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Scripture tells us deception has always been alive and well. It first began in the Garden of Eden with Satan working through the compliant form of the serpent, who plied Eve with lies she believed (Genesis 3). It should not come as a surprise that since that time, Satan has been using deception in all forms to bring about his agenda. This is especially true in these last days or end times. All manner of deception is wreaking havoc on global society within Christendom, the political and business arena and even within the medical field. Is it the Christian’s job to change this (I’m not convinced we can), or to simply continue trying to evangelize the lost?

Ah…the deceptive “science.”

In Matthew 24, Jesus warned His followers of many things that would occur as the end of this age approached, including the fact that deception would increase as it came through a variety of false messiahs and Christs and other arenas. Are we there?

If we consider people whom we would rightly call deceivers, they appear to come in two main groups. The first group is made up of people who know exactly what they are doing, using deceptive measures to purposefully gain control over people. These are leaders within Christendom who chose their path because they simply want to get rich. They know what they are doing is a huge scam. People like this use the Bible as a tool (or maybe “weapon” is more accurate here), to overcome a person’s ability to critically think about what they are hearing. People will follow leaders like this because they believe that their message has worked for that leader (so it must be true), so it can work for them as well.

Often, within these circles, the idea of gaining wealth and power is what the follower locks in on as confirmation of truth. The leader preaching their lies is very willing to tell and even show followers what they want to see and hear. It’s all part of the con designed to take money from that follower without the follower realizing that he/she is being scammed. Again, these leaders know full well that they are scamming people and they continue to support their extravagant lifestyles.

Climate deception

The second group of deceivers are those who are in fact, completely deceived by Satan. They have come to actually believe, for instance, the Word of Faith tenets are absolute truth. Satan gifts these people with an ability to convince the unwary/unlearned. Because of this, those followers are willing to sacrifice in terms of time and money (mainly money), to give to that leader’s “ministry.” His/her followers actually see a reality in these leaders and their lifestyle that confirms to them that there must be truth with those leaders and if they could simply grow their faith enough, they would also be able to replicate what the leaders have.

While the two groups might have different motivations (one is deliberate, the other is unintentional), the end result is the exact same thing. When they stand before Jesus, people from both groups will hear these words, “Depart from me you accursed. I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23; 24:41). So, essentially a person can end up going to hell (and ultimately, the Lake of Fire), because they either deliberately and knowingly deceived people or because they themselves were deceived into believing lies. In either case, it is a very sad state.

In a video linked below [1], Doreen Virtue interviews a musician named Josh, who was a paid music leader for the Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Ultimately, both he and his wife came out of their deceptive lifestyles (she; Jehovah’s Witness and he; Word of Faith), to become authentic Christians. His story is interesting and during the course of the video, Josh shares some of the insider information that I was not aware of that occurs within the Word of Faith movement.

One of the things Josh says is that within the Word of Faith deception, people like Kenneth Copeland are considered a “general.” This means that he is not only unapproachable, but average people should make every effort to never talk to him. Want to know why? It’s because God may be speaking to him at that exact moment and you don’t want to be interrupting God, do you? So just leave Copeland alone as he basks in God’s shadow and hears what He has to tell him.

Lies/deception used to keep someone out of office.

The Word of Faith movement is actually a pyramid scheme, in the way it is structured. Josh shared that as he was considered to be the bottom of the pyramid, he was expected to give his tithe to the pastor over him, who was the next row of stones up in the same pyramid. That pastor, was then expected to turn his tithe over to the pastor above him in the next row. This went on with each row until at the top were “generals” like Kenneth Copeland, who essentially received a part of everyone’s tithe below him. No word on what Copeland did with his tithe or even if he in fact, did tithe.

Another thing Josh tells us is the fact that as a lead musician, his job was to design the worship music to be extremely ethereal and other-worldly. This, coupled with lights and sound, would often set the stage for what would happen during the “worship.” Josh pointed out that the major goal was to create an environment (with music, lights and sound), so that the people would essentially become putty in the hands of the musicians. Josh said that at that point, the people would pretty much do whatever was expected of them. So, they were using technology to coerce people into acting a certain way without them knowing and it worked. The New Age does the same thing.

