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Americans Are Dreamers Too

It has become exceedingly clear that the Democrat Party is the official party of obfuscation. They not only do not want America to move forward, but they want what Mr. Obama worked in earnest to achieve to continue. The Democrat Party is now the party of opposition. They oppose everything good that President Trump and most Republicans are attempting to accomplish. Over the next few weeks, and once the Memo is released, it will become even more apparent to the average person just how corrupt and weaponized parts of the federal government became under President Obama.

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Politics as Usual…

Since I did not intentionally watch the State of the Union address, I knew it wouldn’t matter because for days afterwards, pundits and bloggers alike would have a field day discussing what was and what was not said by Mr. Obama. Those on the Left would dutifully come out to support him any way they could and those on the Right would come out to point out what he failed to say as well as what – if anything – he lied about. There was really no reason to watch the State of the Union address because I know better than some elected official how this country is doing and certainly how I’m doing.

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