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Islam Will Dominate

The sad fact of the matter is that even when no one says anything bad about Islam or Muhammad, Islamic extremists continue to rain terror down on people with suicide bomb missions, attacks by Taliban or Al Queda, or otherwise.

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The Temple Mount and the Hijacking of Israel

Everything seems to point to the fact that we are at the very threshold of the start of the Tribulation.

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The Pre-Wrath What?

Having just received the latest Zion’s Fire, from Marv Rosenthal’s Zion’s Hope organization, I wondered how many pages I would have to turn before I came across some anti-PreTrib Rapture sentiment.

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Temple Mount Riots…

God’s plan for the Middle East continues to unfold. Part of that plan is the salvation of many.

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Always Ready and Watching?

We do not know when the Rapture will occur. Therefore, every day should be lived as if it is happening today. We should be about the Father’s business with the understanding that before this day closes, we could be ushered into His presence. Does that scenario bother you? You feel as if you are not being true to the integrity of Scripture? Okay, that’s fine. Then instead of the Rapture, substitute the phrase “your/my death.” Do you have any logical arguments at all that would prohibit you from believing that before this day ends, your life could end?

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Posttribulationalists Need to Change Their Worn Out Tune!

Posttribbers have NO right to judge and castigate those who espouse a different Eschatological position than theirs. No right at all. For those who persist in it, good luck with that when you have to answer to Christ, who judges all fairly.

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Tossing Israel Under the Bus

All will look good for Israel, and then…disaster strikes.

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It Was the Best of Times, It Is the End of Times

“Fatah will continue to sacrifice victims until Jerusalem will be returned [to the Palestinians], clean of settlements and settlers,” the paper states.

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Islamic Terrorist Phone Transcripts

It is interesting to me how the world’s leaders continue to use Jerusalem as this huge pawn in their game of “king of the mountain.” Jerusalem is God’s Holy City and I doubt seriously that He will allow this to go on much longer. His patience thus far has been remarkable, but if we understand the Bible correctly, we know where this is all heading.

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The Middle East Madness

Recently, President Obama gave a speech in Cairo, in which he seemed to ignore the character of specific nations with respect to how they view Israel.  The difficulty is that what President Obama attempted to hide during his election campaign has now come to the fore.  It is apparent that Obama is a Muslim and prefers to cater to the Muslim world, even if it means tossing Israel under the bus, so to speak.

For many decades, Israel has only had the United States to rely on for support in her war against terrorists.  This will obviously be changing now that President Obama has taken the reigns of this country.  It was not too many years ago that it seemed a bit rare to hear much about the trouble in the Middle East.  Within the last few years, things seem to have taken a turn in which the situation has ramped up.  The rhetoric continues to fly from both sides, and in spite of the concessions made by Israel, it appears that the Arab world will have none of it.

To the Arab world, the fact that Israel has a presence in the Middle East at all is not something appreciated or wanted.  In fact, it is obvious that if Israel could be kicked out of the Middle East altogether, most, if not all in the Arab world would be ecstatic about that.  With President Obama’s vision for the Middle East and his insistence that a two-state solution is the only solution, with Jerusalem being split into two parts as well, the Arab world may get its wish.

Of course this begs the question of what God wants and will achieve.  Many Christians today are under the unfortunate delusion that God finished with Israel years ago; in A.D. 70 to be exact.  This was the time when Rome stormed Jerusalem and destroyed it, taking with it the Temple that Herod designed.  True to Christ’s prophetic words, not one stone was left standing on itself (cf. Matthew 24).  The Romans removed each stone to get at the gold.

It was this event that was the fulfillment of what Christ indicated would occur and it was this event that many believe is where God permanently parted ways with Israel.  These folks state unequivocally that Israel is done; over.  God has no plan or purpose for Israel any longer and has now switched His attention to the Church.  Of course this assumes a couple of things:

  1. That God will break His promises (cf. Abrahamic, Land and Davidic Covenants of the Old Testament), thereby making Him a liar
  2. God has no previous knowledge that Israel would get to the point where He would have to create another entity at all

Certainly, God is not a liar.  He does not break His covenants and since the Abrahamic Covenant (as well as the Land and Davidic) is unconditional in nature, there is no way that these covenants could be broken unless God broke them.  The many anti-Zionist voices today cry louder and louder at the humanity of lives lost in the Middle East conflict that has been boiling below the surface for years.  Unfortunately, these same folks seem to have absolutely no feelings for the Israelis involved in the conflict; only for the Arabs, or Palestinians.  This form of anti-Semitism is just as wrong today as it was during Hitler’s day.  Anti-Semitism is never wrong, yet for the anti-Zionist, what matters to them is that the Palestinians are treated fairly.

People can do all they can do for either side, but the truth remains that ultimately, it is God who has decided.  He certainly does not need anyone’s help to bring about His dictates.  He has gotten the world this far, based on His prophetic council from the past.  Will He continue to work in the midst of that situation, fighting for His people, His land and His Holy city, or will He allow it to take “its own course” (whatever that means)?

If God has no further plans for Israel, then those who stand with her are wasting their time and breath.  If on the other hand, God still stands with Israel, then all those who stand against her are in actuality standing against God.  It is obviously important to know what the Bible teaches about Israel’s future, if there is one at all.

Certainly, the Bible teaches one thing, and either those who believe that God is done with Israel are correct in their understanding, or those who believe that God still stands with Israel are correct in the way they interpret Scripture.  Time will certainly reveal all things.  Regardless of how vociferous people get in their support for one side or the other, God is the final Determiner of what occurs in that area of the world, just like He is the final Determiner of what takes place in every other part of the world.

The United States now has a new president; one who seems to be fully enamored by the failed socialistic policies of other countries.  He appears also to be a Muslim, fully in favor of those who fight against Israel.  The reality though is that God place President Obama in his current position, so it would appear that God has plans and purposes that He will accomplish through our president.  I pray that all of God’s plans become a firm reality and I look forward to seeing how things will unfold.

June 18, 2009 at 1:35 AM

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