Americans Are Dreamers Too

January 31, 2018 at 8:14 AM 2 comments

Warning: Political Content Ahead

It was interesting to watch the angst build up in preparation for President Trump’s State of the Union address last night. As they did at first, numerous congress people vowed not to attend. Others vowed to bring “dreamers” to the proceedings.

The MSM (MainStream Media), began building their case against the president’s address prior to hearing it, in concert with others on the Left all day Tuesday and into the evening. They were doing their darndest to negate any attempts President Trump would make in which he claimed to have helped the economy. One of the favorite things the Democrats and the Left in general enjoys apparently, is to point to any gains in the American economy and crediting them to past president Obama. This is in spite of the fact that manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back to the US. It is also in spite of the very clear fact that companies are expandingincreasing employee wages, providing employee bonuses and even relocating factories to the United States from elsewhere all due to the recent Tax Reform bill. This was not accomplished under President Obama’s watch. It is clearly the work of a bipartisan Congress urged on by President Trump. This massive overhaul of our nation’s tax laws would never have happened under Obama.

Obama’s comment about manufacturing jobs was stated in 2012, to Candy Crowley (of @CNN fame, who as moderator of past presidential debates, quite famously helped Mr. Obama out during a political debate with candidate Mitt Romney, even though moderators are not to interfere or inject themselves into the debate to help one candidate or another).

CROWLEY: Mr. President, we have a really short time for a quick discussion here.

iPad, the Macs, the iPhones, they are all manufactured in China. One of the major reasons is labor is so much cheaper here. How do you convince a great American company to bring that manufacturing back here?

Obama’s answer (in part) was this:

Candy, there are some jobs that are not going to come back. Because they are low wage, low skill jobs.

Yet, we’ve seen the exact opposite with even Apple telling us they are going to risk paying the back taxes it’ll cost them to bring jobs back to America. It’s become a scene that repeats itself daily, with one huge company after another promising to open more stores, increase employee wages, open new factories, and even provide bonuses to employees, all based on the passage of tax reform that was not even on the back burner during the Obama administration.

What we are witnessing and experiencing is the retooling of America, with more companies investing in our country. In Davos, Trump was warmly greeted by most with many leaders stating that they wanted to invest in America. The saddest part of this is that states like California and New York are experiencing the fleeing of many people and businesses because of their oppressive taxation and over regulation, yet, most of the United States is experiencing renewal.

Starting in February, people should see more money in their paychecks. People will actually keep more of what they earn. Who would’ve “thunk” it? Moreover, for the next seven years, the tax code has been modified so that when people file, they will have more deductions…unless you live in states like California or New York or if you are very wealthy.

One of the biggest issues facing America right now is something I’ve already mentioned: DACA. We won’t rehash it except to say that any country that allows people to illegally waltz in, and then begins supporting those illegal aliens, effectively has no border. There are laws within the Constitution that clearly delineate the responsibilities of our government to ensure domestic tranquility and part of that includes keeping people from flooding into the United States through weakened borders. Fox News pointed out that costs involved in dealing with illegal aliens in America rises to the tune of $135 billion dollars annually. This is criminal as taxpayers are being robbed to pay for people who are here illegally. Yet, this is what Democrats want.

DACA is the issue that Democrats and Leftists are hanging their hats on. One cannot help but wonder why? Did these illegal aliens vote for these Democrat leaders? Why is there such a huge push for these illegal “dreamers” to be awarded citizenship?

In his State of the Union address (SOTU), President Trump again reissued his promise to provide what Democrats seemingly want, with “dreamers” eventually being given a path to citizenship that would take about 10 years (the average length of time for a person to become a naturalized citizen of this country). The Democrats only need to be willing to discuss funding for the wall.

They couldn’t even get excited about lowest unemployment facts for Blacks and other minorities.

It is clear from their posture and demeanor at the SOTU that Democrats will have none of it. Why? Because they need votes because their party is bleeding to death. People are leaving it. More and more minorities are waking up to the harsh reality that the Democrats have no solutions. I see this happening on Twitter. Blacks and other people of color are getting totally fed up with the death policies of the Democrats. They have nothing. Even whites who are also Democrats are shrugging off their association with the Democrat Party and rightly so since it has become exceedingly clear that today’s Democrat Party is essentially thinly veiled Marxism.

