Satanism in Hollywood? Not Necessarily What You Might Think

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There are a lot of videos, books, and Internet sites dedicated to the subject of exposing what is believed to be Satanism running amok in Hollywood. I won’t name any of the particular sites and I don’t even feel the need to highlight any specific videos or articles here because they’re available to anyone who has access to the ‘Net and knows how to use the search button. Suffice it to say I have read my share of many books and articles, and watched numerous videos that all focus on what is presented as fact regarding how Hollywood was founded upon and remains undergirded by the acts associated with the religion of Satanism, aka the worship of Satan.

But does Hollywood in general worship Satan? People in Hollywood worship several things, but they would rarely admit to worshiping Satan himself, because they don’t see it that way. What they worship is a being named Lucifer, if at all, or more likely Self. The general belief system in Hollywood is more in line with New Age beliefs than anything else. Just ask Oprah.

In fact, what people in Hollywood are involved in is rightly called Luciferianism and there are essentially two types of Luciferianism. The first does indeed worship an entity known not as Satan, but as Lucifer. This being – though one and the same in Christian theology – is said to be the “good” guy who simply wants to impart knowledge to human beings.

Luciferianism portrays him as a god of light, a god of knowledge, and a god of magic. Luciferians seek to become gods themselves, a position attained by living a life of goodness, seeking after knowledge, practicing magic, and opening one’s mind to the cosmic mind of Lucifer. In many ways, Luciferianism resembles Gnosticism.

The second type of Luciferianism has to do with more of what might be found within New Age circles, as noted.

Luciferianism…rejects the idea that Lucifer is a personal being, [but] is still seeking enlightenment apart from the truth of God. These Luciferians may see themselves as lovers of light and goodness, but they are embracing falsehood. Satan does not care if people believe in him or not; he can still lead them astray.

One of the reasons that many believe Hollywood’s elite became interested in Satanism in the first place is because of a guy named Anton LaVey, who began the first Church of Satan in the mid-60’s and also wrote The Satanic Bible, as well as other books related to his religion. In some ways, LaVey’s church was little more than a fad that happened at the right time and many in Hollywood – because of their penchant for anything that appeared to be anti-establishment as well as something that might give their careers a boost – quickly gravitated toward LaVey and his newly established church. People like Jayne Mansfield, Forrest Ackerman, and many other notables in Hollywood were said to have been involved in LaVey’s Church of Satan. Whether they actually were as believers or simply involved because they thought it would better their careers is highly debatable. Above all things, these people wanted and desired publicity and LaVey was on the receiving end of quite a bit of it at the time.

LaVey’s church was a public attempt to bring notoriety and worship to the being known as Satan. Today, there are numerous groups that claim to worship Satan as Satan and have even forced cities to construct statues of Satan not far from a plaque containing the Ten Commandments on the grounds of governmental buildings. However, in reality, the worship of Satan in Hollywood is more Luciferian than anything else.


The power of believing fostered by this book is required reading by Hollywood insiders.

People in Hollywood – whether in the acting or music scene – will essentially do whatever is necessary to get ahead. All sorts of methods are employed, but mainly, it is the willingness to sell one’s soul to those in Hollywood who have the power to make big things happen. For the people who are willing to be literal puppets for the puppet masters, nothing is too sacred or out of bounds.

For decades, Hollywood’s “casting couch” has been the subject of many lurid tales that catapulted young ingenues toward stardom. There have been many examples of young women (and men) being raped by producers or big name actors in Hollywood on their way to the top. There have also been numerous accusations of ongoing pedophilia that is part and parcel of Hollywood’s scene. Most of these things are ignored or swept under the rug. Of course, decades ago, when the studio system was in place, the executives of such studios always took care of their own, keeping things out of the public eye because their stars were extremely valuable to them as box-office money-makers. This is still the case even though the studio system is long gone. Production companies do whatever it takes to protect their box office receipts and that often means protecting the stars of their movies with big sales and heavy merchandising.

But this is only one side of it. For the actor/musician, the idea or belief in a “higher power” within is often the key not only to motivating the individual seeking Hollywood’s success, but providing the power to achieve and maintain the results they seek.

The book, The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol, is said to be a very important work and anyone who is serious about becoming someone in Hollywood is at least familiar with it. For instance, George Burns owned a copy of this book and kept it by his nightstand. People who seek fame, fortune, and the like as the only goal worth chasing will do whatever is necessary to draw on the kind of power they believe will bring it about.

