Temple Mount Riots…

October 26, 2009 at 4:58 PM

If anyone has been paying any attention, we have seen Arabs creating situations on the Temple Mount in which it has become virtually impossible for Jewish worshippers to go there.

As soon as Jewish worshippers go to the Temple Mount, things happen, in spite of the fact that Arab worshippers routinely go there.  What happens?  Rocks are tossed, epithets are yelled, someone claims the Jews want to desecrate the mosques that are already there; just the normal propaganda that plays so well in the world today.

Aaron Kline from Bible Prophecy Today states, “Earlier today, at least 25 Arabs and three Israeli policemen were wounded in clashes that saw Arab youth hurl stones, paint and at least one fire bomb at riot gear-clad security forces here. It was the latest in a series of disturbances on the Mount over the past six weeks.

The tragedy of course, is that, from where the so-called Palestinians sit, it is in their best interest to make all appear as if the uprisings are due to Jewish presence.  Kline continues, “The riots are being directly incited by the Palestinian Authority, whose official media outlets and institutions have been stoking Arab flames the past few weeks by claiming right-wing extremist Jews are attempting to threaten the Al Aqsa mosque – a decades-old blood libel that should be easily dismissible in light of heavy Israeli restrictions on Jews and Christians from ascending the Mount during most hours of the day.

This certainly comes as no surprise here.  The Palestinians are bests served by keeping Jewish worshippers off the Temple Mount altogether, rather than allow them access.  Interestingly enough, on paper at least, authority over the Temple Mount belongs to Israel, yet they made the mistake years ago of allowing Arabs to maintain things there.  Not only has it been “maintained,” but great inroads have been made by Palestinians and Arabs, who have been quietly building a mosque underneath the Temple Mount, and trucking the “debris” to the Kidron Valley.  Nevermind that mixed in with all the dirt they excavate, it is likely that the dirt is filled with ancient artifacts from Israel’s history – all of it also being unceremoniously tossed and reburied along with the dirt.

It is clear to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear that the Palestinians want no reminder of any Jewish presence, and have even taken up the mantra that Jerusalem was never in the hands of Jewish people throughout all of history.  Really?  Interesting.

What is occuring on the Temple Mount is obviously part of a pre-planned agenda by those who wish nothing more than the complete absence of any Jewish presence there.  They will not be content until Israel and the Jews are absolutely no threat to their existence.  Nevermind that the idea that the Jews would deliberately harm the mosques on the Temple Mount is not only ridiculous, but frought with problems.  For Israel to even attempt to bring harm to the mosques would be inviting the wrath of the world, something that not even Israel wants, or deserves.

Yet, the Palestinians continue to hold Israel hostage with their lame attempts to blame Israel and the Jews for the reason they need to “protect” the mosques on the Temple Mount.  This tragedy should not be occuring, yet it is and the world stands by, with their fingers in their nose, trying to look intelligent.

Israel has a right to be a sovereign nation.  She has a right to allow her citizens (AND tourists) to go to the Temple Mount.  The Palestinians have NO right to continue to pretend that Israel, the Jews and tourists, are creating a problem for the Palestinians.  The fact that they continue to do it and for the most part, get away with it, says a good deal about how unfairly Israel is seen and dealt with in this world.

The Lord needs to put an end to it and He will, in His time and in His way.  Israel needs to wake up to the fact that the Savior they rejected, needs to be received by them.  The Lord will also have His way with this errant nation; a nation that has lived to please itself, and not glorify God.  Those days – thank the Lord – are changing, but will not change without the added difficulty and torment of the upcoming Tribulation.

If you are not living to glorify Him, and you have the temerity to call yourself a Christian, then friend, you are sinning.  Is your life yours?  Not if you’re a Christian, because your life was bought with a price; the price of Jesus’ blood.

This salvation, that is only available through Jesus Christ, is the salvation that is needed by all; Jew and Gentile.  Pray for those in Israel, that salvation would be received by them in larger numbers.  Pray also for Palestinians, that God will stay their hand, in order that they might know Him through the same new birth we call salvation.

God’s plan for the Middle East continues to unfold.  Part of that plan is the salvation of many.

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