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Speaking of the Groaning Creation…Part 1

Since we’ve talked about death, let’s continue the discussion. What does death have to do with these people? Well in general, sin creates death and these people already mentioned are sinners like us, so they’re dying. But more than that, because of their love of money, they’re also being used by the enemy of our souls to create as much death as possible. “Oh, Dr. Fred, isn’t that going overboard?” No, not at all. Look at some of the companies these people own (or owned and sold). Whether it’s a Big Pharma or Big Food company, they are doling out death in some form or another.

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Rise of the Apes and What China Does to Bears

The cries of the bear incensed the mother bear, who actually ripped out of her cage and went to rescue her cub. The “surgeon” fled for his own safety and the mother bear, sensing that her cub was doomed, took the cub and squeezed it until its life was gone. Then, that same mother bear ran as fast as she could toward the nearest wall, crashing into it head first. After the first try, she was dazed. After the second try, she had succeeded in killing herself.

Is this what human beings have become? So intent on using the resources on this planet, that we resort to abusing animals and even destroying them? How is this anything like what God would have us do? How do you face God one day knowing that you were part of this picture? It’s tragic and it should be stopped.

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