Josh also went on to explain that deeply studying God’s Word was something that most within Word of Faith avoided because they were told to avoid it. The leaders told the average person that people who studied God’s Word seriously often became “nitpickers” and ended up leaving Word of Faith and even being in danger of losing their salvation.

It is our job to know who is and who is not a charlatan, teaching error for their own gain. As Jesus said, you’ll know them by their fruit (and He was speaking of false prophets here; Matthew 7:15-20).

The interview between Doreen and Josh is a good one because it sheds light on the level of deception that exists in life now. It seems to be getting much worse as well and obviously, Jesus’ warning about the increase of false prophets, teachers and Christs, implies that there would be a serious uptick in deception as the end of this age approaches. He even warned, “See to it that you are not deceived” (Matthew 24:4), which tells me that if we are not careful, we can be deceived to a point.

I suppose there is a completely different type of deception that is prevalent today as well. The first two noted above are those within the realm of religion and within Christendom specifically. This next one has little to do with religion although some within this area continue to pretend that religion is important to them, to make them appear upstanding and concerned about the plight of people. I’m referring to politicians and business leaders.

One thing I’ve noticed repeatedly is when liars are caught in lies, they tend to ignore and move on. The image provides one example. In Atlanta, someone defaced the “rainbow crosswalk” in the city. When this happened, those on the Left immediately decried the act as clearly coming from a “Nazi;” e.g. a “white supremacist.” Turns out, a black man named Jonah Sampson was the person of interest whom the police determined was the guy who sprayed swastikas across the painted crosswalk. Since then, not only has the Left been extremely quiet, but they’ve yet to apologize for concluding wrongly that the person who did was a white supremacist.

In another situation, also in Atlanta, a young black woman was arrested for being a shooter at the Atlanta airport. She is not a white supremacist. The Left is unusually quiet about this and is not using the situation to demand more gun control. In fact, every time there is a mass shooting, the Left leads the accusations that the person must be a “Nazi,” “white supremacist” or Trump supporter, in spite of the fact that they are, more often than not, a deluded Leftist who hates Trump. But the real point is how the Left totally ignores all their previous rhetoric as the actual facts emerge in each case.

Notice when Satan is accused by God of evil, he remains quiet also (Genesis 3), or just quietly goes away (Luke 4:13). He has no response but he certainly won’t take the time to agree with the accusations. Just like the Left.

Politicians (and those in the media), are known for their lies. It seems to be what they do. Certainly, not all, but many to most appear to traffic in some amount of lying. This is the third group of people and it is this third group of people who produce lie after lie after lie to change the face of society. It’s obviously working.

For instance, we are told that yes, there was “some” fraud in the 2020 election, but it was so minimal it did not change the outcome. We are also told Biden received 81 million votes, far more than even Obama received, in spite of the fact that Biden’s polling numbers leading up to that election did not indicate that type of favor.

We are told that climate change is destroying the world and we need to start eating more sustainably, which means eating bugs. Never mind that snacking on crickets could cause health problems [2].

We continue being told that the mRNA jab is perfectly safe. This is in spite of the fact that many people are dying suddenly, often from heart attacks. It is consistently denied that this has anything to do with the mRNA jab, but other things, like strong emotional responses to something. It used to be that laughter was the best medicine, but now apparently, laughing heartily at something can stop your heart. I think I’ll take my chances.

Remember when laughter was the best medicine? That was then because “science.”

Steve Kirsch tackles this subject in one of his latest articles [3]. If you choose to read it, notice the imagery included where researchers used computerized thermographic imagining and live blood analysis to determine differences in people who are jabbed versus people who are not. It’s stark. It’s clear. The saddest part of it is that those who are jabbed, though their blood looks completely different due to clotting, they are essentially asymptomatic until they have a heart attack. It seems the jab literally creates a time bomb inside each person who receives it.

