Satanists Beg to Differ

July 16, 2009 at 1:47 PM 3 comments

It appears that my comments yesterday received some notice from those within the Satanist camp.  One individual writes in part:

To even believe such nonsense should be a religious sin!  As a member of the clergy of The Church of Satan I can assure you of the following:

1.  Satanists do not pray.  Period.  Not even for destruction, not for anything.  Satanists do not pary because…..

2.  Satanists do not believe in any gods, devils, demons, angels, faeries, hobbits, or any external, supernatural deities or entities.  Satan is a METAPHOR (look it up,) therefore…

3.  Satanists do not see Satan as their “Father.”  Satan is a metaphor for the self—

While another poster comments:

I cannot speak for the woman with obvious psychological problems the pastor met on the aeroplane; but you can all rest assured we do not pray for your demise.

The Christian church is of no consequence to members of The Church of Satan. We do not care what you do, or what you believe in.

Our concept of Satan is something quite different to that perpetuated in Christian ideology. We do not pray. To Satan or any other conceptual premise.”

That’s all well and good for these two individuals.  However, as within Christendom, in which there are any number of variety of beliefs, from the belief in a personal God, to a belief merely in an impersonal energy, so to within Satanism, one or two individuals do not speak for all those involved with Satanism.

While these two people may say that they do not believe in the actual presence of a being known as Satan, others within various sects of Satanism do.  They pray to him, they offer blood sacrifices to him and they worship him.  In these cases, Satan is understood to be a real individual, not a figment of an imagination and certainly not merely a metaphor.  This same rule applies to ancient Judaism in which many orthodox Jews did not believe in a real person named Satan, but merely in the concept of evil.

Anton LaVey believed Satan to be a real individual and worshipped him as such.  However, Susan Atkins (of Charles Manson fame), noted that

“Anton LaVey deceived a lot of people who joined the Church of Satan by claiming that Satan only represented the repressed forces of nature but was not a real entity.”[i]

Atkins continued,

“Anton told me that as a Satanist he does believe in the God of the bible but he refused to worship him and made a conscious decision to worship Satan instead.”[ii]

Regarding LaVey himself and his Satanic worship proclivities, Atkins commented,

“LaVey was aware that few people were ignorant enough to truly turn their lives over to Satan, knowing that they would not only be allowing themselves to be deceived by their worst enemy but that they would spend eternity in the fiery torments of hell. LaVey therefore presented a seeker sensitive, user-friendly form of Satanism in the hope that it might appeal to the masses he was seeking to deceive.[iii]

It is obvious from LaVey and other hard line Satanists like Kenneth Anger, that Satan exists and they worshipped him.  Because someone does not believe that they are worshipping Satan is neither here nor there.  The real tragedy lies in the fact that there are many Satanists who actually believe they are not worshipping Satan at all: 

“Sadly, while the leaders among Satanists realize that Satan is for real, many who swell the ranks of their churches have been duped into believing that they are in some nature religion. They are taught that either a real Satan does not exist or that hell will not be all that hot.”[iv]

The actual reality seems to be that there exists within the ranks of Satanism, a number of categories:

  • Theistic Satanism:  Those who believe Satan actually exists, performing ritualistic sacrifices to him and in his name
  • Luciferianism:  Those who deny the existence of Satan, preferring instead to think of “Satan” in terms of a “symbol or personification of fleshy human desires and appetites… and they try to imitate it, with all kind of sins, pleasures and selfishness, lying, steeling, killing…”[v]
  • Atheistic/Deistic Satanism:  Includes two sub-categories –
    • LaVeyan Satanism
    • Symbolic Satanism

Certainly, for the authentic Christian, Satanism is nothing to fear.  In fact the devil is no one to fear.  However, his power should always be respected (meaning; recognized).  Satan was defeated at the cross, yet it is clear from Paul that as Christians, the battle remains for the time being and that battle takes place against powers, principalities and dominions.  These are set against God’s purposes, and as such, are diametrically opposed to the Church which Jesus Christ established.

The need to pray is real.  As Christians, if the battle continues to rage in the heavenly places, then through our prayers, we join with God in fighting the battle which seeks to unseat Christ.

We know from God’s Word what the end already looks like, however, as so many within the Bible were described as people of prayer, so should we be constantly adding our voices to the spiritual realm.

God is victorious.  It is a done deal.  While God is victorious, because of His love and graciousness, He asks and expects us to join Him by lifting up our voices, making our requests known to Him, coming boldly to the throne of grace!

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  • 1. ladybiker1300  |  July 18, 2009 at 8:41 AM

    Having been rescued from the grips of (freestyle) satanism, I am totally in agreement with you that this insidious deception hides under a multi dimensional umbrella.
    I have seen worshipers of earth, “spiritualists”, witches, warlocks, rockers, and outright followers of Anton Levey. All belong to the spirit of anti-Christ in that they do not at this moment in time bow the knee to THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, JESUS THE MESSIAH. One day they will, and I pray they find mercy and guidance from Holy Spirit that they may escape the grasp of the hater of our souls, in Jesus’ name.

    May God grant us eyes to see and ears to hear Him in these perilous times.


    • 2. modres  |  July 18, 2009 at 11:39 AM

      Thanks for your comments! Nice to hear from someone whom the Lord saved out of Satanism.


  • 3. modres  |  July 17, 2009 at 4:18 PM

    Magistraygraine said (in part):

    “You would believe a convicted murderer like Susan Atkins because she was born again rather than someone who is part of the very organization you are slandering?

    You specifically said THE CHURCH OF SATAN had set aside six o’clock to pray for the destruction of the Christian church. Now you want to back peddle and claim other kinds of Satanists (which are actually Christian Heretics/Devil Worshippers who follow the Holy Bible and pervert it, but ARE NOT Satanists,) are guilty of praying.”


    I was quoting another article and I thought I had made that clear in my first post. No backpeddaling here. As I indicating, Satanism has a number of branches and in fact, Satanism is the umbrella under which everything related to Satan exists. In fact, my second post clarified the first, by separating out the various branches of Satanism.

    Christ died in order to purchase forgiveness and salvation for all; you included. It is up to you regarding whether or not you would like to “cash” that salvation check. What people do in the Name of Christ has no bearing on the reality of the cross, His forgiveness and the salvation that He has made available. The entirety of the Bible indicates that people cannot approach God on His terms. We are simply unable to do that, which is why Christ came to begin with.

    I have no idea what you’re referencing when you talk about the “horrible woman who viciously killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child.” I don’t recall that being part of my post.


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