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Hebrews 4: What is the “Rest” Mentioned?

We’re all tempted to be discouraged and to throw in the towel. We seem to fight ourselves and our desires to continue serving God or doing what we really want to do. I’ve been there. You’ve probably been there too. This is why the NT writers emphasized persevering so much. It’s not that we can lose salvation. It’s that we have to work against our sin nature, which tries desperately to continue to control us. We must persevere in ignoring the dictates of that sin nature. It is not easy continuing to live the Christian life. It is made more difficult because we are constantly fighting against our sin nature’s desire to stop serving God.

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Good News of Hebrews 4…

Living a life based on constant belief in God means going from strength to strength (Psalm 85:7). Understanding this can create a very stark comprehension of how Christians are to live. The focus, instead of being on what we are to do or not do, is on believing God. Since this is the starting point, I firmly believe that we will live a life that stems from that believing. This is not to say that we do not need to learn what God’s Word says. Clearly, we do need to study to know whether or not we are believing God at every turn and whether or not our life measures up to His standard.

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