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Satanism in Hollywood? Not Necessarily What You Might Think

Much of what passes for Satanism today in Hollywood is simply theater, nothing more, in my opinion. It makes people think that America is losing its biblical foundations, so Christians will get all worked up and do something to counteract it. In reality, America lost its biblical foundation decades ago. Satanism is designed to be shocking and intended to keep Christians alert and on edge, and even in fear, looking for other signs of societal failure. We shouldn’t fall for it, but too many do.

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Satan’s Man: The Antichrist

Antichrist is the guy that Satan is going to place all of his bets on. He will be Satan incarnate, just as Jesus was and remains human incarnate – fully God and fully Man. Satan is incarnate because unlike Jesus, he does not want to help humanity. He wants to destroy humanity. But even that is not the ultimate goal.

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Satanists Beg to Differ

“Anton LaVey deceived a lot of people who joined the Church of Satan by claiming that Satan only represented the repressed forces of nature but was not a real entity.” – Susan Atkins

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