Speaking of the Groaning Creation…Part 1

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creationgroans1If you read my most recent article – “A Groaning Creation Continues to Groan” – you noticed that I spelled out the fact that the reason the Creation groans is all humanity’s fault. Paul points out this terrible truth throughout his epistle to the Romans. Humanity – via Adam and Eve – invited sin into the world when they embraced Satan’s way of gaining knowledge. God had something different in mind.

Unfortunately, by embracing Satan’s way, humanity also embraced Satan and gave him the right to gain access and control of this world and everything contained within it, including people, natural resources, and the plant and animal kingdoms. In essence, Adam gave the title-deed to earth to the hateful created being first called Lucifer, but now known simply as Satan. Revelation 5 provides a snapshot of our Lord Jesus regaining the title-deed back from Satan. You should read it some time.

But let’s be clear on a few things. Sin will need to run its course. There is much evil left for Satan to achieve and unleash on this world. In fact, the coming seven years we call the Tribulation will be thoroughly evil, much of it controlled by Satan. Running alongside this will be God’s wrath poured out onto humanity for our deliberate and continued rebellion against Him. Interestingly enough, when things rise to a fevered pitch of outpoured wrath, the denizens of the earth, though actually understanding where that wrath comes from, will continue to rebel against God.

…hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, 17 for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand? – Revelation 6:16b-17

The people in the above passage want the “rocks” of the mountains to fall on them so that they become “hidden” from God, as if that could happen. It’s difficult to be patient with this mentality but clearly people who are deceived will be thoroughly deceived indeed.

If you consider this world and all that happens in it, it is not difficult at all to see that there is tremendous sin and consequences of it. It is continuous. It is relentless. It is no respecter of persons or animals. Sin does its work with the final form of it being seen in death. As God warned our first parents, embracing sin would result in death – both physical (which would start to happen immediately) and spiritual (which would happen right away). God wasn’t lying as He cannot lie (Numbers 23:19). He stated clearly what would befall humanity should either Adam or Eve choose to ignore God’s warnings. They ignored and the result was and remains clear.

Since that time, humanity has grown worse and worse. Today, thousands of years after the Creation and the resultant Fall of humanity, we are quickly moving toward a point where God will have no choice but to begin releasing His wrath upon this world and those who live here. It is unavoidable.

If we want, we can go just back 300 to 500 years or less to learn just how people allowed their love of money to put them in the position of running roughshod over people, seeing people only as cogs in a machine to be used so that they might become enriched.

Going back just several hundred years on the North American continent prior to the formation of America, we see how certain individuals became powerful because of certain inventions or discoveries and how they used their power and limited wealth to become extremely powerful and have nearly unlimited wealth. Whether it’s been the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Vanderbilts, the J. P. Morgans or others like them (in modern times, Bill Gates or George Soros or others like them who claim to be “philanthropists”), the path has always been the same. These people are more concerned about enriching themselves and if that means stepping on you or me to get there, then so be it.

Since we’ve talked about death, let’s continue the discussion. What does death have to do with these people? Well in general, sin creates death and these people already mentioned are sinners like us, so they’re dying. But more than that, because of their love of money, they’re also being used by the enemy of our souls to create as much death as possible. “Oh, Dr. Fred, isn’t that going overboard?” No, not at all. Look at some of the companies these people own (or owned and sold). Whether it’s a Big Pharma or Big Food company, they are doling out death in some form or another.

I’ve talked previously about the problems associated with the garbage that Big Food companies produce and foist on us. For too many years, they’ve decided what we’ll eat and what that food will be made of. To make matters worse, they’ve needed tons of crops monthly to make a go of it, but they also wanted to keep costs down so that food would remain “affordable.” The problem is that what they’re selling and what many are forced to buy isn’t really “food” that God made, but food that’s been created and/or modified in the laboratories across America and elsewhere. The result is food that only looks like food and tastes somewhat like it, but once you start reading the list of ingredients, you’re pretty certain that you’re eating more chemicals than food.

The thing that drives this is greed. Greed is a sin and it usually consists of people doing something in order to make a great deal of money. If the product they produce makes people sick, oh well. You’ll either get over it or die.

GMO foods (genetically-modified organisms) are all the rage and have been for some time. Over the years, one intrepid voice after another has risen to warn of the dangers of eating GMOs. If money could not be made off of GMOs, they wouldn’t push it so hard. If money wasn’t made off of abortions, they wouldn’t push those so hard either. It’s why Paul says the love of money is the root of all evil (not money, but the love of it; 1 Timothy 6:10). Greedy people want money – as much of it as they can have – because it gives them power over the rest of us.

I’ll finish this up next time by quoting from an individual that has a PhD and a CNS and we’ll answer the question: how do GMOs add more of a burden to the already groaning Creation?

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