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Let’s Discuss the Seventh-day Adventism!

The apostle Paul tells that we are no longer condemned because those who are in Christ, walk in His Spirit. He ends that chapter with the fact that nothing can or will separate us from the love of God in Christ. SDAs want us to believe that these two statements are not true; that we can lose our salvation, and that in the end, if we are not careful we will be separated from Christ.

Should we take the SDA’s word for it, or Scripture’s?

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Seventh-day Adventists – Evangelical Christians?

It is clear from my study of SDA, that the teachings of Ellen G. White are considered to be equally authoritative and on par with Scripture. While the individual SDA might not think so, or may never have come in contact with anything that even states that within SDA, that is either because they have not searched enough, or do not want to search enough.

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Seventh-Day Adventism Trying to Hide…

There are major problems in my view, with Seventh-day Adventism, but chief among them is their view of salvation. As indicated, White taught (and it is taught today in the SDA), that salvation can be lost. I realize that people have been debating and arguing about this since the beginning of the Church, and no one will solve this problem today. The reality though is that each and every person really needs to sit down with the Scriptures and determine what they say.

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Steve Wohlberg’s “End Time Delusions”

I’m not sure how Wohlberg can say that the early church (of the first century) was relatively pure in doctrine, if he has read just about any of Paul’s letters. Paul wrote to the Corinthians because they were carnal and badly misinterpreting the believer’s eternal security. They were, in fact, using it as a means of being able to live any way they wanted to live.

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