During the SOTU, Democrats could not find it in their hearts to applaud or stand for anything good that has occurred in America. When President Trump mentioned that both black and Hispanic unemployment is currently at its lowest in decades, the Black Caucus could not be more uninterested. At one point, DNC Chair Luis Gutierrez left the chamber when people started chanting, “USA! USA! USA!” It is very clear that the Democrat Party is now officially the party of “No.” They have firmly seated themselves as the party of opposition and obfuscation. They are petulant, childish, and have no interest in America’s growth or success. Under President Trump, this country is digging out from under the collapse of what was created by the Obama Administration. The Democrats couldn’t care less how well America is doing or what its future holds. They want Marxism and will stop at nothing until they get it.

With the issues surrounding the Intel memo that will be released, it is clear that the Democrats also do not want us to see that. They don’t think we’re intelligent enough to read a four-page summary of classified information and absorb it. Many Democrats say they refuse to read it, yet they are doing everything they can to keep the memo from being released. It will be released and hopefully, all Americans will wake to the fact that our own government weaponized the FBI, DOJ, and IRS, not only using these alphabet agencies against individuals citizens, but also against a candidate for the United States presidency, Donald J. Trump.

It tends to boggle the mind a bit. FISA courts are to be used to spy on foreign individuals on other continents, not on American soil. However, by falsifying the information provided to the FISA judge, warrants were obtained that allowed the Obama administration’s FBI and DOJ to illegally spy on Trump. If there was a real potential problem in thinking that somehow Russia was trying to interject itself into American politics to help Trump to win, the warrant should have been directed at Russian operatives, not Trump.

The foolhardiness of the entire situation is seen for what it is by critical thinking people. Under the Obama administration, things were relaxed where Russia was concerned. We all remember the off-the-mic slip by Mr. Obama, who stated that when he was re-elected, he’d have more flexibility, to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Here’s the 30-second video/audio clip of that exchange.

We also know that Hillary Clinton sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia. The Left argues that it was all legal and above-board. No, there are some things that are very questionable. However, that aside, things appeared to be good between Russia and USA under team Obama. So why would Russia want Trump in office instead of Hillary? To Russia, Trump was an unknown commodity, but they already had a relationship with Hillary and knew what she would be able to provide them. It makes absolutely no sense that Russia would get behind the Trump Train considering his tough talk regarding foreign policy during his candidacy for president. No sense at all, but the Left believes Russia wanted Trump over Hillary.

President Trump genuinely seems interested in helping America and Americans. He noted that all true Americans are “dreamers.” Legal immigrants came to this country, pitched in, worked hard and helped make America great. Today’s “dreamers” are here because their parents came here illegally. Because of that, they believe they are entitled to a pathway to citizenship and the Democrats are willing to help them out because they need the votes.

While as Christians, we are not to put “nationalism” (a dirty word today), above our Christianity, we are to support the people in leadership positions. Though I didn’t enjoy it, as I’ve stated, I prayed for President Obama – for his safety, that the Lord would direct his steps – throughout his time in office. There was a reason for God allowing a man who aligns with Marxism to be in office. Maybe it was to bring to the surface the traitorous designs that many Democrats have for America. They want open borders, they want government to grow so that it tends to provide handouts to people, whether deserving or not. Democrats want an America that is thoroughly ruled by over-regulation so that small businesses are strangled to death, and large businesses are stunted.

The path to Marxism is a terrible one, as history attests, yet it is very, very clear from last night’s reaction by Democrats to President Trump’s SOTU, that they do not share his optimism, they do not want his success for true Americans or for America itself. Democrats want nothing more than to change this Constitutional Republic into a Marxist state. This is treasonous and those who continue to vote for people like this share in that treason.

It has become exceedingly clear that the Democrat Party is the official party of obfuscation. They not only do not want America to move forward, but they want what Mr. Obama worked in earnest to achieve to continue. The Democrat Party is now the party of opposition. They oppose everything good that President Trump and most Republicans are attempting to accomplish. Over the next few weeks, and once the Memo is released, it will become even more apparent to the average person just how corrupt and weaponized parts of the federal government became under President Obama.

