Satanic Tsunami

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It is virtually impossible to ignore what is happening throughout the world today, unless deliberately glued only to mainstream media sources. The world is moving toward global disaster, which will ultimately see the birth of the final global empire to be ruled over by Antichrist (Daniel 2; 2 Thessalonians 2), in a final attempt to overthrow God’s created order. I’m aware of how that sounds but I base my views on God’s Word, not how I feel about things. People have to do their own research at sites not considered mainstream. What we are witnessing is an onslaught led by Satan himself designed to overthrow God’s created order.

Germany (and other European nations), have economies that appear to be on the verge of collapse. All due, apparently, to the lack of energy resources needed to keep things going. Because energy resources are drying up, many companies in Germany and elsewhere are simply going out of business. Just this week, German toilet paper company Hakle filed for bankruptcy because of rising energy costs making it impossible for things to keep going for the company. [1] It’s not just the toilet paper production industry, but the steel industry and other industries as well. Since energy is needed for production of nearly everything, no company can sustain itself for any real length of time without it. Clearly, something is seriously amiss.

COVID originally interrupted the world’s supply chain several years ago, as was seemingly planned. Because of the closure of the economy for “15 days to slow the spread,” but turned into two years for many places, shipping ports were then shut down and quickly became backlogged because of a lack of workers to move product along. That whole scenario created a shortage of many items throughout the retail industry. This in turn, caused prices to rise for items people could actually get hold of and on top of all that, energy resources were throttled in a variety of ways.

We know that once in office, Biden immediately stopped the Keystone pipeline from moving forward. While that pipeline had not yet been completed, it would have produced 833,000 barrels of oil per day. This was taken into consideration as far as availability and pricing goes. With that project canceled, fuel prices immediately began climbing. Biden then went on a begging tour to find where he could obtain oil from foreign countries to replace the oil that he decided could no longer be obtained in the USA. Beyond this, Biden dipped into the USA’s oil reserves, not only using that oil for Americans, but gladly selling much of it to foreign interests.

We are seeing the type of evil in modern society warned about by Jesus in the Gospels, referencing the days of Noah and Lot (Matthew 24:37-39; Luke 17:28-37). These sins are the type of sins that move beyond God’s created natural order. Instead of one woman with one man, it’s woman with woman and man with man and/or even now young children are being told that through physical mutilation, they can change genders. The goal is to replace God’s created order with an alternative created by Satan.

As far as the USA is concerned, this is especially true of what we are seeing directed by the Biden Administration. The Biden White House has appointed numerous individuals to various positions who have “they/them” as their pronouns and are part of the LGBTQI crowd and some of whom are even avowed satanists. In essence, what we are seeing today is the rebirth of what existed in Sodom and Gomorrah during Noah’s and Lot’s days, when evil was so vile and prevalent. Satan tried to overthrow God’s created order then, but was interrupted, so he’s doing the same thing today. This is why I believe Jesus likened the last days prior to His physical return with the days of Noah and Lot. Strong similarities exist.

The same malevolent being – Satan – who held sway over much of the world during the days of Noah and Lot, by keeping most people asleep and unaware of the truth of God’s (spoken and written) Word then is the same malevolent being who keeps people asleep today and unaware of God’s (written) Word. Same false god; different generation.

By the way, thanks to a reader who sent a link, it turns out Biden just signed another EO, which “…declares that Americans must surrender all human rights that stand in the way of transhumanism.” [2] EO’s are supposed to only extend to the federal branch of government over which the president has authority. Too often they are instead seen as laws that apply to the entire population of the USA. Hopefully, this latest EO will be challenged and overturned in court. This is part of a looming moral crisis occurring in America.

Beyond this, because of Russia vs Ukraine and the constant potential threat of nuclear war ahead, other energy resources are becoming severely limited, which is further eroding the ability of consumers to purchase fuels they need for their homes and vehicles. Natural gas is also becoming very difficult to obtain and quite expensive. Russia controls much of the natural gas through Nordstream that is sold to European nations. The so-called “sanctions” against Russia are having zero effect on Russia and major effect on countries like the USA that have put these sanctions against Russia in place.

