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Speaking of the Groaning Creation…Part 2

You want to know where you will find sin? Follow the money. It’s also that simple. Money is such a useful tool of the devil because it promises fame, fortune, the high life, and most importantly, power. People like having power because power gives them control over others. Most people are suckers for that. Give them the opportunity to become wealthy and famous and they will grab at the chance as the many areas of TV’s “reality programming” can attest. Oh, and by the way, the original reality TV shows began because of greed.

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Speaking of the Groaning Creation…Part 1

Since we’ve talked about death, let’s continue the discussion. What does death have to do with these people? Well in general, sin creates death and these people already mentioned are sinners like us, so they’re dying. But more than that, because of their love of money, they’re also being used by the enemy of our souls to create as much death as possible. “Oh, Dr. Fred, isn’t that going overboard?” No, not at all. Look at some of the companies these people own (or owned and sold). Whether it’s a Big Pharma or Big Food company, they are doling out death in some form or another.

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Monsanto, GMO, and Biotechnology

In a nutshell, think of the process of “modifying living organisms according to human purposes.” Humanity did this with plants and animals. Now, we have taken it a larger step forward by attempting to create what is termed genetically modified organisms (GMO) or genetically engineered food. Monsanto is big in this and unfortunately, though Monsanto has attempted to create seeds for food that require less water, less soil, and even less pesticide application, scientists have enumerated a list of problems with Monsanto seeds.

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