CV Jab Religious Exemptions?

November 9, 2021 at 2:42 PM 5 comments

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I’ve been busy doing lots of training for the new job I’ve taken, which hasn’t left me a lot of time to write and publish, although I have roughly 5-6 articles already written waiting for finalizing and publishing. We’ll see how things go. My days are pretty busy right now so it doesn’t leave me a great deal of time to focus on this area of my life.

However, I did want to address something that got my attention this past weekend and it has to do with a tweet made by someone who simply put it out there fully believing he/she was 100% correct. I don’t believe they are and voiced my opinion to them. I’ve blurred out the individual’s handle on Twitter for his/her privacy. Since the person uses a profile of a man in the tweet, I’m simply going to refer to the person as a him from here on out.

He states with arrogant assurance that “there’s no such thing as a legitimate religious exemption from vaccination” and then goes on to point out that there is no single major religion on Earth that has any theological objection to vaccination, which is clearly wrong. For him to know that, he would have to know the theology of every major religion. Clearly, he does not.

My response is below his. Interestingly enough, he wanted me to enter into debate with him and tried to determine what my points were, but I told him I’d write an article on it which would allow me to elaborate on the whole thing rather than debate someone with so few characters allowed for each tweet that it becomes a bit ridiculous.

He further pointed out correctly that vaccinations were not around in Jesus’ day and that the Bible does not talk about germ theory, etc., so the point was if these things are absent from Scripture, how can Christians make a stand today based on a Bible that does not directly broach the subject? It’s not difficult at all for anyone who knows Scripture though to hear many leaders within Christendom tell it, Jesus would’ve gotten the vax because “love” or something.

While the Bible does not directly speak of vaccinations, there are actual principles that the Bible does speak to, which can easily be adopted to specific situations without doing damage to the integrity of the biblical text. I will reserve my comments in this article to biblical text, though I could easily invoke numerous amendments of the US Constitution.

Let me also state as I’ve stated before, I am not anti-vax and I resent the belief that if I’ve volunteered from previous vaccines but have a problem with the CV jab, then that alone qualifies me as “anti-vax.” It does not and the Left does not get to continue making the rules and changing definitions as they see fit.

I’ve had numerous vaccines in my life including tetanus shots as a young man. I’ve never had a flu vaccine because it seemed to me that it was unnecessary as I had seen too many people who did get a flu vax actually come down with the flu. In fact, with the exception of the cold I’m almost over now, it’s been years since I’ve been really down and out sick. Be that as it may, I am not anti-vax.

My problem with the current CV jab has to do with the fact, first and foremost, that the CV jab either has within it or was used to develop it, aborted fetal cells. For instance, Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca used a human fetal kidney cell line called HEK-293 to develop their trial vaccines. HEK-293 was originally derived from kidney tissue taken from a baby girl who was aborted in the Netherlands in 1972 and later developed into a cell line in a lab in 1973. Johnson & Johnson used the human fetal cell line PER.C6 to develop its vaccine. The PER.C6 fetal cell line was derived from retinal tissue taken from an 18-week-old baby boy who was aborted in the Netherlands in 1985 and later converted into a fetal cell line in 1995. I cannot, in good conscience, accept a shot in my body that has used aborted fetal cells to develop it or has them inside it. I’m frankly not sure how anyone who claims to be pro-life can.

Psalm 139:13: “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” God is the Author of Life. We are not supposed to murder. As such, to use part of a life that has been murdered is not something I want to be part of. I realize certain leaders within Christendom are poo-pooing those who take this point of view and wrongly point out that these same Christians should not take aspirin or stomach antacids They are ignorantly incorrect because both aspirin and stomach antacids have been around in some form long before abortions became an industry.

At the same time, it is impossible for me to know the full ingredients in every product, whether it is food or medicine. However, when I do come to learn that aborted fetal cells were used in the production of a specific product, it behooves me to not use it if I’m going to be consistent. It is that simple and based on Paul’s admonishment to the Corinthian believers (1 Corinthians 8:4-13). He further states that as a Christian, my body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). As such, I need to be extremely careful what I put into my own body. This means I should not smoke, chew tobacco, drink alcohol or eat food that is corrupted with things that could be problematic to me, like high fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrate/nitrite, excessive preservatives, pesticides and much more.

For the past four to six years, my wife and I have been very careful about what we eat and drink. We eat organic whenever possible and wash our food very carefully if we cannot buy organic. We take our health as seriously as possible because we have only one body. In short, we want to put into our bodies only the things that will help us improve and maintain our health.

People seem to forget that CV-19 has a 99.8%+ survivability rate. That means you are far more likely to be killed by lightning that by CV. Yet, the fear that has been created throughout society is causing within people a desperation that forces them to do what they would not do and have not done during any previous flu season when upwards of 60,000 to 80,000 people died in the USA. It is also causing people to treat those who object to the vax the same way Germans treated the Jews in Nazi Germany. It was actually stated then that the Jews were “spreaders of disease” and because of that, people came to hate the Jews. It was a lie like the lie of today. There is no such thing as “asymptomatic” carriers unless all the actual doctors who are stating that are incorrect.

When did we ever shutdown society, mask up or social distance for any previous pandemic or flu? We never did even when several pandemics hit society during Obama’s tenure and other presidents as well. This whole thing needs to be questioned seriously.

What is absolutely unconscionable to me is the CDC reports regarding deaths from smoking, that on average for any given year in the United States, “More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke).” That’s quite a few people dying, yet I’ve never heard anyone argue that people who smoke are extremely “selfish” or “self-centered” like our friend above does regarding those who are unvaxxed. Are we to conclude that 480,000 deaths from smoking does not matter? What if everyone quit smoking? Wouldn’t that mean saving that 500,000 lives annually? Yet people continue to smoke today and I never hear anyone blaming them for their “selfish cynical reasons” in smoking. It’s absurd the level of hypocrisy in society today.