Recently Russia shut their Nordstream pipeline down for what they say are repairs. This, however, is leaving many countries in the lurch. Germany, Switzerland, Italy, just to name a few, are having to deal with the fact that winter is coming and they’ll have far less natural gas available to heat homes. Switzerland is apparently taking the bull by the horns to make it even more difficult for homeowners by warning that people could be imprisoned if they heat their homes above 19 degrees (Celsius), even if using wood, or if they boil water. [3] Beyond this energy crisis, France and other countries are also bracing for the impact of severe food shortages. [4][5]

Back in the USA, blue states like California have already begun shutting off the electricity for thousands of customers at a time with their “rolling blackouts.” The grid there, not having been updated in decades, cannot handle the increased demand. The only thing California authorities can do is to turn off people’s electricity so that the statewide grid doesn’t go down.

And what happens when schools can no longer afford or obtain needed diesel fuel for their buses? Many students who rely on this mode of transportation will not be able to get to and from school. What if parents cannot get gas on a regular enough basis to bring their children to and from school daily? Right now, gas is around $3.10/gallon in our area. I’m confident that will increase and increase drastically in the coming months. With the USA’s national oil reserves being depleted and not having too many alternatives for fuel, the question of what happens next becomes very important. Without forms of energy we are used to obtaining, the economy will quickly come to a standstill. Why wouldn’t they?

When my wife and I go grocery shopping, I’m always searching the aisles and shelves to see what is no longer available. I’ve not seen a number of products on store shelves in months. What happened to them? The empty spaces on some store shelves appears to be getting larger as well, however, there still seems to be plenty of product to buy. So what gives? Are we simply living off what has been stored in warehouses for months and once that’s gone, that lack will really put us in a pickle, or are all the cries of the “sky is falling!” from various independent news sites just fear-mongering?

Satan clearly enjoys his role of blinding people to the truth through deception, causing them to believe lies in spite of facts to the contrary. The MSM remains resolute in not telling people what may well be coming down the pike. The world could well be looking at a severe global financial tsunami or Armageddon that could only be months away. Is it all just hype? Time will tell.

I’m not a prophet. I’m simply looking at available information to make determinations. For instance, are you aware that in the state of Ohio, another 3 million chickens have been euthanized due to Avian Flu? [6] Beyond this, 57,000 dairy cows have died from what experts are telling us is Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD), in several areas of India recently. [7] Obviously, this is all going to impact the food supply. If a tornado or hurricane was bearing down on my area of the state, I’d certainly want to know to make preparations that might include getting out of the way of the coming storm altogether to a safer area. How about you?

What may be bearing down on us will affect most people and we won’t be able to get out of the way of it. Still, preparation can move ahead and help to a degree. I’ve mentioned before about the potential need to stock up on food items and other necessities. I’ve also talked about alternative options for powering your home if the lights go out. Anything you can do will undoubtedly help.

The big problem is that in this day and age, people find it hard to believe the lights may be going out, stores shelves might end up being empty or very thin, and there could be difficulty getting your money out of the bank and/or not being able to purchase the type of fuel you might need. People are either blind or awake to what is happening today and if awake, they’ve already been preparing for a while. If blind, they’re doing nothing. This is normally because of the bias they hold when they think “My money will always be in the bank” or “my job will always be here” or “gas will always be available at some gas station around me.” Thoughts like these keep people from doing what they would otherwise do in the face of a natural storm bearing down on them. In that situation, the people who don’t prepare are considered the naive ones.

Prepare your mind for what may in fact be coming. The moral problems as well as energy scarcity are creating major issues in society. I’ve already seen some videos and read reports of people seemingly “playing” Grand Theft Auto in real life. Carjackings, robberies and murders are occurring blatantly in broad daylight in larger cities. Be on your guard. Danger seems to be growing.

What the world is moving toward is something created and directed by Satan and using numerous willing globalists to accomplish it, all with God’s permission and for His glory. In order for the final global government to come to fruition (first mentioned in Daniel 2), what exists currently must be destroyed. Without it being destroyed, the current system cannot be replaced. I’m guessing Satan has been given the go-ahead by God, permission to build the final kingdom and eventually introduce Antichrist to the world. I could be wrong, but it just seems to be the case to me. Things are moving very quickly and the level of blindness that keeps much of the world entrapped and enslaved seems to prove it.

The apostle John points out a truth that we must embrace in 1 John 5:19.

We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.

Too many people are asleep in the light, even in the Church. Satan loves that and works very hard to ensure that this situation remains. Christians who seek daily to follow our Lord, to gain wisdom and discernment from the Holy Spirit living within us are not under the sway of the evil one.



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