girl (“Luna”), and then to add insult to injury, nearly all members of the jury sided with her, is beyond belief!

However, it now appears that the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott is getting the Texas Attorney General into this case to decide whether or not the boy’s civil rights are being set aside in favor of a mother who is clearly lunatic fringe.

This is so abysmally insane that to think, children who are so impressionable because of their young age are being used as pawns by unscrupulous and evil people. This is just ridiculous and for this to happen in America is beyond the pale. I’m glad that the governor of Texas is getting involved as well as the AG.

Beyond this, some in Congress are taking note as well. Rep. Chip Roy has issued a strong letter to AG Barr and others regarding this forced medical treatment for what is called “gender dysphoria.” Maybe if enough people get involved, the young boy will be saved from a horrible social experiment.

News groups like One America Now News is reporting that the young boy – James – is seen on video several years ago complaining that his mother abuses him, makes him wear a dress and tries to get him to act like a girl. You can see a video of the situation at this link: James Younger video

In reality, what the mother is attempting to do is nothing short of child abuse and if she gets away with it, then the courts will have successfully aided her in this terrible process.

We can only hope that common sense will ultimately prevail. Maybe we can also hope that the mother will eventually be stripped of her parental rights as she has been trying to strip James’ father of his. The father, interestingly enough, is a Christian.

The other thing all Christians can and should be doing is praying that the Lord will work in this situation to bring it to closure allowing James to live out the rest of his life as the gender he was born into.

Things like this are nauseating because it is so hard to believe that people like James Younger’s mother can be taken seriously. Interestingly enough, the mother is a pediatrician and someone on Twitter pointed out that she has 1.5 stars out of 399 total reviews. If true, then it would seem that not to many people like her as a doctor. But more to the point, how is it this woman, who practices medicine on children, got passed all the requirements necessary to become a doctor in the first place if she honestly believes that gender is fluid?

Please pray for this precious young boy that he will be spared from being chemically castrated and changed into something he is not. We have an obligation to do so!

On a related note, the company that produces Always (a tampon product for women), has announced they are dropping the female symbol from their packaging in order to be more “inclusive.” I’m sorry but I do not get that at all. Can men use tampon products? If so, where do they place them (and forgive my frank questions)?

But if gender is actually fluid as the LGBTQ community would have us believe and that anyone who even thinks they might be a woman can identify as a woman, then why is their a need to pretend that the symbol for female is somehow not inclusive? Men cannot have that special time of the month. They have no need for tampon products. Even if they simply choose to identify as a female, they don’t all of a sudden develop female parts, do they?

If a man goes through a surgery to change from man to woman, while they cannot at any point change their natural DNA or chromosones, they can only appear to be a woman with surgery and additional hormones (while reducing one or two of the sex hormones). This then would create the artificial appearance of being a woman. Therefore, if they have indeed become a woman outwardly, then are they not part of the group of people who might (pretend) to need and use tampon products? They would argue that they are no longer a man, since they have “become” a woman.

Any man who buys tampon products for himself likely deserves to be institutionalized. Oh but wait, the insane asylums were closed long ago so these people are now part of society. Not only that, but even though transgenders are way less than 1% of the population, they are given elevated, protected status.

This is not only hogwash, but counterproductive to a healthy society. But, this is where society is now heading, promoting the least among us, pushing them to the fore, while everyone else is forced to the back of the bus. If you’re a conservative white male, you are officially last in line.

Unfortunately, I wish I could say that one day soon, this insanity will stop. We know it won’t. Read Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 to learn what Jesus said about the End Times that we are now living in. He stated that so much of it would resemble the days of Noah and much later, of Sodom and Gomorrah where Lot lived. The appalling lack of morality in both of those situations had opened the door to every form of sin, including but not limited to wanton homosexuality. God destroyed everything on the earth during the time of Noah and those twin cities during the time of Lot, for their continued rebellious error. If we think that America is not coming to the judgmental collision point with God, we have another think coming. It is very clear from Scripture that this entire world is on a trajectory toward judgment. Nothing can stop it. God warned us thousands of years ago and continues to warn us today. Regardless of the good President Trump might accomplish, the world is out of favor with God and will see His wrath poured out on it.

The only thing we as Christians can do is continue to pray that God will pluck some from the coming wrath that He will pour out on this entire earth. This is only accomplished by our testimony – both verbally and via how we live. Things are really heating up and not just in America, but throughout the world.

We have seriously arrived to a time that Isaiah spoke of hundreds of years ago.

Isaiah 5:20 ESV – Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Here is a link to 43 other areas of Scripture that discuss this point: Evil Good

Gird your loins, folks. This is the devil’s playground and God allows it because of the plans He has for this world. One day, Jesus will physically return and deal with the evil directly. It won’t be pretty for anyone who stands with Satan.

Our job is to tell them of the situation in an attempt to bring them to the point of realizing their need for salvation through Jesus. We cannot convince. We cannot open their eyes. Only God can do that but if we don’t tell them, there’s precious little chance of them ever seeing their need for salvation.

Please continue to pray for little James Younger. Pray for God to intervene and bring victory. Wouldn’t hurt to pray for the mother as well, as she sounds like someone who is in desperate need of the Gospel. Lift up James’ dad too, who is a Christian apparently. As a Christian, I cannot imagine the courts deciding that my young son should be forced to transform chemically/physically into a girl. It’s absurd and nothing less than child abuse and I frankly don’t care how many “psychiatrists” have interviewed the boy and believe he knows what he wants. He’s been clearly brainwashed by his mother and she is not fit to practice medicine. End of story.

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As the World Turns… Hope for Seven Year-Old James Younger

4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Kerry Redmond  |  October 24, 2019 at 1:51 PM

    Sadly, this little boy was conceived with a donor egg that the mother has disclosed info about. She couldn’t even conceive naturally and that tells me that God knew all along that she should never be a parent, but thanks to doctors choosing to act like they are God, she accomplished it and now the child is suffering tremendous emotional and soon to be grotesque physical abuse!


    • 2. modres  |  October 24, 2019 at 4:19 PM

      Astounding isn’t it? All we can do is pray. With the amount of attention that’s coming to this situation we may see a good result.


  • 3. Lynn  |  October 24, 2019 at 12:10 PM

    Do you ever stop and scratch your head in disbelief that you’re actually writing about this??? I can’t even wrap my mind around this…I just can’t. There are no words. My heart grieves does this boy and his father.

    I want to add…this could be a direct result of the “mother” (loosely used term here) being a practitioner of the dark arts and doing this to her son could be construed as a sacrifice to Molech. So perhaps Christians should be specifically praying along those lines? Just a suggestion. One ever knows (God does).


    • 4. modres  |  October 24, 2019 at 12:19 PM

      I know. It’s extremely difficult to believe this is actually happening in America. There was NO thought of this when I was growing up. None. Now, it is being forcibly pushed the fore, in our faces and if we oppose it, we are bigots or worse.

      I’ve read about how some parents (especially in the elite line, aka “blue bloods”), sacrifice their children to Molech (Satan) by transitioning them from male to female and yes, this certainly could be one of those situations. From what I understand, it’s a way of sacrificing their first born male without killing him. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and I sincerely hope the boy is saved from this abuse and indecency.



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