Why are we “cherry picking” facts? Why aren’t certain deaths equal to all deaths? Why are some deaths (via CV), allegedly worth more than other deaths (smoking, alcohol, etc.)? If it’s all about saving lives, where is the outcry against smoking and alcohol? Why are only those who refuse to inject their bodies with something that appears to be problematic being seen as the enemies of society? Nearly 100,000 people die annually from alcohol, according to the CDC. But, hey that’s only 100,000 people right? So what number of people is worth saving?

This whole thing is a bit much to accept. I have every right to ensure that what goes into my body is not going to harm, but help. The VAERS website highlights thousands and thousands of injuries and even death by people who have taken the CV jab. As we know, if a person happens to die after the first or second jab but doesn’t make it past the 14th day after the second jab, they are counted by the CDC as being unvaxxed even though they were fully vaxxed. When was this ever done in society? Answer: never. Franklin Graham just had a specialized heart surgery. Did it have anything to do with the CV jab after effects? Gov. Gavin Newsom has Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS), believed to have come from the CV booster shot he just received. By the way, here is a medical doctor addressing the San Diego Board of Supervisor meeting in which he lays out facts regarding CV. And as an aside, if you want to know more about the “great reset,” here is a great primer article on the subject.

Psalm 91 highlights the fact that God promises to protect from pestilence and plague. In other words, as we trust the Lord and live the way we are supposed to live, He will protect. IF we end up dying, it was simply our time to go. This life is not the end all, be all. This life allows us to come to know the Father through Jesus. When we die and we will ALL die, we will either be ushered into His Presence or cast from Him. It’s all based on what we believed in this life according to the Scriptures.

CDC notes that vaccines have the following additional ingredients in them: Vaccines also contain neurotoxins, hazardous substances, attenuated viruses, animal parts, foreign DNA, albumin from human blood, carcinogens and chemical wastes that are proven harmful to the human body.[1] Not only are the additives in vaccines considered contaminants from a biblical standpoint, the contaminants themselves are often contaminated.[2]

I am responsible for my life, not the government. It’s me and when I stand before the Lord after my life is over here, I will be answering to Him for the decisions I made in this life. The government won’t be there to stand up for me. It’ll just be me and my Advocate, Jesus.

I’m not even going into the fact that a vaccine mandate violates Amendments 1, 4, 5 and 6 of the US Constitution. But for a great breakdown of this information, please watch this video by Dr. David Martin who explains things very carefully: Dr. David Martin and Treasonous Acts via COVID-19.  And before anyone says vaccine mandates have been around for children for years, please understand that a parent has always had the option of not having their children vaccinated and simply signing a paper at the school agreeing that if a pandemic breaks out they will take their children out of school.

Will this article change anyone’s mind? I cannot imagine it. But the Bible has principles that extend to vaccinations.




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Great Reset or Great Delusion? Is Not Fretting Possible?

5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Susan  |  November 11, 2021 at 7:09 PM

    I was pondering the vaccine mandate and two thing the Holy Spirit brought to mind.
    1. I know nothing about the baby from 1972. But, is the blood of the elderly on my hands? I work in elder care and if CNA’s, nurses and doctors leave to the point that “what you have done to the least of these you have done to me” are hurt or die, how much of that am I accountable to the Lord for? I might be the very last person to “snatch them from the fire” before death.
    2. God is not a God of chaos. God is a God of order. At what point are we as believers causing chaos? Just as Paul was bitten by a poisonness snake without harm, should we not believe, “that what Satan meant for evil Jesus can turn to good,” in these times?

    This all reminds me of “the love of many will wax cold,” I do not want to be one of those so busy protecting myself I will not lay down my life for another. I believe Jesus looks at the intent behind any and all actions believers do and this is why we are told not to judge another. This battle is much bigger than any human(s).
    Much prayer and fasting needed. Thanks.


    • 2. modres  |  November 11, 2021 at 7:33 PM

      Hi Susan, not sure what you mean in your first set of comments about elder care – helping them or witnessing to them?

      With respect to your second point, did Paul knowingly look for and pick up that viper on purpose or was he simply not aware that it was there?

      If we did not know of any harm that came from the jab and we took it in good faith not knowing that would be one thing.

      Many of the drs that are issuing warnings are not Christian that I’m aware of. They are urgently warning ppl not to take the vax. They are warning agst hospital protocols that are hastening many deaths.

      This is not a problem caused by Christians. It is a problem caused by Satan and his globalists. He is creating chaos not us. Our job is to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves as we continue to witness for Christ to those who are spiritually dead.

      I am not afraid to die but I will not work to hasten my death with a jab that many medical professionals are warning us about.

      There is an ICU dr who is highly noted and suing the hospital where he works because that hospital will not allow drs to try to keep patients alive and well with certain medications and many are dying anyway. Why can’t this he other drs do all they think is wise to save as many as possible? Why would hospitals tie hands of drs?

      You’re correct in saying that we should never judge intentions because we cannot see their hearts. However we can and must judge words and actions.

      I believe there is a great deal happening today that is designed solely to kill people. Many are dying daily not long after taking the jab.

      I cannot tell you that God wants you to get vaxxed. I personally am very concerned about serious potential adverse effects from it, including death.

      I personally knew nothing about that baby from 1972 either but now that I do know I am responsible for that information.


  • 4. jannab17  |  November 9, 2021 at 4:41 PM

    Thank you Fred!! Great as always.


    • 5. modres  |  November 9, 2021 at 4:42 PM

      Thx much, Janna 🙂



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