There is example after example of people who “believed” themselves into stardom. Jim Carrey is one who readily admits (almost brags about it) that before he was famous, he carried a check in his pocket made out to himself in the amount of $10 million fir acting services rendered. He would sit on a hilltop overlooking Hollywood Hills and meditate on this dream of his, which eventually became reality. The linked website is a form of Claude Bristol’s (or other books along those lines by various writers, like Maxwell Maltz), tenets on how to attract fame, money, or success. It is the main religion that exists in Hollywood today. Scientology is also big in Hollywood because it is simply more of the same.

But what about those websites that talk about the rampant Satanism that exists in Hollywood today? They point to the half-time show a few years back with Katy Perry riding a beast with red eyes or the plethora of celebrities being photographed with one eye covered, etc. This is all blatant anti-biblical imagery, we are told. Are the elite telling us something?

In point of fact, the actual elite – those who own most of the money on this planet – control many things and they believe they do so because they are Luciferian. Yes, they worship Lucifer (not Satan) as noted above. They see him as a good guy, who simply wants to impart secret or hidden knowledge, including ways to attract fame, fortune, success and in general, to make dreams become reality and who cares what must be given up to achieve it, right? The elite don’t believe the Bible as it is written. They are much more in line with New Age beliefs, which teaches people that they are their own gods and as such, have the power to create their own reality.


Katy Perry riding the Beast with fiery red eyes!

So why do we see things that so clearly seem to be satanic or at times, even anti-biblical coming out of Hollywood, though there are many times in which Bible imagery seems perfectly lined up with the Bible itself? In my opinion, I believe the elite are getting their jollies when they create a half-time show in which one of their “pets” – i.e. Katy Perry – seems to participate in something that is directly out of Scripture, yet pokes fun at it. The same thing applies to the Olympics in which the entire ceremony seemed to be one reference to Satan and a new world order after another.

Because the elite do not believe the Bible and hate Christianity (and therefore, Christians), it is more fun for them to poke fun at these things. They know full well how to push buttons where Christians (or patriots), are concerned and don’t hesitate to do just that. They do not believe that the book of Revelation is true nor do they believe that other portions of the Bible are true. Like Satan, they delight in ridiculing the Scriptures and God Himself (along with His followers), because they are simply blind to the truth through their own choice and seared consciences.

The Phoenix rising from the ashes representing the New World Order during the 2014 Olympics.

The Phoenix rising from the ashes representing the New World Order during the 2014 Olympics.

Even as the elite work hard to bring this world together into one global system that they will rule, they do not see other things coming described in Scripture. For instance, though they fully believe they will create a final, global system of governance, they do not foresee one final “man of lawlessness” (2 Thessalonians 2) coming onto the scene who is among them, but not of them and who will rise to the top to take control. They do not see that coming because Satan himself blinds them to that situation. He doesn’t want them to know that he is using the elite, but instead prefers them to think they control their own lives and goals.

So why all the references to Satan in rock groups, movies, and half-time shows, etc? To the elite, it’s one huge joke. To Satan of course, it’s not a joke at all, but simply a form of “bread and circuses” like the kind dished out by Rome to keep their populace happy then. You don’t think Rome came up with the idea do you? Satan gave them that idea and it’s still being used today through many technological forms.

Much of what passes for Satanism today in Hollywood is simply theater, nothing more, in my opinion. It makes people think that America is losing its biblical foundations, so Christians will get all worked up and do something to counteract it. In reality, America lost its biblical foundation decades ago. Satanism is designed to be shocking and intended to keep Christians alert and on edge, and even in fear, looking for other signs of societal failure. We shouldn’t fall for it, but too many do.

In my opinion, Satanism is a false alarm, misdirection, and a side-show. The real problem is Luciferianism, which ultimately seeks to worship and idolize Self. This can be done with or without believing in and/or worshiping a being known as Satan or Lucifer. This is what the New Age is all about and it is through that loose-knit religious venue that this world is changing and one day a global society that will be governed by New Age/Luciferian thought and beliefs will come into existence.

But what is the Christian’s job in all of this? Is it to do whatever it takes to change society? Sorry, no. While we can and should vote and resist evil wherever we can, the Christian’s actual job is to always be involved in the Great Commission. We are not to fight against evil we might see in other people. We are to pray for them, witness to them, seek to evangelize them so that their hearts turn away from Satan and toward God.

That is something that never changes for the Christian regardless of what society looks like.

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