Posttribulationalists Need to Change Their Worn Out Tune!

October 13, 2009 at 11:45 AM 1 comment

Western Evangelicals who have bought into the Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine will get a serious wake up call here.  They will be clutching their breast in that day, dry mouthed, and sinking to their knees.  The promised Pre-Tribulation Rapture will NOT have occurred.  They will then realize that it was a sham from the very beginning. The prophets, just as in the former times, have prophesied lies, and to a people who love it so (Jer. 5:31).  It will also be “woe to the shepherds.”  They have failed to prepare Christian believers for the end time witness.  The popular Bible prophecy teachers will be ashamed in that day (Ezek.34).  This momentous future event will see the beginnings of the “Great Falling Away” or “Great Apostasy” spoken by our apostle Paul (2 Thes.2:3).

The reality is that the Pretribulational Rapture position does NOT usher in apostasy.  You know, for as often as Posttribulationalists complain about the fact that supposedly, those who believe and espouse a Pretrib Rapture position simply learned it from “men” and apparently not the Bible, I have YET to hear a Posttribulationalist spout something that is original.  They get their information from Dave MacPherson, Corrie Ten Boom, Ruth Graham and a host of other “human beings,” and they all apparently believe that the Pretrib Rapture position is at least a strong part of the LIE that ushers in the great apostasy.

But let’s look at this for a moment, shall we?  With all of this garbage spouted by Posttribulationalists, against Pretrib Rapturists, you would think that all Pretrib Rapture people do is sit back, live a life of leisure, and SIN, not caring about our relationship with the Lord.  We hobnob with the world, party with them, and essentially enjoy the secular world and its sin “for a season” because we apparently believe that it doesn’t matter anyway.  We will be gone BEFORE the Great Tribulation occurs!

Let’s get one thing straight, if possible.  I do not know ONE Christian who believes and espouses a Pretrib Rapture position who does what I just described in the above paragraph!  Not one.  I DO know people who call themselves Christian, yet live a life of carnal pleasure.  These individuals know absolutely NOTHING about the End Times, the Rapture, or the Great Tribulation.  They know about SELF, and how to please self.  Whether they are in fact, Christians is between them and the Lord, but rest assured their carnal living does not occur because they believe the PreTrib Rapture.

On the contrary, I know many committed, dedicated Christians who deal with the trials of life by dropping to their knees on a daily basis!  Not a day goes by in the church I attend, where someone is requesting prayer for something – cancer, a cold, loss of a job, death of a loved one, persecution at work – or something!  These Christians, far from going with the flow of the world, immediately find themselves on their knees, and they do so, not for immediate relief, but for wisdom and guidance from the Lord!

My pastor’s son-in-law all of a sudden came down with what was thought to be an incurable form of blood cancer.  We immediately began praying only for the Lord’s will – whatever that was for this young man’s life.  Newly married, he and his wife learned the hard way what it means to trust the Lord and to lay all things at His feet.  They – like all of us in the church – were prepared for the “worst” (which to us, is physical separation that comes from death), but the Lord saw fit to heal this young man.  The doctors did whatever they could and because of their knowledge, the Lord healed through them, but it was very touch and go.  No one expected him to pull through.  The Lord had different ideas.

We have people in our church who suffer from all types of maladies, yet do NOT complain.  They are giving, loving people, who know with all their heart that whatever they suffer with, has no comparison to what Christ suffered.  More than that, they also know that it forces them to learn the art of abiding in Christ, depending upon Him for strength, daily.  We have widows in our church, who are some of the most godly women I have ever seen.  Far from hiding in their homes, they are out there, serving the Lord with gladness, making other people’s lives comfortable.

We have experienced the death of some of His saints in our church and in spite of the sadness, the closeness we all share because of that separation is such that can only glorify God.  These people LOVE the Lord.  They do not and are not satisfied in thinking that the Rapture could occur at any moment.  They know that their DEATH may occur long before the Rapture occurs.

What I hear and see from Posttribulationalists is a blatant form of arrogance.  They wrongly believe that those who believe the PreTrib Rapture are content to live on this planet and do NOTHING, believing that before things get tough, we will be outta here!  WRONG!  This arrogance needs to stop.

The idea that the PreTrib Rapture position is THE position (for the most part) that ushers in the Great Apostasy misses the boat entirely!  If Posttribulationalists would actually open their eyes, and do their own thinking, they might stop parroting people like Dave MacPherson for just a moment to realize what is going on in the world.  What IS going on?  Simple.  Within Christendom, the following things are working to usher in the Great Apostasy, and not ONE of them has anything to do with Eschatology:

  • the Mystical Movementexperience is said to have more value than theology.  If the experience does not square with Scripture, then drop Scripture and go with the experience.
  • the Emergent Church – relying heavily upon Catholicism, this movement is simply known as a “conversation.”  There are NO answers, but merely questions.  People like Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren, and others, all rely on the senses, and they are uniting with Catholicism to bring about a “revival” in the church.  Within this movement, there is no discussion concerning “hell,” “sin,” or any need to “repent.”
  • Going Green – churches are placing more and more of an emphasis on ’saving the planet’ in spite of the fact that God says HE will destroy it.  While we are of course, needing to be good stewards of the resources on this planet, it was made FOR humanity, not the other way around.  This is nothing but a form of mother earth, or Gaia worship.
  • Ecumenical Unity – The National Council of Churches started it and now we are hearing more of it.  We are all “one” and the Creator wants us to set aside our theological differences so that we can truly experience this “oneness.”  While Christians are told by Paul that the light has no fellowship with darkness, that’s not what the unity movement says.  Who would you rather believe?
  • the Allegorical Movement – this view denies the literality of Scripture when it comes to prophetic events.  They allegorize everything away to suit their own preconceived notions of what the Bible says.  The angels said that Jesus would return just as He left – physically (Acts 1).  Those who allegorize Scripture say Jesus “returned” spiritually in A.D. 70.  Who should we believe?
  • Kingdom Now or Dominion Theology – the church WILL make the world better and once it gets good enough, Jesus will be able to return.  This erroneous doctrine is the opposite of what Scripture actually teaches.