Of course, the CDC has now backtracked a bit on the many things they mandated and even admitted to an extent that they made mistakes in reaction to the pandemic, but now we should fully trust whatever they tell us [4]. This form of deception is often used by con artists to gain and keep control over weak-minded people. By the way, if you’ve had the jab and may be experiencing signs of heart issues or concerned about potential problems, Dr. Robert Malone has an excellent article on what may help [5].

So what do we do once we realize that the world is filled with reprobates who want nothing more than to gain control over all of society? You get and remain above it so that you are less capable of being deceived. This only happens when you read His Word daily. When you memorize sections of it and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. When you come to Him in prayer, supplication and praise, which allows Him to work in and through you for His glory.

It is helpful to know what is happening in society. However, unlike the many who still believe some human is coming to save us in November or beyond, understand that things will more than likely worsen and grow increasingly evil until Jesus actually and physically returns to this planet. Satan is fighting for his agenda and his life.

The other choice we have is to be deceived and grow extremely cold toward other people, Matthew 24:12.

And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

Love growing cold is one of the signs of the end of this age. It is happening because of the wickedness that is rising to the top of society. It’s literally coming out of the shadows as the new normal. Because of trials and “tribulations” that many Christians are experiencing today from outside Christendom, as well as apostasies taught by false prophets and teachers from within Christendom, the love that many have had and displayed for Jesus and others will diminish. These folks may well choose to ultimately leave the faith. This is becoming more and more popular and it is called deconversion, when someone living life as a Christian, walks away, fully rejecting God, Jesus and the Bible. Were these people actually saved? Most likely not, though it is something we cannot know because we cannot see into their hearts. Only God can. If they were truly saved, they cannot lose their salvation, so even though they’ve rejected Jesus and His authority over them (through His Word), they will be with Him after their deaths.

Folks, deception abounds today. The source is always the same: Satan. The impact deception has on society is also always the same: degeneracy and reprobate minds. We are living it as we watch society purge all goodness, righteousness and truth. Jesus warned us. For more on these Last Days, here is a sermon from Rev. Danny Jones explaining things in more detail.

I think one thing that will help our outlook is for us Christians to start seriously focusing on the fact that we are here on earth as sojourners, strangers. We are in it but not of it. If you were to visit a third world country for instance, you would probably be emotionally removed from the day to day politics. You could enjoy the beauty of that country, but not be swept up into the potential evils of it and you might not even be aware of them because you are just visiting.

I think Christians need to be more like this today. Our citizenship is in heaven. Our overriding job is not to change the politics of our nation. Yes, we should vote and do what we can to keep things from getting worse and even try to make them better to some extent through the political process. However, with the amount of evil and corruption working overtime to steer this world toward a final one-world government, we ultimately won’t be successful. Our “successes” must instead be seen in our efforts to take the Gospel to the lost of this world, which is going to be destroyed by Jesus Himself eventually. Climate change won’t destroy this world. Overpopulation won’t destroy it. Droughts or floods won’t destroy it. It’ll be destroyed at the moment predetermined by God at some future point.

Because the Holy Spirit works in and through all Christians (the Church), that alone keeps this world from becoming completely evil. Once the Rapture occurs (and we have no idea when in the future it will occur), the dam will break and evil will literally pour out onto global society. But right now, the Church’s presence keeps this from happening, however, we see that even there, evil is clearly overtaking many areas of society. I cannot imagine just how bad it will become once the Church is gone, can you?

It is extraordinarily easy to be caught up in concern over the things that are destroying America and other nations of this world. Does God want us to work hard to save those nations or has our commission always been in presenting truth to those who are lost (Matthew 18)? The book of Revelation alone helps us conclude that what is coming – the Tribulation – is not something to look forward to, is it? Yet, it has been predetermined and decreed by God Himself starting with Daniel 2. The coming Tribulation/Great Tribulation leads to the physical return of our great God and Savior, Jesus. The bad times coming will eternally pale into insignificance upon His glorious arrival.

We need to be focused on our job now and see ourselves as we rightfully are – strangers in this growing evil world.







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