My latest paycheck gave me almost $200 more. With two paychecks each month, that means we’ll be keeping almost $400 more per month from paychecks. While multi-millionaires like Nancy Pelosi refer to this type of savings as “crumbs,” it is what average, Middle Class people need. We keep more therefore we can do more. We can buy more, therefore companies can expand, hire more employees, pay them a better wage and it just keeps going. The Democrats clearly do not want this and that should simply be their party platform.

Initially, I was leery of President Trump as some of my past articles can attest. I thought he was just a guy who was in it to actually help Hillary win. Who would take him seriously? Once it became clear that he was going to win, I had to start looking at things from a different perspective. Over the first six months as president, he has shown that his intentions for America appear to be good. He wants to uphold the rule of law as delineated under the Constitution. He wants to secure our borders. He is not opposed to legal immigration as many on the Left claim. He is opposed to illegals pouring in over our border and bringing with them their diseases, their drugs, their gun-running, their human trafficking, their crime, and their dependence on America’s tax dollars.

Does this mean that everyone who comes into America illegally falls into these categories? Absolutely not and President Trump is aware of this. However, there is a legal route to gaining entry into America and there is an illegal one. Those who choose to come here illegally should be treated as criminals simply because they are breaking America’s immigration laws. A country that sets laws aside to placate a particular group might as well not have any laws in the first place.

I notice that some are likening President Trump to a type of savior. Whether they mean this as simply a compliment or if they take it seriously, it is difficult to tell. No, he’s not our savior. However, currently, President Trump is doing what he can to steer as away from Obama’s terrible, Marxist ideologies. Because of this, Trump should be respected and cheered. However, let’s remember he’s only a man, capable of mistakes and failures.

I will say that this is the first time in many decades that I have begun to have faith in my government once again. It has been a very long time, but it is being restored. How long will it last? That depends upon a lot of things. For now, we are watching, waiting, and supporting the push by President Trump to help restore this Constitutional Republic to what it was in the past. It’s good to know that my children may experience this regrowth.

Thank you, President Trump. My prayers are with you and I also pray that if you do not know Jesus as your personal Savior, you will come to that point.

For a brief synopsis of the key points highlighted by President Trump, please continue to this link at

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Constancy of Offerings Under Levitical System Infamous Memo is Finally Out


  • 1. rutnerh  |  January 31, 2018 at 11:59 AM

    I fully second your comments on President Trump, his agenda and first year accomplishment over eno4mous pushback by demented liberals and Dems.
    As a LEGAL immigrant from Germany in 1951 (arriving without cost aboard a 10,000 ton US troop transport with housing on F deck below the water line), allow me to address the strict INS requirements, most of them still in effect but widely ignored even by so-called immigration lawyers who should know better. Some details: immigration was under strict national quota limits, some with long waiting lists like currently 7 y from India, immigration required a US sponsor responsible for housing, support and health care without US benefits, lengthy questionnaires needed to be filled in truthfully since lying about health or criminal activities, even if exposed decades later was grounds for deportation ( happened to lying Nazi prison guards losing their US citizenship and deported even 50 y later), Overstaying visa limits or illegal US entry automatically barred future reentry into the US, numerous vax were required to prevent spread of communicable diseases (done up to about 1925 during a mandatory first stop and 2 week stay at now closed Ellis Island directly across from Ms Liberty), numerous filing fees were required. Wait for citizenship was 6 years for me and required a written English language test and knowing basic US history. Swearing in as a naturalized citizens required a pledge of allegiance including unconditional support of the US and its laws. I swore a similar oath as a US Army draftee in 1958, both regrettably no longer requiring allegiance.
    I suspect most of these INS regs may still be in effect unless illegally ignored without formal INS legislation. Civilized states or nations traditionally had strict boundaries requiring controlled entries to bar criminals and now free loading dreamers getting benefits denied to its citizens. Such are now welcomed by liberal lunatics to pad Democratic voter registrations and to create a fake prosperity boosted by entitlements to legions of welfare consumers.


    • 2. modres  |  January 31, 2018 at 12:06 PM

      Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your own history and insight. Greatly appreciated.


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