The above are a few of the major influences seeking to unite our world into ‘one.’  All of the above are moving people away from the God of the Bible and currently creating a full climate of apostasy.  Not ONCE is the Pretrib (or ANY “trib”) Rapture position noted.  Yet, Posttribulationalists sound like a broken recording – “Those who believe in the PreTrib Rapture will be “left behind” when it does not occur, leaving them completely unprepared for the coming Great Tribulation.  These individuals are on the brink of hell and damnation.”  That is GARBAGE and those who believe and espouse that view should be ashamed of themselves.

What MAY happen well before ANY Tribulation or Rapture is MY death!  Am I prepared for it?  Am I prepared to SEE Christ?  Am I prepared to be instantly changed so that I will be like Him?  Am I prepared to face Him in judgment?  Absolutely.  I am prepared to die today, and I am prepared to go through the Great Tribulation, if that is what He wants.  It does not matter to me.  For the life of me though, I cannot imagine that He wants a battered, bruised, and bloody Bride.  If I understand Paul correctly, then I am already seated with Christ in the heavenlies.  I am already perfect IN Him.  I am there because of the Holy Spirit and the fact that He has sealed me to the day of Redemption.  Christ IS the Author and Finisher of my faith, because He knows that I am POWERLESS to do it without Him.

Posttribulationalists need to get off their high horse and stop JUDGING.  Why is it only those who believe and espouse the PreTrib Rapture position are judged harshly by Posttribbers?  The Mid-Trib and Pre-Wrath Rapture people believe they also will be taken BEFORE things get really bad.

There are Christians around the world in 2009 who DIE for their faith.  They are beaten, imprisoned, cursed at, lied about, under house arrest, and have some of the most detestable things done to them.  This has NOTHING to do with the Great Tribulation.  Like Paul, it is the life that God chose for them, and they would not trade it.  The reality though is that there is plenty of terror, tribulation, death, beatings and rejection that Christians face in this world TODAY.  While the Great Tribulation will obviously be far worse than anything the world has dished out so far, it is more of the same, ramped up any number of notches.  Those who grow IN Christ now, and are learning to live by leaning on His strength, to make it through life’s hardships one day at a time, will NOT be taken by surprise if it turns out that the PreTrib Rapture does NOT occur.

Yes, I am angry because of the amount of sarcasm, arrogance, libel and all the rest that emanates from the Posttrib camp.  It is unconscionable that Christians can accuse and castigate other Christians because they somehow are not seen as “spiritual” enough, like Posttribbers see themselves, compared with the lowly PreTrib Rapturist.  Not long ago, I received an email from a Posttribber regarding this very subject.  He said (and I quote):  “If the Pretrib Rapture does not take place, you will have been left unprepared, while I am prepared.  If the Pretrib Rapture DOES take place, I am simply over-prepared.”  I have NO idea what “over-prepared” means and he chose not to elaborate.  He also stated that he is a “prophet” of God.  I expect we’ll be receiving his additional writings to the Bible any time now.

Look folks, there is a LOT going on in the world right now, that is drawing people away from Christ.  Posttribbers could obviously care less about that, because to them, the ONLY thing that is happening now that is drawing people away from Christ is the Pretribulational Rapture doctrine.  Just ask Dave MacPherson – he’ll tell you and he’s written no less than 8 books on the subject.  I’m sure his 9th is probably in the works now, something likely called “The Incredible, Unbelievable, Apostasy-Causing, PreTrib Rapture Mix-up, Cover-up, Fallacy Created by People Who Worship Money.”  And Dave, I know you cannot copyright titles, but if you use that, I would like credit please.  Thanks.

Seriously people, Posttribbers need to get a grip and need to focus on something else other than the idea that the PreTrib Rapture is sending people to hell in droves.  What is sending people to hell in droves is their abject rejection of Christ!  Think about it.  You, as a Posttribber will one day stand before Christ.  Suppose he asks you what you did to spread the gospel.  Your answer?  “Well Lord, I spent all my time fighting the fallacy of the PreTrib Rapture position.”  “Okay,” He’ll say, “but why did you not see or understand the other problems inherent in Christendom, like the Emergent Church, the Mystical Movement, the Kingdom Now doctrine, the ‘Let’s Go Green’ movement, or any of that?  Why were you so concerned about a theological position that is NOT heretical, you failed to see all of the other things occurring that WERE heretical?  Why did you fail to see the other problems in the church that had nothing to do with the Rapture, or the Tribulation?”

What will your answer be then?  Think about the PreTrib Rapturists YOU know personally.  Do they just sit around, sinning and not caring, or are they involved in other people’s lives, spreading the good news and witnessing to the lost?

Posttribbers have NO right to judge and castigate those who espouse a different Eschatology than theirs.  No right at all.  For those who persist in it, good luck with that when you have to answer to Christ, who judges all fairly.

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    AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!! Good stuff brother!


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